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House and Garden February 2020

House & Garden unlocks the door to an array of unique homes and outdoor features, ranging from town houses and converted barns to fabulous modern apartments and island retreats. Outdoor features are equally varied, including cottage gardens, water gardens and chic, city courtyards. House & Garden provides an invaluable sourcebook of ideas, from design and decoration to the best of travel, delicious recipes and fine wine. Britain’s most glamorous, inspiring and influential design and decoration magazine.

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United Kingdom
Conde Nast Publications Ltd
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KRISTEN BECKER | Architect For Kristen Becker, a career in architecture has been inevitable since her childhood in Nova Scotia, when she would admire her parents’ collection of drawings of buildings. She has a background in dance and feels a strong affiliation between the two: ‘Dance and choreography continue to inform the way I design, which is very much from the inside out.’ She now runs architecture studio Mutuus in Seattle, with her husband Saul and Jim Friesz, and designed the house in this issue that has panoramic views of Los Angeles (on pages 82-89). Kristen is especially proud of the flow of its interconnecting spaces. What is Mutuus working on at the moment? ‘Among our many very exciting projects is a new spa, which is all about evoking a sense of…

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from the editor

Kitchen Confidential’ declares the cover, because the interiors in this February issue all have distinctive kitchens. They are diverse in style and character, but striking and reflective of their owners and their collaborators – be it an architect, designer or builder, or all three. For most of us, the kitchen is probably the most important room in our house and needs to cater for the way we want to live and entertain. There is plenty of food for thought in this issue. As these kitchens show, we celebrate the personal in House & Garden. From modern and carefully curated – in the case of Mia and Brian Henson’s dramatic house in the Hollywood Hills (on pages 82-89) – to pretty and decorated – as with Tara Craig’s tiny and immaculate London…

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good wood

Just over five years ago, designer Luke Hope’s teenage son came home from a forest camp with a rather lovely birch spoon that he had carved. At the time, Luke was working in sales and marketing, but he had hit a brick wall and was on a search for what to do next. The spoon sparked something and Luke spent the next few nights drawing up ideas and carving away until two or three in the morning. ‘I learnt a lot through trial and error,’ he says. He continued in this manner for almost a year. When he posted a photograph of one of his finished spoons on Instagram, the response was wholeheartedly enthusiastic, resulting in him setting up a website, selling mainly functional spoons and other small tableware pieces. Now…