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Malaysia Tatler

Malaysia Tatler October 2019

Malaysia Tatler covers the exclusive & stylish showcases of the very best in life, from smart parties to fine dining, international fashion, luxury travel, world’s most glamorous people, exotic travels & desirable objects.

Edipresse Media Hong Kong Ltd
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1 min.
around asia

On the cover is jewellery artist Cindy Chao, who is celebrating 15 years in the business. She reflects on the hardships of her journey, her success and the person who inspires her fierce determination. The Fashion Issue also features the best of the fall/winter runway shows and profiles designer Huishan Zhang. Former model Maricris Zobel appears on the cover with her four beautiful daughters. She shares her thoughts on family, faith and finding happiness. Also featured is the Cultural Centre of the Philippines, a venerable art institute that is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Touted as one of the most romantic events of the year, the Bali wedding of Amrit Punjabi and Sanjana Hiranandani was held over four days and nights, with 10 different celebrations that were attended by hundreds of guests. The…

2 min.
malaysia tatler

LIFE. EXTRAORDINARY Managing Director FLORENCE FANG Advertising mytad@edipressemedia.com Head of Sales VINCEE TAN Account Director XENA LOW Account Executive CHERYLL LIM Finance myfinance@edipressemedia.com Finance Director SURIA PERABA Associate Finance Manager FELICIA LEONG Circulation & Events mycirc@edipressemedia.com Circulation Manager PUNITHA NALARAJAH Production & Traffic myprod@edipressemedia.com Production Manager BOON YUH HUI Production Executive NUR ADILAH ROMLI Edipresse Media Asia hq@edipressemedia.com Chairman and CEO MICHEL LAMUNIÈRE CFO, Asia IDA CHEUNG CBO, Asia and MD–Edipresse Media Hong Kong SEAN FITZPATRICK Content Director, Regional Projects JAKKI PHILLIPS Head of Generation T Asia TAMARA LAMUNIÈRE Global Artistic Director JOE ZEE Chief Content Officer DANICA LO Managing Director–Edipresse Media Singapore CORINNE NG Managing Director–Edipresse Media China QING SHEN Managing Director–Philippines IRENE MARTEL FRANCISCO General Manager–Edipresse Media Taiwan APRIL HSU Regional Financial Controller ERIC FOO Regional IT Manager MARK TAM International Sales intlad@edipressemedia.com Commercial Strategy Director JENNIFER CHING International Sales Director KYO SIU India: RACHNA GULATI rachna.gulati@mediascope.in Japan: MATHIAS BOUEE mathias.bouee@mediakeys.com Spain: DAVID CASTELLO david.castello@kmedianet.es UK: AMANDA BENACHOUR amanda@cranemedia.co.uk Indonesia: MILLIE STEPHANIE milliestephanie@mobiliarigroup.com Middle…

2 min.
leaders of tomorrow

Did you know that family businesses account for two-thirds of all businesses around the world, generating a GDP of 80-85 per cent? Even so, majority of family businesses fail to sustain beyond the second generation, with only a mere precious few making it to the fourth generation. With our theme revolving around legacy, we speak to five second-generation business owners to find out how they are faring with their family businesses. Are they steering the company in the right direction and keeping up with the times? What did they learn from their parents and what is their mindset in running the business? Turn to page 158 and see how Natalie Cheng (Parkson Group), Melissa Sin (SKB Shutters), Garvy Beh (BP Healthcare), Melissa Tan (Getha) and Jim Tan (T7 Global) are doing…

2 min.
connecting the dots

Even before the doors to Colony Star Boulevard opened at 9am, Melissa Sin had arrived bright and early at 8.30am. We were even more shocked when she divulged that she was hospitalised the day before for a terrible bout of coughing; she had requested for special release from the doctor to come to our shoot. “Anything for Malaysia Tatler—I already made a promise,” says the executive director of SKB Shutters, as our makeup team started prepping her face with a range of Giorgio Armani Beauty products. Next to arrive was Getha’s Melissa Tan, who generously brought nasi lemak for breakfast for all of us to eat. The two girls (who have mutual friends in common) started bonding during hair and makeup. They eventually welcomed our third talent, Natalie Cheng from Parkson…

2 min.

Kevin Woo The founder of Centro Hair Salon had his best stylists at work on the young leaders in our cover story Name your favourite hair product. Savage; it gives hair just the right amount of volume. If you can only eat the same food for the rest of the year, what would it be? Pok mee noodles—it’s a Teochew dish. Name three things on your bucket list. To grow my team, then conduct a hair show in a stadium, and also to travel for a whole month. What is your favourite outdoor activity? Swimming; it’s one of the best forms of exercise too. Andrea Kee A former fashion editor, this stylist picks trendy and sophisticated looks for our cover personalities What’s your signature dance move? None, I’m the worst dancer. What’s the worst holiday you’ve ever had? A family holiday to Macau, only because…

1 min.
a vision to behold

World Sight Day, which was first initiated in 2000, aims to raise awareness on blindness and vision impairment among members of society. This outstanding effort in global eye care has been driven by watch brand Omega together with Orbis International, and includes the function of a ‘flying eye hospital’—an ophthalmic medical and teaching facility located on board an MD-10 aircraft. Healthcare professionals are flown to developing communities in need of vision restoration. Apart from backing Orbis, Omega even launched a number of watches, of which sales proceeds fund Orbis. Closer to home, L’Occitane launched the Fight Against Avoidable Blindness drawstring pouch set in stores nationwide to support blindness prevention. And the brand will donate 100 per cent of the proceeds from the sales to sight saving projects.…