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J-14 September 2018

Timely and always star-worthy, J-14 covers celebrity news like no other teen title. From up-to-the-minute breaking news and star style standouts to who's dating who and must-watch entertainment, J-14 is THE all access destination for teens with a passion for pop culture.

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sneak peek at the filming of descendants 3!

The highly-anticipated DCOM is officially in production! Get excited because the Villain Kids are back in action! “All of us are hard at work on Descendants 3,” star Dove Cameron says. “We are shooting the new Descendants movie literally right now!” Check out some of the photos of Dove along with her castmates Sofia Carson, Cameron Boyce, Booboo Stewart and China Anne McClain as they rehearse and record music for the 2019 flick. “There will be all-new music, there’s killer dance performances and out-of-this-world sets,” Dove describes. And as you can see, the VKs also have an upgraded wardrobe! “We have completely new looks and styles,” Dove says. Be sure to stay tuned to J-14 for more D3 coverage, and until then, take Dove’s word that we’re all in for a…

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why don’t we spills their 25 biggest secrets!

Think you know everything about WDW? Think again! It may seem like Daniel, Corbyn, Zach, Jonah and Jack have no secrets left to tell, but when we chatted with the boys, they told us that’s not the case at all. In fact, they revealed that there are still tons of things people don’t know about them. Take a look at some of the exclusive secrets they wanted to tell J-14ers below! Daniel Seavey 1 I don’t know how to whistle. 2 I’ve been told I talk in my sleep. 3I took choir class for a week and then dropped out of it. 4 I’m on Instagram way too much. 5 I’m probably the best Guitar Hero player the world has to offer. Corbyn Besson 6 If I could, I’d eat pasta for every meal. 7 My first concert was Selena…

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AMANDLA’S BOOK-TASTIC ROLE! We first fell in love with Amandla Stenberg in The Hunger Games six years ago, and now she’s getting ready to star in another book-turned-movie called The Darkest Minds. Keep reading to see what she told only us about her role and how the characters in the film are going to spark a revolution on the big screen this summer! J-14: We’re really excited to see you as Ruby! For those who aren’t as familiar with the YA book “The Darkest Minds,” what’s it about? AS: It’s about a group of kids with psychic abilities who were placed in concentration camps because adults are afraid of their collected powers and they’re on the run after they escape. J-14: What special ability does Ruby have in the film? AS: She has the ability…

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is it true?

Is Shawn keeping his love life a secret? Shawn Mendes is ready to make things clear about his rumored relationship with Hailey Baldwin. “I’m not dating Hailey,” he reveals. “We’re really great friends, honestly. I met her through some friends and she’s just super-calm, super-down-to-earth and somebody who really kind of understands people and works really hard at keeping relationships with people in a really inspiring way.” Though Shawn is often rumored to be dating different people, he says there’s one easy way to know the truth. “If you wanna know if I’m dating someone, just ask me and I’ll tell you the truth always,” he shares. “I’m just really honest with people.” Are the BTS guys looking for love? The boys of BTS don’t normally talk much about their love lives, but…

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hayden’s social media confession: “i was worried no one would watch my videos!”

You might know Hayden Summerall as a successful singer and social media star, but before his fame, he was a normal boy living in Texas with his mom, dad and three older brothers. Since all four Summerall boys wanted to pursue their dreams of making it big, the family eventually moved to Los Angeles, where Hayden got his start. Being an average kid from across the country, Hayden wasn’t confident that he would succeed in L.A. In fact, his initial goal was to just have a good time. “I started singing and posting videos because I was nine years old and thought it sounded like fun,” he tells J-14. What he didn’t know was that the fun he was having was about to turn his life around forever! “I was shocked by…

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inside hayden’s squad:

Hayden told J-14 that keeping good, genuine friendships is important. “Without them, life would be pretty boring,” he jokes. So how exactly do you spot a true friend? “A true friend is someone who’s there for you no matter what,” he says. Here’s some of the crew that has his back!…