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Tatler Malaysia August 2020

THE essential guide to the very best in life, Tatler Malaysia runs the gamut of high-end living, from cool parties to fine dining, from international fashion to luxury travel. Tatler Malaysia has unparalleled access to the world’s most glamorous people, the exotic places they frequent and the desirable objects they own. The magazine showcases all this via exclusive features that are insightful, entertaining and presented with style. Distinguished by wit and savoir faire, Tatler Malaysia has been an indispensable part of life for the city’s sophisticates for over 30 years. Our well-heeled readership shape opinions and trends in Malaysia and across the region. This affluent and influential group is almost impossible to reach - except through the pages of Tatler Malaysia.

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around asia

TATLER HONG KONG Aron Harilela, CEO and chairman The Harilela Group, stars on the cover of Tatler Hong Kong. Harilela’s company currently owns and operates hotels in Hong Kong, China, Europe and the US. Now, he’s preparing to open one of his most ambitious projects yet: The Hari, a major new hotel in the middle of Hong Kong’s bustling Wan Chai district. tatlerhongkong.com TATLER INDONESIA Actor Raline Shah shares her story of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro alongside filmmaker and conservationist Sean Lee-Davies from Project C:Change to raise funds for The Nature Conservancy’s programme in Indonesia. tatlerindonesia.com TATLER MALAYSIA Featured this month in Tatler Malaysia is award-winning filmmaker Quek Shio Chuan. He discusses his career and his films Guang and Sunflowers, which are inspired by his real life events, including his brother’s struggle with autism. tatlermalaysia.com TATLER PHILIPPINES For…

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WATCHES & JEWELLERY Eight years in the making, Audemars Piguet recently opened its museum that showcases both its watchmaking and artistic savoir-faire. The museum building itself is an architectural marvel, a spiral-shaped structure that fits in perfectly with the bucolic surroundings of Le Brassus. DRINKS Bar Trigona at Four Seasons KL is using tropical fruits such as jackfruit and mango to create an all-new cocktail menu, possibly its best yet. TRAVEL Malihom Retreats in Penang and The Shorea in Negeri Sembilan are some of the remote private retreats to escape to during this social distancing era. @tatlermalaysia Follow us on social media Images Audemars Piguet; Khairul Imran (Bar Trigona); iStock…

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hope floats

In this issue, we reached out to the graduating class of 2020, who tell us of their hopes and dreams for the future post Covid-19. The crisis has taught them to be more resilient and flexible, plus made them determined to see a much more unified society. Their passion for driving change and deep sense of purpose have given me reason to believe that the future is bright and that the world would be in good hands. Read what they have to say in The Graduate. Our cover star is a name well known in the field of classical music. Pianist, composer and conductor, Tengku Ahmad Irfan has performed with renowned orchestras around the world. He has kept up with his daily piano practices during the lockdown, and now he’s looking…

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virtual reality

With great adversity comes great opportunity. Well, that’s how we viewed this golden chance to grab hold of the hard-to-pin-down Tengku Irfan for a photo shoot and interview. Prior to the travel ban, you would usually see him flying off somewhere to perform with orchestras but now, he has to stay grounded for the time being. We were fortunate to commission New York-based photographer PJ Lam to do this shoot. The lockdown has forced many creatives like her to conduct shoots virtually but she finds it refreshing and open to many possibilities. “As we already know, there are many big labels and magazines doing this. Since it’s still quite new, we can experiment many fun things based on that,” she said. Preparing for the shoot involved a pre-call with Tengku Irfan beforehand to…

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DANIEL NADEL Photographer Daniel Nadel has worked in Sydney and London shooting for clients such as L’Officiel, Net-A-Porter and Wonderland Magazine. In this issue, Nadel photographs the fashion shoot in Australia (p.70) PJ LAM Based in New York and Paris, photographer PJ Lam has contributed to multiple fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and L’Officiel. A first for Tatler Malaysia, Lam conducts the cover shoot with Tengku Irfan via Facetime (p.142) ALEX MAELAND Creative director, designer and photographer Alex Maeland splits his time between Hong Kong and Los Angeles and has worked with the likes of Asics, Adidas and Pepsi. For this month’s issue, he shoots SK Lam, the man who brings artists’ dreams to life (p.170) AUBREE SMITH Hailing from Sydney, Aubree Smith is a freelance stylist who has worked for the Australian editions…

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educate and you empower

If asked if she’d known that educational equity would become one of her biggest motivators for running MCII, Malaysia’s first collective impact organisation, Dipti Kumar would tell you what she’s told me: “Not at all,” the young CEO candidly shares. “What initially drove me and in fact still does was realising that the world was unfair, because while I grew up surrounded by people who knew the value of education and had access to it, somewhere out there is a child that doesn’t or can’t have what I had. So what can I do to change that?” THE VALUE OF KNOWLEDGE Growing up, Kumar recalls how her mother had made their education her number one priority, taking care to allow her children to explore their interests no matter the circumstance. “A huge…