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Ladybug Stories, Poems, and Songs Magazine for Young Kids and Children

Ladybug Stories, Poems, and Songs Magazine for Young Kids and Children April 2019

Bring the magic of LADYBUG to pre-schoolers and early readers. Each issue offers a mix of enchanting stories at appropriate reading levels, with colorful illustrations that draw children into the text. Ear-pleasing poems, lively songs, and a 4-page craft insert round out this delightful reading experience. Pre-K-Grade 1

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Cricket Media, Inc.
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1 min.
things in the dirt

I once found a Lego Behind the couch, And a nickel smack-dab in the hall. But the things I find In the dirt every day Are the most exciting of all! Dandelion faces Peek from the grass, Near pebbles I pile sky-high. I gather up pine cones, Count, “One-two-three-four!” While watching a ladybug fly. There’s a short string of yarn And a piece of cupcake, With blue frosting stuck in the crumbs! I’m humming a summery, Soft little song To three curled-up potato bugs. I lose track of time Finding things in the dirt, I’m stretching my toes in the sand. The breezes are calling, “It’s time to go home,” But I’ll come back as soon as I can!…

2 min.
sam’s pocket

On Sunday, Sam’s pocket is empty. On Monday, Sam has a marble in his pocket. He holds the marble up to his eye and sees a red racetrack, perfect for a moon rover, swirling across a galaxy of stars. On Tuesday, Sam has a marble and a rock in his pocket. He rubs the rock and feels the fossil of a dinosaur whose footsteps once shook the earth. On Wednesday, Sam has a marble, a rock, and a coin in his pocket. When the coin jingles, Sam hears the clink of the shovel once used by a pirate to bury his gold in the sand. On Thursday, Sam has a marble, a rock, a coin, and a dandelion in his pocket. When he sniffs the dandelion, his sneeze sends the seeds into the air…

1 min.
what’s inside the pockets?

What does the mechanic have in his pocket? Wrench, pliers, or an oilcan. What does the chef have in her pocket? Nutcracker, measuring spoons, or basil leaves. What does the bus driver have in her pocket? Keys, driver’s license, or a map. What does the artist have in his pocket? Pencils, erasers, or a sketch pad. What does the zookeeper have in his pocket? Peanuts, carrots, or bananas for the animals. What does the kangaroo have in her pocket? A baby kangaroo! What does the rhinoceros have in his pocket? Silly! Rhinoceroses don’t have pockets! What does Zoë have in her pocket? Nothing! Zoë has a hole in her pocket! What do YOU have in your pocket?…

3 min.
pumpkin planting

“ I’m ready!” Emmy bounced up and down in her rubber boots. Finally, finally it was warm enough to start the garden! Last winter, Emmy had helped choose seeds from the shiny catalog: dinosaur kale, purple beans, and best of all, tiny pumpkins. She had waited for the seeds to come in the mail. She had waited for the snow to melt and the dirt to warm. Now it was time to plant! But Mom said, “I can’t find my sun hat.” Mama said, “Let me finish my tea.” Emmy took deep breaths: one, two, three. “Can I wait outside, then?” “Of course, if you stay where we can see you.” Outside, Emmy ran up and down the garden. Last year, she used to come here for snacks of purple beans or dinosaur kale. Now there…

1 min.

Yellow buttons scattered Bright upon the lawn, They soon grow white and woolly. Then blow on them—They're gone! Worm Hunt Mommy and Daddy Bird need to find some worms to help in their garden. Who will make it back to the garden with the most worms? What You’ll Need: scissors glue stick coin to toss What to Do: 1. With a grownup, cut out the game board with instructions and worm cards along the solid black lines. 2. Cut out the two birds and fold them along the blue dotted lines so they will stand up. Glue or tape flaps together. To play, put both birds on “start.” Take turns tossing the coin. Move your bird 1 space if the coin lands heads up and 2 spaces if the coin lands tails up. Follow any directions written…