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HOME is an online and print magazine that illuminates the positive parts of Lebanon. This global community is an inclusive space for Lebanese of the world and lovers of Lebanon to explore the bridges that bind them together. Dive into our pages to discover: ❖ Beauty & Fashion ❖ Homeland & Heritage ❖ Design & Gastronomy ❖ Family, Sports & Health ❖ Giving Back & Inspiration ❖ Business, Vocation & Entrepreneurship ❖ The Voice of the Diaspora

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letter from the editor

PiDRAYA The Publisher: Let there be light HOME Magazine is published by PiDRAYA. PiDRAYA is the Phoenician goddess of light. The name was carefully chosen for a variety of different reasons. Firstly, she is Canaanite - Phoenician; secondly, PiDRAYA “fille de lumière” puts light on your work, your initiatives; third, she is a goddess with the power to facilitate a change, to disperse darkness; and lastly she is a “she,” believing in the role women have to play in life. The name was well researched and re-discovered; Apart from light PDRY, the third daughter of Ba’al brought rain and fertility. It was written as PDRY because the Phoenician alphabet used only consonant with no vowels. You would find many variations of the name later on like PiDROYO, PADRAYA or Pidray. Casting light is…

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jason steel: the man who dislikes fashion

This may seem like a contradictory statement for someone who is overseeing the B.A. in Fashion Design at the Lebanese American University but it is entirely true. It is generally assumed I am training young designers in the fine art of haute couture and preparing them to enter an established market. Yet, haute couture is only one part of a multi-billion dollar global industry: what about the 20 or so menswear, unisex or sportswear designers currently on the program? What would have happened to them? An academic fashion program allows young designers to explore the unknown, most notably the discovery of who they are. A prime example recently happened when students were asked to bring vintage pictures for an exercise. Jana brought one of her grandmother and during our conversation she…

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a journey from rio de janeiro to beirut regina fenianos the regal 'le bal des debutantes'

Fenianos is known for being the founder and president of the Bal International des Débutantes and Green Garden Group (GGG) among many other initiatives. She arrived to Lebanon in 1971 as a glowing Brazilian beauty with her sun-kissed skin and ever-present youthful spirit. But this is only a small fraction of her story, which she passionately shares with HOME, through a picturesque series of flashbacks, starting with her father’s emigration to Brazil when he was just 17 and her own childhood, returning to Lebanon to start a family and the impact she has had on the community. A FATHER’S UNEXPECTED JOURNEY Searching for a brighter future, Fenianos’ father, Karam Zgheib, who holds an incredibly special place in her heart, left Lebanon, as many did, to Marseille in the 1920s with the hope of…

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guest of honors of "bal des débutantes" throughout the years

1st Ball: October 24, 1998 - Regency Palace Hotel Guest of honor: Archduke Michael Salvador of Austria. 2nd Ball: September 24, 1999 - Casino du Liban Guest of honor: Count Thierry de Limburg Stirum. 3rd Ball: September 29, 2000 - Casino du Liban Guest of honor: Prince Victor Emmanuel of Savoy. 4th Ball: September 28, 2001-Casino du Liban Guest of honor: Duchess Diane de Würtemberg, Princess of France. 5th Ball: October 5, 2002 - Phoenicia Hotel Guest of honor: H.R.H. Prince Sixte-Henri of Bourbon Parma. 6th Ball: September 27, 2003-Pavillon Royal-Biel Guests of honor: H.R.H. Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia & His Spouse Princess Barbara of Liechtenstein. 7th Ball: October 2nd, 2004 - Pavillon Royal-Biel Guest of honor: H.R.H. Prince Jean of Luxembourg. 8th Ball: October 1st, 2005-Habtoor Grand Hotel-Emirates Hall Guest of honor: H.R.H. Prince Charles-Philippe d’Orléans, Duke of Anjou, Great Master of the Order…

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all that sparkles

The product range of the Falamank fine jewelry line is rich and diverse. Pieces can vary from contemporary cuff style earrings, calligraphy emblazoned charms to timeless antique style rings. The mixture of styles reflects the taste of Tarfa Itani, the creator of the Falamank brand, which she founded in 2006. Falamank can be described as the marriage of highly rich oriental heritage and the traditional craftsmanship of handmade jewelry. Each piece is finely created and sculptural yet always contemporary in spirit. Itani offers three jewelry lines - each with its own distinct identity: the antique, the vintage and the modern. Her antique line features real vintage pieces that date back more than a hundred years, which are bought at auctions or from the actual owner and enhanced in her workshop. The…

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ready-to-wear spring-summer 2017

For the Spring 2017, Zuhair Murad riffs on elegance in its most subjective, here-and-now diversity, embracing the curves of the fifties and flirting with the playfully geometric spirit of the sixties to kindle a sense of truly contemporary womanhood, pairing post-war volumes and a sixties vibe with an overlay of memories: flared skirts, refined basques and bustiers, strictly chic pencil dresses and cigarette pants, the flirtatious architecture of corsets, pinched waists, willowy figures, dramatic décolletages, red-carpet sheaths and sheer glamour shapeliness. The collection is a festival of grace, deployed in blacks, whites, and crisp pastel shades of Parma violet, blue, pink, and poudre. Ladylike at first glance, the silhouettes also channel the wayward side. The forceful brilliance of line is carried along by untrammelled graphic energy in wave after wave…