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iD (Ideas & Discoveries)

iD (Ideas & Discoveries)

January 1, 2021

iD (Ideas & Discoveries) is an intriguing science and technology magazine that delves deep to help readers discover answers to questions about science, nature, psychology, history, current events and more. With captivating photography and design and engaging editorial content, iD will have readers thinking about the world around them in a whole new way.

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reader feedback

ONLY IN DREAMS Each issue of iD teaches me so much about the world, but what I learned from the story on dreams in the November issue also provided comfort. Not too long before the issue came out I became pregnant with my first child. One night I had a dream about my own death. I was bitten by a snake while taking a walk around my neighborhood and soon came to realize I was deceased. I had to board a bus with a bunch of other people and the driver came to collect our money and personal belongings, informing us that we wouldn’t be needing them anymore. At that point in the dream it dawned on me that I was dead. I don’t know where the bus was going, but…

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the huntress of dirty bombs

It is late in the afternoon when Amaryllis Fox is admitted into a small nondescript apartment in the largest city in Pakistan, the metropolis of Karachi. The man sitting on the sofa who’d been waiting for her cordially offers her a cup of tea. She is certain: This is the man she’d been tracking for months now. He is a member of a terrorist cell suspected of planning to release a “dirty” radioactive bomb that would cause tremendous disruption, if not sheer mass destruction… Amaryllis Fox was born in New York City in 1980, the daughter of a British actress and an American economist. The family moved often for her father’s work, living variously in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the former Soviet Union. After high school she decided to study international…

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the best animal photos of the year

DALMATIAN PELICAN (Pelecanus crispus) HEIGHT: 5'3"–6' WEIGHT: 20–33 LB HABITAT: Lakes, rivers, deltas, and estuaries ranging from the Mediterranean to Taiwan and from the Persian Gulf to Siberia. The core population is in Russia. THE SKY HAS NO (WEIGHT) LIMITS Dalmatian pelican is an elegant bird once it is aloft. But first it has to get there. A British photographer captured this impressive specimen taking off from Lake Kerkini in Greece after the water froze over for the first time in 16 years. Carol Steele, who was happy to have her camera handy at the time, recalls: “These birds regaled us with hilarious antics, sliding across the frozen lake and attempting to retain control as they took off and landed.” Pelecanus crispus is biggest bird in the pelican family, with a wingspan of 11.5 feet. The…

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it’s an otter disaster!

SEA OTTER (Enhydra lutris) LENGTH: UP TO 5' (including 1'-long tail) WEIGHT: UP TO 99 LB HABITAT: Shallow coastal waters of the northern Pacific from Alaska to Southern California. Sea otters have to do two things to maintain their reputation: be incredibly cute and spend most of their time swimming on their backs. On the Internet there are plenty of photos of two otters holding paws or a mother with her offspring resting on her stomach—images that will soften even the hardest of hearts. But not the hardest of stones: The world’s smallest marine mammal requires a good rock to break open shells and get to the delicious meat inside. And that brings us to an otter’s real quest in life: to maintain its body temperature at a constant 100°F despite the ice-cold water it…

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the way it’s supposed to be…

LONG-EARED JERBOA (Euchoreutes naso) LENGTH: 2.5"–3.5" (body) APPROX. 6" (tail) WEIGHT: 0.8–1.3 OZ HABITAT: The deserts of Southern Mongolia and China. The tiny rodent prefers sandy desert or semiarid regions. When you think another’s body is oddly out of proportion, the best thing to do is to say nothing about it and quickly change the subject to the weather or something equally innocuous. In the case of the long-eared jerboa, however, the name says it all, and the little rodent has certainly earned its moniker: Its ears are roughly a third longer than its head, and there’s a good reason for that. In addition to improving the creature’s hearing, the big ears also help to regulate its body temperature during extreme heat. The jerboa has been described as “a fuzzy rodent T-Rex” because of its…

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the best rest after a long day of work

CHIMPANZEE (Pan troglodytes) HEIGHT: 3'– 5.5' WEIGHT: 70–130 LB HABITAT: The tropical forests of Central Africa, from Gambia in the west to Uganda in the east. Here’s a review of the little chimp’s day so far: Dozing on mama’s tummy, nearly climbing a medium-high tree, examining small creatures in a puddle (not tasty), duking it out with two buddies (and winning), and opening a nut with a rock. This young chimpanzee has obviously earned a rest. Like their human counterparts, animals in the family of the great apes (gorillas, orangutans, and chimpanzees) establish new brain connections in their sleep as they process newly acquired knowledge. In other words, sleep is making this young chimp more intelligent. Chimpanzees love nothing more than getting a good dose of sleep—10 to 12 hours out of 24 if you…