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Tatler Malaysia March 2020

THE essential guide to the very best in life, Tatler Malaysia runs the gamut of high-end living, from cool parties to fine dining, from international fashion to luxury travel. Tatler Malaysia has unparalleled access to the world’s most glamorous people, the exotic places they frequent and the desirable objects they own. The magazine showcases all this via exclusive features that are insightful, entertaining and presented with style. Distinguished by wit and savoir faire, Tatler Malaysia has been an indispensable part of life for the city’s sophisticates for over 30 years. Our well-heeled readership shape opinions and trends in Malaysia and across the region. This affluent and influential group is almost impossible to reach - except through the pages of Tatler Malaysia.

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around asia

Tatler Malaysia covers Marion Caunter Photography Ricky Lo Styling Christopher Kim Hair Shawn Yap from Hairplay Salon Make-up Khir Khalid using YSL Styling Assistant Mira Uttamchandani Location Alila Bangsar Kuala Lumpur Outfit Alberta Ferretti top, Peter Do pants, Bulgari bracelet Joe Flizzow Photography Khairul Imran Styling Andrea Kee Styling Assistant Sarah Hamzah Outfit Dior suit, Bulgari necklace and ring Nur Fazura Photography Ricky Lo Styling Christopher Kim Hair Ckay Liow Make-up KF Bong using Dior Backstage Styling Assistant Mira Uttamchandani Location Alila Bangsar Kuala Lumpur Outfit Alexander Wang top, Bulgari bracelet worn in hair, earrings, necklace, bracelet and watch…

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letter from the publisher

A New Era For more than four decades, Tatler in Asia has been synonymous with status, reflecting the evolving tastes and culture of the region’s most powerful and elite. When my family acquired this wonderful media brand here nearly 15 years ago, it was true that the somewhat outdated and restrictive notion of high society that Tatler had traditionally represented was still very much alive. But after taking the reins of the business four years ago, I quickly could see that it was beginning to change, and that a new, more inclusive view was on the horizon. In the past, people were valued only by their wealth, their business acumen or the prominence of their families, but now a new generation of entrepreneurs and creative thinkers are doing the most…

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behind the scenes

A year in the making, Tatler’s New Asia portfolio—featuring portraits of 117 entrepreneurs, chefs, designers, artists, financiers and musicians who are redefining the future of our region—was a production unlike anything seen before in this magazine. And it began with a simple question: Who do you think should be on the cover? To introduce Tatler’s new design, the editors of our eight editions gave careful consideration to subjects who represent a broad scope of creative professions and industries, all with a focus on the future. And they found the possibilities were endless. “I didn’t think there was just one person who personifies what this new generation and the new era of Tatler should be, because it is meant to be inclusive of so much more than one characteristic,” says global artistic…

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THERESA HAROLD Hong Kong-born, London-based lifestyle journalist Theresa Harold writes about fashion for publications including The Independent, The Telegraph and the South China Morning Post. This month, she investigates how fashion houses are supporting and collaborating with artists (p.70) TOM HOOPS British photographer Tom Hoops has been shooting portraits and fashion for almost 20 years. His work—which has featured actors, royals and politicians, among many others—has been exhibited internationally and appeared in publications such as The Washington Post, Porter and Leica’s S magazine. He now splits his time between the UK and Thailand, where he photographed fashion designer Vatanika Patamasingh Na Ayudhya and businesswoman Pranapda Phornprapha, among others, for the New Asia portfolio (p.124) BRIDGET FLEMING Australian documentary and fashion photographer and director of TV commercials Bridget Fleming has worked with clients including Cos and…

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wedding of cheryll lee and yann fei tan

Featuring an enchanting decor of Roman archways and roses, the wedding reception of Cheryll Lee and Yann Fei Tan at the Majestic Hotel KL was an ornate celebration employing a vintage Baroque theme. Soon after, they had another reception at Weil Hotel in Ipoh, this time featuring an Oriental theme with striking shades of red, gold and off-white. The couple first met at Trinity College in Melbourne and their friendship grew with every treasured moment, such as Yann Fei crafting a stepladder for Cheryll when she couldn’t reach the top shelves, and Cheryll learning how to cook and bake so she can make home-cooked meals for Yann Fei. “What won me over is her determination. She has always supported me throughout the years without any complaint,” shares Yann Fei. Cheryll piped in,…

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seating plan

1 Kimberley Tan, the designer and founder of TamaKito Jewellery—standing leftmost among her friends—was responsible for the couple’s wedding bands, which were paved with white diamonds. “It was important that Cheryll’s and Yann Fei’s ring designs complement each other without being too flashy. And, the couple wanted it to be classy, so it will look appealing even 50 years from now,” she said. 2 A heartwarming speech by the maid of honour, Voon Tsu San, was one of the highlights that night as the bride said, “I can’t believe she made me cry on my wedding day! This is a friendship I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.” 3 Friends Elisa Bocchio and Lady Pastidio were more than ready for the after-party, where a surprise birthday celebration for Cheryll awaited. 4 The…