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Landscape Magazine April 2021

LandScape magazine is a breath of fresh air, capturing the very best of every season. Every two months, join us to: - Celebrate the joy of the garden - Learn simple seasonal recipes - Enjoy traditional British crafts - Wonder at the beauty of nature and the countryside The magazine is a haven from the pressures of modern living; a chance to slow down... and most importantly, a reminder of the good things in life. Take time to appreciate everything that nature creates and inspires.

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dear reader...

AS A CHILD, I was gifted a craft book by my favourite aunt. Even now, many years later, I regularly spend time immersing myself in its pages. On the bookplate, there is a handwritten inscription wishing the 10-year-old me ‘many hours of enjoyment’, and as I thumb through the chapters, I still feel the anticipation I felt then at the variety of projects inside. There are heritage crafts, such as Jacobean crewel work and corn dolly making, alongside instructions for vibrant wall hangings and sunny latch-hooked rugs. At the time, most of the crafts were beyond my childhood capabilities, but that did not prevent me from dreaming of the day when I would have both the skill and the materials to create them. Sandwiched between batik and candle making, there is still a…

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readers’ letters

Star Letter House ready for a viewing I cut out the instructions for an owl box from the March/April 2017 issue of LandScape magazine, hoping that one day my husband would have time from his busy work schedule to make one for our oak tree. Little did I think that lockdown would mean that he had time to do it. I thought some readers might be interested to see it and perhaps be inspired to have one made too. Now we are waiting to see if the owls approve. Olivia White, Buckinghamshire Bowls full of vibrant pattern I have just discovered this wonderful magazine and thought readers might like to see my crafts. I make polymer clay jewellery and ring bowls from Fimo clay. I have also started to do watercolour and doodle pictures, which…

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our landscape

FRAGRANCE FROM A DIVINE BEAUTY As nature unfurls its glowing charms, the vernal breath of spring is rich with the sweet scent of perfume. The countryside wears a livelier green and, where blossoms burst from the bud, shades of yellow, purple and pink begin to weave into the carpets of open fields and rolling meadows. On grassy banks and woodland verges, spires of magenta-pink flowers rise on flushed purple stems to contribute to this delicate mix of heady fragrance. The early purple orchid, Orchis mascula , as its name suggests, is one of the first orchids to bloom, only preceded by the early spider orchid. Rather like lily of the valley, the flowers exude a sweet, honeyed aroma. This strengthens at night, though becomes less pleasant as the flowers begin to…

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treasures in a whimsical garden

IN THE HEART of the Somerset Levels, just a stone’s throw from the lovely market town of Langport, stands a 16th century farmhouse, its garden awash with colour and texture on a sunny April afternoon. An early-flowering rambling rose climbs the Ham stone walls of the property, its primrose-yellow blooms contrasting with the purple flowers of a Chilean potato vine as the two plants intertwine. The house faces away from the road to take advantage of a south-facing vista, and the farm and garden, some 23 acres, span three sides of the house. This is Wick Farm, and Penny Horne moved here from south-west London 20 years ago, with her four young sons. Penny had gone to school in the area and felt a very real connection to Somerset, so she…

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penny’s favourite spring plants

Rosa banksiae ‘Lutea’: A rambling rose, with gentle yellow flowers and fragrance in late spring. The Judas tree, Cercis siliquastrum: A small, bushy deciduous tree, with copper-coloured, heart-shaped leaves and tiny purple flowers in spring. The leaves turn flame-red in autumn. Purple beech, Fagus sylvatica ‘Atropurpurea’, and yew, Taxus baccata: Both of these trees could grow to be massive, but those in the topiary garden at Wick Farm are clipped once or twice a year to remain at their current size. Tulipa ‘Black Parrot’: Rich, dark maroon, purple frilly petals borne in late spring.…

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the garden in... april

ON THE SECOND day of April, three swallows swooped low over the garden before disappearing off elsewhere, in what was the first sighting of the year. Exotically scented golden freesias have replaced the cooler, earthier fragrance of hyacinths in the small greenhouse, evoking thoughts of warmer climes and times. “Again rejoicing Nature sees Her robe assume its vernal hues”Robert Burns, Ô Composed in Spring’ April can be a cruel month hereabouts. For the last few years, not only has it been dry, with the April showers of poem and song often failing to materialise, but we have also had unseasonably warm spells, interspersed with late, capricious frosts. The warm weather brings plants on too early, especially many of the woodlanders. Much as I enjoy this early spring surge, I become anxious and…