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J-14 July 2018

Timely and always star-worthy, J-14 covers celebrity news like no other teen title. From up-to-the-minute breaking news and star style standouts to who's dating who and must-watch entertainment, J-14 is THE all access destination for teens with a passion for pop culture.

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lili and cole’s pdafilled paris getaway!

Consider the speculation over — Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart are officially a couple! The duo hit Paris, France for a Riverdale fan convention called RiverCon, and it’s safe to say the City of Love lived up to its name! The pair was spotted holding hands as they strolled through the beautiful city. And though they’ve kept their relationship a secret for a while now, they couldn’t help but sneak a few kisses — so sweet! After their whirlwind trip, Cole and Lili headed back to Los Angeles, and when they landed, they were met by swarms of paparazzi at the airport. When questioned if they were officially boyfriend/girlfriend, Lili smirked and said, “It’s an obvious answer.” OMG! We’ve gotta be honest — we ship Cole and Lili even more…

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a note from the editor!

Get ready — the stars are opening up like never before! Yep, there are so many exclusive celeb confessions jam-packed inside the issue, so let’s get right to it. From BTS’ V confessing why he left his friend’s party in tears (pg. 18) to JoJo Siwa explaining to us why she never lets her down (pg. 22), only J-14 brings you the inside story on your favorite stars. Oh, and one story that tugged on my heart strings this issue? Annie LeBlanc’s feature (pg. 16), where she opens up to us about how she honors her brother Caleb, who sadly passed away in 2015. I’m curious to hear what feature YOU loved the most. Email me your thoughts at editor@j14.com. PHOTOS, T TO B: RIVER JORDAN; COURTESY OF CLAIRE’S (3)…

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loren gray: “i joined musical.ly because i wanted to be like the cool kids!’’

“Everyone was doing it, so I wanted to do it, too!” — Loren Let’s face it: Growing up, teens always want to be a part of a certain crowd. Like trying to keep up with the newest apps and trends that constantly pop up, just so we can fit in somewhere. Influencer Loren Gray might be the one setting those trends these days, but she tells J-14 that when she was back in school, she had her own experience of following the crowd so she could fit in. In fact, it was that desire to be like the cool kids that led her to the path in discovering a life-changing hobby! “I hung around the older kids” Loren was the girl in school who got along with pretty much everyone. She was cheerleading…

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from small-town girl to singer!

Ordinary Girl Loren was a normal kid living in Pennsylvania until the then-13-year-old joined Musical.ly . She became one of the app’s first break-out stars and she hasn’t looked back since! Lo Lo’s Squad These days, she spends a lot of time around other social media stars, like the SiAngie twins, but is also still close to Lydia (left of Loren) who’s been her BFF since the 7th grade. Hello, Big Time! In March, Loren visited the Capitol Records office in L.A. and signed a recording contract. “Moving on to the next chapter,” she says in an Insta caption. “It’s about to get crazy!”…

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pretty much is hitting the road!

Are you trying to decide which tours to see this summer? If so, make sure you leave some time for PM’s! The guys are joining Khalid as his opening act in May and June and are telling us what we can expect! Find out what Edwin, Zion, Austin, Brandon and Nick reveal below. J-14: We’re excited you’re going on tour! Is touring with Khalid a dream come true for you? Zion: Thanks! For sure, it just makes it that much better when we get to go on tour with our friend. It’s going to make it that much more fun on the road. J-14: It’s no secret you guys have great moves! Can we expect to see new choreo at your shows? Nick: Absolutely! We love to dance so fans can expect that and…

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pm’s tour must-haves!

iPad! “Having an iPad on the bus with us is always good,” the band reveals to us. Shoes! “We bring a lot of different types of shoes with us,” PM reveals. “We bring different colors and styles so we have variations to wear.” Accessories! Edwin admits that fanny packs are a must for him. “I like having an array of them to go with my outfits,” he tells us. Their favorite dog! “We love it when Kobe gets to be on the road with us,” the boys open up to J-14. Sketch pad! “I have to be able to draw when I’m on the road, so I like having a sketch pad,” Austin shares. PHOTOS, MAIN: SIMON HARRIS. BOTTOM, L TO R: COURTESY OF APPLE; BRAND X PICTURES/ GETTY IMAGES; GETTY IMAGES; GARY OMBLER/GETTY IMAGES; COURTESY…