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Game & Fish Midwest

June/July 2021
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Each issue of Game & Fish Midwest details proven local strategies for whitetails, turkeys, bass, walleyes and more. Discover the best places to hunt and fish from North Dakota to Kentucky, and learn the top times for success in the field and on the water. Get info on hot new gear and how it performs, as well as updates on trends, regulations, seasons and destinations to help you plan your next outing.

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how far is too far?

Last fall a good friend of mine killed a bull elk at 358 yards. It was a long shot for a guy who most often hunts whitetails in the hills of Pennsylvania and typically fills his tag at a fifth of that distance. It’s a long shot for me. Might be for you, too. Nevertheless, Dave took the shot with complete confidence. He had researched loads for his .300 Win. Mag., chosen one that performed well at extended ranges and then spent the summer shooting to prepare for his trip to Colorado. His practice included checking data generated by ballistic calculators against results he witnessed while shooting. He judged wind and shot in it, celebrated his good calls and learned from his errors, and by the time elk season arrived had…

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trending now at game & fish online

PAY ATTENTION Not sweating the details—like the weather forecast—can ruin a day on the water. Beware of the blunders covered in “7 Angling Mistakes to Avoid.” BOLT-ACTION BENELLI Our 12-episode video series “Beyond the Rifle,” hosted by Adam Heggenstaller, takes an in-depth look at Benelli’s innovative Lupo centerfire. ARE YOU BACKYARD READY? From DIY and landscaping projects to grilling tips and recipes, “Backyard Ready” offers hunters and anglers great ideas for the yard, patio, deck and garage. WORLD-RECORD LARGEMOUTHS The pair of bass with current IGFA All-Tackle honors aren’t the only world-record largemouths. See others in “10 Biggest Largemouth Bass World Records Ever.” GO NATURAL Fly fishing may be fun, but natural baits flat-out catch trout. Learn how to rig the best ones in “6 Can’t-Miss Live Baits for Hungry Trout.” HOT SUMMER CATS Whether you’re looking for channels, blues or…

4 min.
long story short

Although long-range hunting seems to be a new trend, the truth is hunters have always searched for ways to extend their effective range with a rifle. That’s how we went from the .30-30 Winchester to the .30-06 Springfield and then to the .300 Winchester Magnum. But are today’s hunters taking things too far? Is reaching out, way out, with a rifle leading to a decline in hunting skills? The answers to these questions depend on the individual, but let’s look at some facts, because facts apply to everyone. First, consider this: If you shoot a big mule deer buck at 500 yards, you have not saved yourself any work. You still have to walk to the buck, field-dress the animal and drag it the same distance. The work does not change;…

5 min.
shallow thinking

Once the calendar displays pages for June and July, the bountiful bites of spring have faded in the rearview mirror. Surface water has been warmed by the sun’s relentless heat for several consecutive months, and now even a cool evening has a hard time pulling water temperatures back into the comfort zones for many of our favorite fish. The typical response of bait, fish and anglers alike is to shift toward deeper, cooler waters, and the shallows can seem deserted and devoid of quality fishing opportunities. Happily, this is simply a mirage. Dedicated shallow-water anglers can enjoy exceptional fishing for a wide range of species, even in the summer’s heat. Slather on sunscreen and stay shallow to tap into these bites around the country. LARGEMOUTH BASS Big largemouths are some of the most…

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sharp setup

Knife-building is a great DIY hobby. It’s not only a lot of fun; you also end up with a new knife to use on your outdoor adventures. Good custom knife-makers are artists with decades of experience, but almost anyone can get into knife-building by starting with a kit. Jantz Supply (knifemaking.com) is the king of knife-building components. The company offers everything from simple starter kits to materials that will produce a knife of museum quality. I wanted to make a medium-size fillet knife, so I chose Jantz’s Trout Fillet kit with a 5 3/4-inch blade. The kit includes pieces of wood for the handle, but I wanted a different look. I added a block of red canvas Micarta handle material to jazz things up a bit. Jantz has several colors of…

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get more diy advice

Want to build a fish- and game-cleaning station? Looking for ways to maximize your garage space for working on bows? Need some tips on adding trees and plants to your yard to benefit wildlife? You’ll find details on all of these DIY projects and many more in the Backyard Ready section of gafmag.com. We’ve partnered with outdoor-equipment manufacturer Troy-Bilt to deliver a wide range of articles and videos that will help you improve both the appearance and the utility of your yard, deck and garage. Hunters and anglers would rather be outside than anywhere else, and Backyard Ready is your go-to source for information on how to best prepare and maintain outdoor spaces for maximum enjoyment. In addition, the section includes numerous recipes for the grill and offers expert tips on…