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Justice League: The Official Collector's Edition

Justice League: The Official Collector's Edition

Don’t miss out on the unmissable 100-page guide to 2017’s most anticipated movie! Interviews with all the key cast, including Ben Affleck (Batman), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Jason Momoa (Aquaman), Ezra Miller (The Flash), Ray Fisher (Cyborg) and Henry Cavill (Superman), plus, J.K. Simmons (Commissioner Gordon), Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Jeremy Irons (Alfred Pennyworth), Joe Morton (Dr. Silas Stone) and Ciarán Hinds (Steppenwolf)! Go behind-the-scenes to discover the incredible vehicles, costumes and locations, and get up to speed with the origin stories of all the main characters!

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Titan Publishing Group
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editor’s note

As a little kid, comics soon became a huge part of my life, and most of my pocket money was spent on them. My first Justice League comics were in the Justice League Detroit era (I’ll always have a soft spot for that team – ah, Gypsy!), where the team met a tragic end. Luckily, the team soon bounced back in Legends, Justice League International, and Grant Morrison’s JLA series. It’s weird, now, to think that the Super Hero comics I read back in those days – all alone in a corner of the living room on my beanbag! – are now the subjects of these big, blockbuster movies that everyone gets all excited about! The Justice League movie brings a new element to the DC movie universe – that of teamwork.…

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journey to the justice league

WONDER WOMAN On the island of Themyscira live the Amazons, a powerful all-female race created by Zeus to defend humanity. In 1918, a plane crashed into the sea off the coast of Themyscira. Diana rescued the pilot, American spy Steve Trevor. He told the Amazons of a “War to End All Wars” in Europe and of his mission to return home with information about a deadly strain of gas being developed under the command of General Erich Ludendorff. Convinced that Ludendorff was Ares, the God of War, Diana escorted Steve back to the Supreme War Council in England where they met Sir Patrick Morgan, who was trying to negotiate an armistice with Germany. Diana led a squad deep behind enemy lines and killed Ludendorff, but was shocked to discover that Sir Patrick was…

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ben affleck is batman

Justice League Collector’s Edition: What’s been happening to Bruce Wayne since we left him at the end of Batman v Superman? Ben Affleck: Bruce was feeling fearful at the end of that movie from Luthor’s warning that a bell had been rung. He was worrying that there was some kind of attack coming, so he’s decided to gather together as many metahumans as he possibly can. Where we left things, he was in the nascent stages of building a team – he was starting to research. This movie begins with Bruce trying to find these superhumans that he believes are out there. He is actively recruiting. Some of them are more willing to come along than others. What different reactions does he get when he starts tracking people down? He’s not met with…

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the comic book origins of… bruce wayne – batman

REAL NAME BRUCE WAYNE CREATED BY BOB KANE WITH BILL FINGER FIRST APPEARANCE DETECTIVE COMICS #27 (MAY 1939) FIRST JOINED THE LEAGUE BRAVE AND THE BOLD (VOL. 1) #28 (MARCH 1960) POWERS AND ABILITIES THE WORLD’S GREATEST DETECTIVE, BATMAN’S INTELLECT IS ALMOST WITHOUT RIVAL, HIS BODY TRAINED TO PEAK PHYSICAL CONDITION. HE IS A MASTER OF MARTIAL ARTS AND HAND-TOHAND COMBAT, ABLE TO CALL ON AN ARSENAL OF NON-LETHAL WEAPONRY, EQUIPMENT, AND VEHICLES. He is Gotham City’s defender, a Dark Knight waging a relentless – and frequently lonely – war on crime from the shadows. As such, Batman’s relationship with the Justice League has sometimes been uneasy, but the team has come to rely on his fearsome intellect and tactical genius. Batman debuted in comics in 1939 as a noirish counterpart to the more colorful Superman…

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gal gadot is wonder woman

Justice League Collector’s Edition: How would you describe your time working on Justice League? Gal Gadot: It’s been such an amazing experience. I shot Justice League straight after Wonder Woman – I didn’t even realize that I had finished on Wonder Woman! Working with so many talented people has been fantastic. My castmates have been amazing to work with. The cast is huge and there are so many different, unique personalities. It’s been such a pleasure, and it’s bittersweet that it must come to an end... until next time! What was it like when you were in costumes on set with all the other actors? Coming onto the Justice League set wearing my own costume felt like the most normal thing because I’d been doing it for six months [on Wonder Woman]. But wearing…

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the comic book origins of… diana of themyscira – wonder woman

REAL NAME DIANA OF THEMYSCIRA/DIANA PRINCE CREATED BY WILLIAM MOULTON MARSTON FIRST APPEARANCE ALL-STAR COMICS #8 (OCTOBER 1941) FIRST JOINED THE LEAGUE BRAVE AND THE BOLD (VOL. 1) #28 (MARCH 1960) POWER AND ABILITIES A DEMI-GOD WITH A VARIETY OF POWERS – INCLUDING SUPERHUMAN STRENGTH, DURABILITY, SPEED, AND FLIGHT – WONDER WOMAN ALSO WIELDS A NUMBER OF WEAPONS, AMONG THEM HER UNBREAKABLE SILVER BRACELETS AND THE LASSO OF TRUTH. Princess, ambassador, warrior: Wonder Woman has been all these and more. Her history is entwined with myth and legend, and her mission as emissary of the Amazons of Themyscira to Man’s World has led her to join the Justice League, where she has formed unbreakable bonds with Superman, Batman and the rest of the team. “As lovely as Aphrodite – as wise as Athena – with the…