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Hot Rod Deluxe January 2019

Hot Rod Deluxe is the magazine that brings you nothing but traditional hot rodding. In every issue, HOT ROD DELUXE delivers vintage photography from the Hot Rod magazine archives that you just can't get anywhere else.

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hit the beach—or not?

This issue’s Scrapbook department contains correspondence that took very different views of The Race of Gentlemen, the nostalgia-tinged sand drags that take the beach of Wildwood, New Jersey, by storm early each summer. One reader was very enthusiastic about the event, while the other called our coverage of the “beach racing crap” a waste of “paper, ink, and my sensibilities….” Had one of the emails been written by a 20-something and the other by a “hey, you kids, get off my lawn!” codger, it would have been easy to chalk up the difference of opinion to their respective ages. But both emails were written by self-professed old-timers, so age wasn’t a factor. You can read the letters yourself (Scrapbook starts on page 76), but the gist was this: The TROG fan…

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wet salt

Dave Wallace’s self-imposed rule to not run previously published photos in our “Backstage Past” series gives us the opportunity to browse his cutting-room floor, digitally speaking, for images that deserve a second look. Often these pictures were cropped or tiny (or both) when originally published, robbing them of the dramatic presentation they deserve, and which we now have space for. Such is the case with this photo of the Quincy Automotive-Loros & Price Gas Roadster shot by Bob D’Olivo at Bonneville in 1959. Ray Brock’s account of the 11th running at Bonneville (“Speed Paradise,” HRM Dec. 1959) notes that “heavy summer rains flooded the lake bed during the middle of August,” just weeks before the SCTA arrived. The wet salt caused “only a slight delay in setting up Otto Crocker’s timing…

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big bucks for historic hot rods at monterey

Hot rods were hot at the summer Monterey auctions. The ex-Jack Calori ’36 Ford three-window coupe, restored by Roy Brizio for Jorge Zaragoza, sold for $407,000, including buyer’s commission, at the Mecum Auction. The late Jack Calori was a Long Beach motorcycle cop whose sleek chopped black coupe was one of the first significant custom rods to grace the cover of HOT ROD magazine, Nov. 1949. This car won First in the Historic Hot Rod Class at Pebble Beach in 2005, along with the Dean Batchelor Award for the Most Significant Hot Rod The winning bidder was Scott Gillen, a longtime Brizio client, owner of a lovely gray ’35 Ford three-window coupe that debuted at the GNRS last January [and the gray, Ardun-powered Deuce three-window on our Jan. 2014 cover.—Ed.]. Gillen was…

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nickey gassers on display in chicago

The 10th annual Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals (MCACN) is getting a gasser infusion this year. Some of the coolest straight-axle cars to come out of the Nickey Gasser Shop will be featured in their own special display. Several of the cars have been featured on these pages, including Jim Jard’s Bird of Prey T-bird and John Tinberg’s Nashty Rambler. Also expect to see the historic Novel Nova built by Bill Thomas and restored by the Nickey crew, plus Corvettes, a Willys, an Anglia, a ’55 Chevy, and more. MCACN takes place November 17-18, 2018, at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois (adjacent to O’Hare Airport); ticket info and more is available at mcacn.com.…

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speed records set at bonneville

Two of the best-known names in land-speed racing made history at Bonneville just weeks apart, setting wheel-driven speed records on a very thin layer of salt. First, Danny Thompson, in a restored version of the Challenger 2 LSR car his father, Mickey Thompson, built in 1968, shattered the Unblown Fuel Streamliner AA/FS record in August. His two-way average of 448.757 mph was “enough to make us the world’s fastest piston-driven car,” said Danny. A month later, at the USFRA World of Speed time trials, Team Vesco’s Turbinator II reset the Turbine Vehicle 3/T record to 482.646 mph. Driver Dave Spangler hit 492 mph one-way, and 500 mph felt tantalizingly within reach. It would take just a few more weeks for Spangler and company to make history with the first wheel-driven automobile to exceed…

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scene at the 2018 hot rod dirt drags

Mike “Nick” Nicholas has made himself a hot rodding household name over the last few years, putting on truly traditional hot rod shows in his home state of Colorado. Through events like the Hot Rod Hill Climb, Mike has brought a taste of old-time car culture to the mountains outside of Denver, reviving automotive happenings that had remained dormant for decades. His sister show to the HRHC, the Hot Rod Dirt Drags, is a feast for the ears as well as the eyes, and consistently brings topnotch rods and vintage rides of all denominations to the fertile lowlands of Rio Grande county for a chance at old-time, in-your-face dirt drag racing! Taking what he learned by throwing the festive HRHC, Mike and trusty partner Troy “Rooster” Hastings have turned a small…