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Tatler Malaysia September 2019

THE essential guide to the very best in life, Tatler Malaysia runs the gamut of high-end living, from cool parties to fine dining, from international fashion to luxury travel. Tatler Malaysia has unparalleled access to the world’s most glamorous people, the exotic places they frequent and the desirable objects they own. The magazine showcases all this via exclusive features that are insightful, entertaining and presented with style. Distinguished by wit and savoir faire, Tatler Malaysia has been an indispensable part of life for the city’s sophisticates for over 30 years. Our well-heeled readership shape opinions and trends in Malaysia and across the region. This affluent and influential group is almost impossible to reach - except through the pages of Tatler Malaysia.

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around asia

The Sustainability Issue profiles Novetex Textiles CEO Ronna Chao, who is pioneering a waterless textile upcycling process that has the potential to revolutionise the fashion industry. Five local entrepreneurs also share innovative solutions for eco-friendly living. Restaurateur and foodie Rani Anggraini Safitri’s love for Indonesian food, culture and diversity pervades her life. The successful entrepreneur talks about how she built her business, Fish Streat, from a small eatery to a thriving group of restaurants. Sustainable travel takes centre stage with globetrotting entrepreneur Jeremy Jauncey, who discusses his digital travel platform Beautiful Destinations. Dennis and Tessa Valdes share highlights of their 25th wedding anniversary celebration on Balesin Island. Sustainability has become a buzzword today, but Banyan Tree has been thinking about environmental conservation for 25 years. Founders Ho Kwon Ping and Claire Chiang with…

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spectacular september

Did you notice anything different about this issue that you’re holding in your hands? Those with sharp eyes will notice that there are obvious tweaks to the pages throughout the magazine. It’s not exactly a total revamp but more like a facelift to give the magazine an added premium feel, in terms of the fonts used and a little more breathing space in the layout. September is all about fashion and fronting the issue are the Yong sisters. Exclusively shot at The Majestic Hotel KL, Mei Ling and Mei Fong were a joy to work with, modelling the season’s looks with panache and grace. Clearly palpable is their closeness as well as fun-loving personalities, helping us achieve the shots with just a few takes. Turn to page 144 for the full…

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Joanne Lim In our cover story, this artistic director got the Yong sisters to flaunt their fun-loving personalities (p.144) WHAT IS A FASHION TREND THAT YOU THINK SHOULD NEVER DIE? The toga! It’s a style that exudes sexiness, subtly. NAME A FASHION TREND THAT MAKES YOU CRINGE EVERY TIME YOU SEE IT. Pairing a denim jacket with jeans. IF MONEY WERE NO OBJECT, WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH YOUR LIFE? I would give all stray dogs a home and a life of luxury. WHO IS YOUR FASHION ICON? Lauren Hutton, circa 1970s. She makes white shirts and jeans look effortlessly chic. Kim Mun The KL-based photographer serves up tantalising shots in our Resorts World Genting Special (p.50) IF YOU COULD GET AWAY WITH ONE CRIME WHAT WOULD IT BE? With my looks, I doubt I can get away with anything. WHAT’S YOUR WORST HABIT? I…

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charting a course

Despite being placed second in the Laser 4.7 Women’s Class at the seventh KFC open event was Adik Nadjiha who notably won the spot against far more experienced young sailors. Her dedication to the sport that saw her skilfully manoeuvring a boat against strong currents was remarkable during the RSYC-Wesports Community Youth Sailing Programme which took place recently—the fifth-year of partnership between Royal Selangor Yacht Club (RSYC) and Westports. The latest programme will run until March 2020 and oversees students training for mini regattas as well as sailing competitions with boats, equipment and tuition for courses provided by the RSYC. Commodore Jeffrey Voon of RSYC noted the benefits of the programme in creating confident young sailors who would one day contend in national and international yachting events. He stated, “We’re delighted…

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rumour mill

RED, RED WINE During a birthday party which saw the who’s who of town gather, a drink was accidentally spilt onto a guest’s dress. Fussing over the stain and the ruined train, the lady made a scene with everyone close by watching. Then when the host came to check, she put on a fake smile so as not to offend him. THE UNINVITED Blending in with the crowd, a man went through security and into a party for a newly opened fashion boutique which he was obviously not invited to. The guests were oblivious to the gatecrasher as he mingled and even managed to park himself casually at the free-flow mini bar. 24/7 TWEETERS During an intimate event, three influencers were constantly posing and then updating their photos on social media. So much so that…

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circle of life

Your works have a sense of surrealism. Can you say which art movement you identify with most? I do not attribute my work to any art doctrine. My creations are simply manifestations of my own inner self. Besides painting, poetry is also one of your hobbies. What is your favourite poem and by whom? Tell us why. When I was about to go to junior high school, I began reading Rabindranath Tagore and liked his poems very much. I was also exposed to biblical poetry and the Song of Solomon. Growing up, I continued to read spiritual poems; I also read the Heart Sutra of Buddha which led to me forming my own personal views on world religion. How does your painting process begin? It starts from my personal reflection of nature, cosmology, love, life…