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Land Rover Owner

May 2019

LRO is the world's biggest magazine dedicated entirely towards the Land and Range Rover enthusiast. Every issue you'll find our team of experts writing inspirational features on: - Adventure! Off-road adventures in some of the world's most spectacular countryside - Restoration! Inspiring tales of old Land and Range Rovers lovingly rescued and restored... - Maps! Tough tracks with OS maps for you to try - Rare models... find something unusual in every issue - Land Rovers and spare parts for sale... a fantastic range of parts & vehicles for sale, every month Plus the latest club news and events from around the world. Love Land Rovers? Love LRO!

United Kingdom
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meet the team

Oi! Pay attention to what you’re doing, or I may spill this hot water over you.NEIL, EDITOR Remind me not to go camping with you if that’s the sort of thing you attract.KAREN, ART DIRECTOR Don’t take the photo yet; I’m still trying to get my boots on and laced up.MARK, ASSISTANT EDITOR I’m not quite sure what that is, but I don’t think it’s native to this country.JOHN, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF There’s a snake in my boot! Admit it, you just read that like Woody from Toy Story...MARTIN, WORKSHOP EDITOR…

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editor’s welcome

Land Rovers and camping go together like, er, two things that go together quite nicely. Both bring you freedom, either from the monotony of the tarmac road network, or the hectic pace of modern life.If you’ve never sat under a cloudless sky at night and looked up at the stars, you haven’t lived.And it’s not the same sitting in your back garden – you need to be somewhere new. Longer trips take more planning, but gather all your gear together and be ready to head off when the weather forecast is fine. Or, if you’re more hardy, avoid the crowds by camping when the weather is more inclement.It’s even better if you find somewhere you can have an open fire. I’ve already been out this year and I hope…

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FIND US ON FACEBOOK landroverownerinternational FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @landroverowner FIND US ON INSTAGRAM land_rover_owner_international CALL US 01733 468000 DROP US AN EMAIL info@LRO.com …

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world of land rovers

1st prize ADAM CLEMSON WINS A SEALEY AUTO-DARKENING WELDING HELMET‘Adam took this pic of his Disco 2 on the last day of a tour through Portugal, during a stop in an olive grove near the River Duoro. It has that real “want to be there” quality to it.’ NEIL WATTERSON, EDITOR ‘My 200Tdi Defender SW is the perfect Land Rover for a Lake District greenlane jaunt,’ says CHRIS GUNN. We can only agree. RICHARD FINCH saw this creation in Innerleithen in the Scottish Borders. Anyone know more about it? Daddy (aka Matt Coxon) reads Landy to daughter Heidi, 30 years after her grandad was driving a Series I around for real. Nice photo by Mummy (aka RACH COXON ). 2nd prize MATT HARLING WINS A…

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1st PRIZE Sealey heavy duty tyre inflator with twin push-on connector (SA39) LIST PRICE £87.54 2nd PRIZE Sealey automatic brake & clutch bleeder (VS0205) LIST PRICE £37.74  For a chance to see one of your photos in print, send it to wolr@ LRO.com. Include a description of the vehicle and where the photo was taken, along with the names of anyone in it. Please send the biggest image file sizes you have. This issue, it’s well done to first-placed Adam Clemson, who wins an auto-darkening welding helmet from our friends at Sealey. Second prize, a Sealey 1/2in square drive extendable breaker bar goes to Matt Harling.…

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outback, in style

Not many folk would tackle Australia’s treacherous interior off-road in a secondhand Saab 900 – but Graham and Ingrid Roberts aren’t exactly typical folk.The couple readily recall their earliest sojourns into the outback 25 years ago in their modest Saab, carrying little more than a tent and a box of tinned food.‘We got sick of building roads for it,’ says Ingrid. ‘Out behind the Gammon Ranges in South Australia, we were constructing our own tracks from rocks and sticks – the locals couldn’t believe that we got through.’And neither could I – not until being handed proof in the form of an old photo showing Graham, in the midst of an ochre quagmire, scooping clods of clay from the stricken Saab’s wheelarches. Unsurprisingly, they both decided there had to…