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31 - 2021

Inside Soap is your essential weekly guide to all the big soap dramas. We give you every story, every secret, every week!

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“It seems Hope’s done something unthinkable” Oh, I do love a soap devil child, and Hope Stape is one of the best in the business. This week, it seems she’s done something unthinkable, which brings huge drama to the Street. Okay, we can maybe blame Hope’s behaviour on the fact that her dad was accidental serial killer John Stape – but when you look at it, practically every soap child has had a terrible and traumatic upbringing, yet not all of them turn into monsters. It’s probably just as well, or else in 15 to 20 years’ time we’d have the most dysfunctional soap cast you could ever imagine! Elsewhere this week, we talk to the star behind one of soap’s traumatised tots, Katie Hill – aka Emmerdale’s Sarah Dingle – who…

3 min
firehorror …as hope strikes again?

Fiz and Tyrone reach the shocking conclusion that Hope is up to her old tricks again this week, after a fire breaks out at the salon flat – with pregnant Alina still inside! The nightmare unfolds as Hope’s burning hatred for her stepdad’s new life prompts her to break into the love nest he shares with Alina, hell-bent on causing lots of trouble. The next thing the Street knows, smoke has engulfed the flat – and as Alina is rushed to hospital, horror washes over Ty and Fiz as they realise Hope could be to blame… “I think suspicion flashes through Fiz’s brain, as her daughter has a history with starting fires,” explains Jennie McAlpine, who plays Hope’s horrified mum. “And then, similar to when Ruby’s mum Kirsty died recently, Fiz and Tyrone…

1 min
“fiz could make the ultimate sacrifice!”

Oh, Jennie! Poor Fiz has had an awful time. How is she feeling about Tyrone and Alina now? She’s started to feel as if she could move on. Once she’d found out that Alina was pregnant, Fiz concluded that Ty’s made his bed and has to lie in it. This is now his future… How has Fiz been feeling since she started seeing Phill? Has he helped her to move on? Absolutely. Fiz thinks that she is the person that people leave, not the woman someone wants to take out! So, Phill has given her confidence. Hope’s a troubled girl. Is Fiz worried about her future? She does wonder if Hope has inherited traits from her dad [serial killer John Stape]. But as Tyrone points out, Ruby’s mum Kirsty [Soames] wasn’t a good person, yet…

2 min
mandy & nicola’s catfight chaos!

Prepare for hilarious scenes in Emmerdale this week, as Nicola and Mandy square up for a furious showdown! Things are already tense between the two women following Mandy’s kiss with Jimmy, but the real drama kicks off at Angelica’s birthday party, when Mandy overhears Nicola bad-mouthing her and son Vinny. Seeing red, Mandy whacks Nicola with a huge inflatable – and the situation turns very messy indeed… “It’s like a red rag to a bull for Mandy – you can say whatever you like about her, but don’t mention Vinny, or she’s going for you!” declares Lisa Riley, who plays her. “She goes up to HOP for a hot chocolate, which is when she hears Nicola speaking with Rodney, calling her an unfit mother. Nicola says it’s no wonder that Vinny has…

1 min
friends or enemies?

It’s sad to see Nicola taking her anger out on Mandy, when all Mandy ever wanted to do was help save Nic’s marriage to Jimmy. So once the dust has settled, might they forge some kind of friendship? “They’re frenemies!” declares Nicola. “They have a nice moment the next day where Nicola apologises. But she holds on to bitterness for many years, doesn’t she? She doesn’t forgive easily.” “I’d like to think they could be friends, as I’ve loved filming with Nicola and Nick [Miles, aka Jimmy],” grins Lisa. “I hope one day Nicola can learn to trust Mandy, like Chas trusts her with Paddy. Mandy just wants Nicola to realise that she’s been her advocate this whole time.”…

3 min
sparks fly for dotty & keegan!

The sexual tension between Keegan and Dotty can be cut with a knife this week, after they wind up drunk and alone together in the office of Ruby’s club! The pair are drawn to one another after a showdown between them earlier in the week ends with Keegan telling off Dotty for how she’s treating Vinny. But as Keegan’s own relationship with Tiff hits the rocks, his bickering with Dotty turns into something more… “Dotty’s just had a row with Vinny, and Keegan has his own stuff going on with Tiff – so they are both feeling destructive,” shares Milly Zero, who plays Dotty. “They’ve been teasing each other all week and the tension has built up. Dotty’s working late, Keegan walks in, and I think she sees an opportunity to have…