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HOME MAGAZINE LEBANON No 7 January-June 2018

HOME is an online and print magazine that illuminates the positive parts of Lebanon. This global community is an inclusive space for Lebanese of the world and lovers of Lebanon to explore the bridges that bind them together. Dive into our pages to discover: ❖ Beauty & Fashion ❖ Homeland & Heritage ❖ Design & Gastronomy ❖ Family, Sports & Health ❖ Giving Back & Inspiration ❖ Business, Vocation & Entrepreneurship ❖ The Voice of the Diaspora

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letter from the editor

The Challenges of Building HOME I was invited this summer to Salzburg Academy on Media and Global change as a guest scholar to speak about my experiences – and especially challenges – as a media entrepreneur. So, in addition to enjoying this exceptionally beautiful, rather bewitching city, I valued the task of putting my thoughts on paper. When I considered the challenges, they were surprisingly countless. I had expected long-working hours and sleepless nights; those come as part of the package in any entrepreneurial work and more so in publishing. But others were not really what I had signed up for when I had dreamt of HOME! In charge of both editorial and business development, the challenges on all sides were plenty. I needed to form a dedicated team with a positive…

3 min
nada zeineh's love for precision!

“Nature brings you back to what you really are.”“My luxury is to be able to do exclusively what I like to do.” “Nature brings you back to what you really are,” said Nada Zeineh, architect by training, jewelry designer in practice. Her interest in nature is evident in her bright showroom on the fifth floor of the Kassir Building in Sursock, Beirut. Its white walls are punctuated by golden leaves and natural olive branches, reflecting the Greco-Roman style of ancient times. Golden dragonflies and stylized gold stars with turquoise centers sparkle, along with the simple display of elegant jewelry. In a one-on-one interview with HOME Magazine, Zeineh talked about what attracted her to jewelry design and how nature inspires her. Zeineh’s journey to jewelry design started as an architectural student at the American University…

2 min
at home with ghada abou adal hassoun

Ghada Abou Adal Hassoun’s long and impressive CV in media includes anchor, producer, writer, trainer and educator. HOME gets personal with her in a heart-to-heart conversation. What is your definition of happiness? Peace of mind. What is your greatest fear? War. What is the trait you most admire in others? Simplicity and humility; unfortunately, there are fewer people around who are humble and simple. What is your greatest extravagance? I don’t have much attachment to material things. What I cherish most is being able to live and practice my hobbies with passion, whether it’s dancing, being with friends and so on. What do you most value in friends? I want friends to be there for me when I need them the most. If you can change one thing about your appearance what would it be? Let’s say, to have three kilograms less…

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flirty plumage

Muriel Anghelopoulo Shaya is a Greek-Lebanese fashion designer. She studied fashion design and patternmaking at l'Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in Paris and trained at La Maison Dior (Ready to Wear), Emanuel Ungaro (Haute Couture) and Georges Rech Studio. She has been a fashion consultant and designer for many TV programs and commercials.…

3 min
blogger ghina ghandour when passion becomes a career

“Ghandour uses her online influence in a way that benefits the community by supporting charity and awareness campaigns.”“What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.” Although hailing from a family that is not particularly into fashion, Ghina Ghandour’s fashion instinct and effortless style have always appealed to the people around her. “My style is a bit minimalist, and people would often compliment it for being elegant. When I joined Instagram, I noticed that I got a positive feedback whenever I posted a picture of my outfit. That’s when I started focusing more on details,” she said in an interview with HOME. Mother of two, Noor and Yasmine, Ghandour initially studied tourism and worked for a while in the field of insurance before she took some time off to focus on her family. Her nowcoveted…

5 min
the doctor at your beck and call may be you

“Doctors can affect your illness just by the way they communicate.”“When you’re about to fight a wolf, it’s not in your body’s interest to start repairing itself at that moment.” This is a story about how an allergy to a cat altered the course of a young man’s life. It begins with a cup of ginger tea. In the early 1990s, Jeremy Howick, a competitive rower, hoped to win a spot on the Canadian national rowing team. He had been on the team at the prestigious Dartmouth College, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in engineering in 1992. Then he went back to his native Montreal (his great grandparents immigrated to Canada from Lebanon) with aspirations of being an investment banker. But first, he focused on making the team. Developing an allergy to…