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Jeanne d'Arc Living

Jeanne d'Arc Living

4th issue 2021
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A lifestyle magazine filled with creative DIY ideas, simple recipes, captivating articles and beautiful photography of inspiring homes, vintage flea market décor and crafts, nostalgic European garden designs and flower arrangements – all in the French and Nordic country decorating style.

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1 min.
dear reader

Looking through this edition of the magazine, I just feel so incredibly happy. It oozes of Danish summer and idyll and everything connected to that. What a fabulous season we’re enjoying right now! I think of the Danish poet Thøger Larsen who describes a typical Danish summer: unpredictable, hard to understand, but therefore also breathtaking and evocative. Perhaps we enjoy the long, warm summer evenings and the days when we can go swimming in the sea or go for a bike ride in the sun even more because we never know what kind of weather will be awaiting us when we wake up the next morning. Although the Danes often complain about the weather, it does have a special charm. This year, my family and I have agreed that no…

2 min.
the idyllic country side mill

This timber framing mill, Køng Mølle, is pure idyll and it’s the home of Susanne, who’s 56 and an educated decorator. She’s been furnishing stores and private homes since 1987 and she’s furnished her own home in a simple, white style. She lives in this wonderful country side home along with her husband, Henrik, and their dog, Chili. They’ve been living here since 2007 when they moved out of Copenhagen. They immediately fell in love with the fantastic nature, the mill pond, the brook, the forest, the small mill house and the marvelous timber framing farmhouse. The atmosphere and the peace. Living here is pure wellness and balm to the soul. Featuring a main building of 3,230 sq ft (300 m2), 7,530 sq ft (700 m2) of wings and 4.4 hectares…

1 min.
beautiful dusty greens

Being able to create something with flowers is one of the most wonderful gifts ever. This is a statement from Linda Hansson who’s become affiliated to the magazine through her incredibly beautiful and inspirational flower decorations. Here she’s offering you some ideas on how to be creative with marvelous, dusty green colors. She’s made a wonderful summer bouquet with Basella Alba, a perennial creeper, leaves from Silverdust – Senecio cineraria – and Oxypetalum which is a beautiful, white flower with small, dainty flower heads, and a bit of unripe wheat. If you’d like to tie a beautiful bouquet, always remember to choose various types of flowers to achieve contrast. Use small and large flowers and mix round, calm shapes with some slightly wilder types to create variation. Mixing adds more life to…

2 min.
a home oozing of elegance

This elegant home is hidden away in a suburb of Cape Town. The owner, Bruce Peach, had been living in London for many years before he started to look for a home in town with both a past and a history. Although the house was decayed and needed some serious love and care, Bruce immediately saw the possibilities. He renovated it but kept the original soul of the house intact. The original flooring was sanded down to highlight the beautiful grains and the ceilings were removed to reveal the amazing, hand-cut details. Some of the rooms were opened up completely. Renovating a house with respect for the original details and adding modern conveniences at the same time is a work of art. This is a perfect example of just that. Bruce…

4 min.
garden food wild at heart

RICE PAPER EGG ROLLS 6 pieces of rice paper1 bowl of water A selection of edible flowers1 avocado1 cup of shoots½ cup of red cabbage½ cup of carrots½ cup of sweet pepper Sweet chili sauce WHAT TO DO: Finely chop all the vegetables. Make sure that you’ve got all your ingredients ready for use. Soak a piece of rice paper in the bowl full of water until it’s completely soft. Place the paper on a wooden board and add all the ingredients. Remember to add them in reverse order when thinking about the final design. I start with the beautiful flower leaves and then add layers of vegetables. Fold the top and bottom ends on top of the stuffing and then fold over the sides to create a nice and tight pack. Serve…

1 min.
exploring a fairy tale garden

The garden that we’re visiting here is full of exciting, small spaces just waiting for you round the corner. It’s wild but still tamed. It almost takes away your breath when you enter it. The garden’s so beautiful that it’s like stepping into the past. On the day when I was visiting, the garden smelt of "early summer" and the lilacs were still blossoming. This particular aroma makes me think of a carefree childhood in wonderful gardens. This morning, the garden’s full of life and bird songs. Stones covered in moss, beautiful furniture and old jugs tell their own tale of how long they’ve been in this garden. The items have been placed in their exact spot for reasons that feel loving and obvious. Once you’ve been here for the first…