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Hot Rod Deluxe September 2018

Hot Rod Deluxe is the magazine that brings you nothing but traditional hot rodding. In every issue, HOT ROD DELUXE delivers vintage photography from the Hot Rod magazine archives that you just can't get anywhere else.

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in praise of old paper

I have always been a big reader. I was the nerd with his nose buried in a book while other boys my age were honing their baseball skills or tuning their muscle cars in auto shop. It was a bug I caught early. Though our family didn’t have a lot of money for toys and trips, my folks, both teachers, would always pony up funds for new books. I distinctly remember those days in elementary school when the book sale boxes arrived. Not only was I excited about my new adventures in those pages, but the freshly printed paperbacks smelled so good! Weird, huh? I still have some of those books, including Henry Gregor Felsen’s Hot Rod (15th printing copyright 1966) and Tom MacPherson’s Dragging and Driving (third printing also copyright 1966),…

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a hot roadster

“Meet Leslie Jr. and Sr.” read the caption for this photo in the Sept. 1955 HOT ROD. That would be Ron Leslie behind the wheel and his father Roy standing beside the car. The NHRA Drag Safari had stopped in Denver for the year’s sixth regional drag meet, right in the backyard of the Kenz & Leslie racing juggernaut. Bill Kenz and Roy Leslie had been partners in their automotive service business since 1938, back in the days when Roy was a midget racing phenom. Bill rose to national attention when his twin-flathead-powered Odd Rod pickup appeared on the cover of the July 1949 HRM, and then again a few months later when the Odd Rod topped 140 mph at the inaugural Bonne-ville Speed Trials (“a big surprise for everyone,” wrote…

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couped up

Eli English has one heck of a knack for finding vintage Henry Ford steel. He’s a man with hot rods constantly on his mind, working daily at his Traditional Speed and Custom shop in Pittsfield, New Hampshire. Two of his cars have graced the pages of HOD ROD Deluxe, first with a traditional ’34 hot rod he located not far from his home (“His Purple Passion,” Jan. 2017), and with a wild, channeled hot rod he found on a parts run and then raced to victory at 2017’s The Race of Gentlemen (“The Hinman Roadster,” July 2018). Eli is up to his old tricks again. Recently, he got a tip about an old coupe not far from his shop. “I found out about the car through fellow Alter Boy car club member…

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deluxe   bookshelf

Building and Racing the 57-64 Pontiac/Olds Rear End, by Zach Davidson and Brad Duerst, published by Fabcraft Metalworks LLC, fabcraftmetalworks.com Fabcraft Metalworks, which specializes in rebuilding and selling components for the 1957-1964 Pontiac/Olds rearend, has produced what is on one level a thorough teardown-and-rebuild manual for the venerable 9.3-inch differential. But this is so much more. Even a casual, non-hands-on fan of vintage drag racing will learn a lot from its spiral-bound pages, which in itself is a thoughtful touch, as the book easily lies flat on a workbench or desk. There’s a whole chapter devoted to the rearend’s history, including a comparison with the GM 12-bolt and Ford 9-inch. (Spoiler alert: the P/O wins.) The teardown, rebuild, and upgrade chapters are clearly written and well illustrated; and lots of vintage…

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h&h celebrates 15 years

Max Herman Sr. started an engine rebuilding business back in 1972, concentrating on Ford Model T, A, B, and flathead motors. When his son Mike graduated college with a business management and marketing degree in 2003, he took over the V8 side of the business. Fifteen years later, under Mike’s direction, H&H Flatheads is still rebuilding engines—some 1,500 flatheads over the years, he figures—but the company is also now supplying retro speed equipment, including a variety of Navarro, Sharp, Austin, and Wilson & Woods heads, plus S.Co.T. superchargers. To commemorate the anniversary, H&H commissioned Alex Maldonado/Transmission77 to design this T-shirt, available in black with a large logo on the back and a smaller one on the left front chest. Get yours at flatheads-forever.com.…

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ed pink named to sema hall of fame

At a ceremony in July, engine builder Ed Pink joined the racing and performance aftermarket legends who make up the SEMA Hall of Fame. As SEMA pointed out, while Ed Pink Racing Engines has “helped racers set records and win championships, it’s his dedication, innovation, and contribution to the industry that set him apart from all the others.” After working alongside performance pioneers like Lou Baney, Ed Iskenderian, and the Edelbrocks, Pink opened his first shop in 1957. Since then, he has applied his engine-building expertise most famously to drag racing, but also was involved in motorsports from the Baja 1000 to Le Mans. “Although Pink sold his original business about 10 years ago, he continues to consult and actively supports programs such as the SEMA Scholarship Foundation,” noted SEMA.…