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Ladybug Stories, Poems, and Songs Magazine for Young Kids and Children

Ladybug Stories, Poems, and Songs Magazine for Young Kids and Children March 2020

Bring the magic of LADYBUG to pre-schoolers and early readers. Each issue offers a mix of enchanting stories at appropriate reading levels, with colorful illustrations that draw children into the text. Ear-pleasing poems, lively songs, and a 4-page craft insert round out this delightful reading experience. Pre-K-Grade 1

United States
Cricket Media, Inc.
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2 min.
frog rain

When it rains a lot, people like to say, “It’s raining cats and dogs,” even though cats and dogs aren’t really falling from the sky. On the island of Puerto Rico, when people say, “It’s raining frogs,” it really is raining frogs. Early in the morning, tiny one-inch frogs called coquís jump from the trees. They fall to the ground with a rainy plop, plop. Why do the frogs climb up into the trees? And why do they jump down? About the time children get ready for bed at night, the coquí hops out of its nesting spot. It calls, “Ko-kee-kee-kee, ko-ko-kee-kee,” and climbs into a tree. High up in the branches, the coquí can find all kinds of insects to eat, more insects than it can find on the ground. After the coquí eats,…

3 min.
no one makes the dog do that

I was really mad. I was so mad I could have yelled at the top of my voice. I wanted to shout, “No one makes the dog do that!” It all started this morning, when my mom gave me oatmeal for breakfast. I don’t like oatmeal. I looked over at our dog, Maddie. She was gobbling her breakfast. Her dog food probably tasted like a special, dogs-only birthday cake. Mom said I had to eat three bites of oatmeal and finish my juice before I could go outside. Maddie doesn’t have to finish anything. That is when I got mad. That is when I wanted to shout, “No one makes the dog do that!” Instead, I ate three bites of oatmeal, finished my juice, and went outside to play. I played with my trucks.…

1 min.
ladybug, middle & thud

I’m trying something new today, With luck, it just might work! Will it succeed? Or wildly fail? The only way we’ll really know, Is to get to the end of this tale! Did you see the poem on page 30 about TAILS? I’m the only one who doesn’t have a tail. I need one! BUNNY H’m, a little poofy. PEACOCK Too fancy. MONKEY Do you smell bananas? SKUNK Stinky! FISH A wish for a fish, but not for me! PIG How do you sit down in this one? COW Moo. Noooo. BEAVER I could flip pancakes with this, but I prefer waffles. Thanks, guys. I don’t think a tail is right for me after all. What about a nice hat? Now you’re talking!…