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HOME MAGAZINE LEBANON No.8 July-December 2018

HOME is an online and print magazine that illuminates the positive parts of Lebanon. This global community is an inclusive space for Lebanese of the world and lovers of Lebanon to explore the bridges that bind them together. Dive into our pages to discover: ❖ Beauty & Fashion ❖ Homeland & Heritage ❖ Design & Gastronomy ❖ Family, Sports & Health ❖ Giving Back & Inspiration ❖ Business, Vocation & Entrepreneurship ❖ The Voice of the Diaspora

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home is not a magazine!

Depth I once heard the cedar tree has the same length under the soil and on top of the soil and I thought back then, and still do, that this is one of the most beautiful metaphors I have ever heard. No matter how light a magazine could be, as publishers and journalists we have the responsibility to go deeper as well as higher. In HOME, we strive to feed every article through face-to-face interviews and lengthy hours to understand, to research, to observe, to give our stories timeless meaning and to be time well spent for our readers. Like the late two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Anthony Shadid, we never close our notebook as long as someone is still talking (page 75). We want to understand people’s challenges and hear stories that made…

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glam gloss

Wet-look, wipe-clean, whatever you want to call it, the texture of the season is transparent, glamorous and glossy. Chanel did it best with its PVC-themed Spring '18 runway show. Everything from boots to coats received the clear treatment and looked wearable to us. If you're hesitant to try the trend, go easy first with a heel or bag. Muriel Anghelopoulo Shaya is a Greek-Lebanese fashion designer. She studied fashion design and patternmaking at l'Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in Paris and trained at La Maison Dior (Ready to Wear), Emanuel Ungaro (Haute Couture) and Georges Rech Studio. She has been a fashion consultant and designer for many TV programs and commercials.…

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tony ward

A fascinating art form inspired Tony Ward when designing his couture Fall Winter 2018/19 collection: stained glass. In the same way tiny colored pieces of glass form a pattern or a picture full of symbolism when they are arranged together, the couture collection narrates its story through sculpted volumes and enthralling embroideries that replicate the beautiful patterns of stained glass windows. Transparency is key in this collection, with a mesmerizing play of sheer materials mixed with solid fabrics, creating windows to the body. Special nuances and volumes are created through layers of translucency, with see-through details that give a light, feminine and puzzling feel to the dresses. The designer explored new and unusual ways of folding, weaving and mixing fabrics such as lace, silk crepe, printed transparent screens and embroidered tulle. The…

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finding the perfect wedding dress

Choosing the dress is a pivotal milestone in every bride’s journey toward her wedding, but it’s also one of the most challenging. Need advice on how to select a gown for your big day? You’ll learn some excellent firsthand tips from these new brides’ personal experiences. Do your research The heroine of our first story is Aisha Aleiou, a Syrian-American marketing and communications manager/producer, who married her Lebanese husband, director Abdulaziz Kabalan, in August. Aisha met her future husband in her first year in Lebanon as a university student. After a five-year friendship, they began a three-year engagement so she could complete her master’s degree in international law at the University of London. She began her search for her wedding dress early on. “I went to top-notch boutiques and made appointments with designer…

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yoga retreats

Most of us eagerly anticipate our time off in order to truly unwind and relax. We often think that by going on a vacation we will break away from our routine and reduce the stress accumulated over time. However, a vacation, especially one with a busy agenda, can have the opposite effect and leave us feeling exhausted instead, making us crave another holiday just to recover from our trip! If you want to really chill out and take time for yourself, you should consider going on a yoga retreat, where you are transported to an inspiring and beautiful environment for the nourishment of body, mind and spirit. When you attend a yoga retreat you are usually connecting with other likeminded souls too. So, even if you go alone, you are in…

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nature the essence of happiness

“And into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul.”– John Muir For me, happiness lies in feeling connected to nature. Nature has the power to alter any mood. Yoga and wellness retreats must rely on the healing power of nature to enhance the overall experience. I think of days when I am tired and how a barefoot walk in the garden, with my feet upon the earth, wipes any troubles away and shifts me into “just being” in the present moment. I think of days when I am tired and how a barefoot walk in the garden, with my feet upon the earth, wipes any troubles away and shifts me into “just being” in the present moment. I think of times when my children were young, after a long…