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find online videos and mrvp exclusives

Looking for more ideas, tips, and step-by-step projects? Click on the Videos tab at www.ModelRailroader.com. You’ll find hundreds of videos on all aspects of the hobby, including techniques for laying and ballasting model railroad track. For immediate access to even more in-depth videos, be sure to sign up for Model Railroader Video Plus! MORE REVIEWS & VIDEOS • Videos • News & Reviews • Community • Shop & more. MORE TRACK TIPS HOW-TO ARTICLES Easy easments Click on the How To tab at the MR home page to browse dozens of online articles and tips, including this handy technique for making smoothly flowing curves in model railroad flextrack. ONLINE A HOW-TO ARTICLES RCHIVE More than 1,000 issues of MR! Whether you’re laying track and ballast, scratchbuilding a structure or freight car, or adding trees and scenery to a layout, Model Railroader magazine…

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keeping your hobby hoard manageable

I’ve had the sobering experiences of cleaning out a basement and a full house of two friends who had died. One was a longtime model railroader and the other was a collector of odds and ends. Both jobs were initially overwhelming, almost to the point of tears. Far too much stuff that might have been useful, but in the end wasn’t, now had to be sold, given away, or simply thrown out. But in the end, piece by piece, day by day, the jobs were completed. Both experiences led me to take a hard look at my hobby hoard, and all the other adjacent stuff I’ve accumulated over several decades. I’m no different than other model railroaders. I’ve never met a tool I didn’t like. I stare at plastic packaging material and think about…

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contributing to model railroader

We welcome contributions from readers, including articles, photographs, and drawings. For more information on submitting material, call us at 262-796-8776 and ask for an MR staff member or e-mail us at mrmag@mrmag.com. Model Railroader assumes no responsibility for the safe return of unsolicited material. We assume unsolicited material is intended for publication by Kalmbach Publishing Co. unless otherwise noted. We assume letters, questions, news releases, and club news items are contributed gratis.…

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news & products

Electro-Motive Division SD40-2 diesel locomotive. Athearn offers this six-axle road unit decorated for Burlington Northern (American Revolution Bicentennial paint scheme in one road number and Cascade Green), Chicago & North Western (Falcon Service and as-delivered schemes, two numbers each), Norfolk & Western (high short hood), Missouri-Kansas-Texas, and Southern Ry. (high short hood). Each paint scheme is offered in four numbers unless noted. The HO scale Ready-to-Roll locomotives have prototypespecific details, all-wheel electrical pickup, and see-through dynamic brake and radiator fans. Direct-current model with eight- and nine-pin plugs for Digital Command Control decoder sell for $134.98. Models with RTR Sound are priced at $184.98. Athearn Trains, 888-959-2307, www.athearn.com MOBILE UPDATES Scan the code to access Model Railroader’s weekly News & Products updates from your mobile device. Gulliver’s Gate opens A new HO scale model railroad…

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ask mr

Where is Canadian spelled with an “e”? Q In the November 2016 issue, there’s an advertisement for 59-foot cylindrical hoppers. The main picture shows a CN model with the spelling “Canadien National.” At first I thought it was an error, but an image search showed pictures of the prototype with this spelling. I assume this spelling is used in the French Canadian region? Kirk Olson, Howell, Mich. AIt’s used everywhere. Since Canada is officially a bilingual nation, many Canadian National cars have the English spelling “Canadian” on one side and the French “Canadien” on the other. All such cars bear both spellings; which you see depends on not what part of the country you’re in, but which side of the car you’re on. Q I have just acquired a Digital Command Control system. I’m…

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derailments of the curious kind

Several months ago, my operations chief Gordy Spiering and I were orbiting a couple trains on my N scale layout for a group of visitors and the same boxcar kept derailing at the west end switch in the town of Tehachapi. In a situation like that the show must go on, so I pulled the car out of the train and waited until the visitors had left and the dust had settled to try to solve the problem. I put the car back where it had been, right behind the engine, and ran up the hill. The car derailed again in the same way at the same spot. That’s a good thing – the most difficult problems to solve are those that occur inconsistently. The curious thing, though, was that when I…