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MORE REVIEWS & VIDEOS • Videos • News & Reviews • Community • Shop & more. A small layout you can build Don’t miss Paul Boehlert’s “Layout in a weekend” on page 26. For a look at another space-saving model railroad that Paul designed, check out the HO scale Central Maine RR. This month you’ll find Paul’s Central Maine RR article complete with a track plan and list of track components under Online Extras at www.ModelRailroader.com. MREXTRA The Iron Gorge Subdivision Inspired by the narrow gauge lines of the Denver & Rio Grande Western and Rio Grande Southern, the HOn3 Iron Gorge Subdivision captures the stunning scenery of its prototypes. Subscribers can watch an exclusive video of trains running through the detailed scenes of this month’s cover layout.…

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digital briefs

MREXTRA See new locomotive models in action In addition to the review on page 58, subscribers can watch a video demo of the new sound-equipped Walthers GP35 on the MR website. New reviews and videos are added each month to the online product review database. MRVP Watch the Log Blog series on MRVP In this new series on Model Railroader Video Plus, you can follow producer David Popp as he builds an extension to the On30 Olympia Logging Co. layout. Visit ModelRailroaderVideoPlus.com to subscribe. You can also click on Free Videos to sample a variety of the shows offered by MRVP. MR Quick Tip Videos At less than a minute each, these videos live up to their name. Watch them on the MR Facebook page.…

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enough theory; where do i put the wires?

Our Digital Command Control columnist Larry Puckett writes about common wires and grounds on page 56 this month. It’s important stuff, and we are pleased to share Larry’s expertise with you each and every month when it comes to digital model railroad control and electrical power. For our magazine staff, Larry’s topic set off another occasional round of the great hallway electricity debate. The impromptu conversations always boil down to this: how deep in electron-speak should any Model Railroader wiring story go, and when is it time to just tell you where to connect the two wires? We all know that electricity comes from power plants. We all know that the electricity we use travels through wires. And we all know that model railroads, at their cores, require two wires (we’ll save…

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news & products

MOBILE UPDATES Scan the code to access Model Railroader’s weekly News & Products updates from your mobile device. HO scale Electro-Motive Division GP38-2 diesel locomotive. Athearn offers this Genesis-series model decorated for Missouri Pacific; Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe; Chicago & North Western; Gulf, Mobile & Ohio; Illinois Central (black); and Union Pacific, in four road numbers per scheme. The HO scale model has road-number-specific details, wire grab irons, and detailed cab interior. Direct-current models with a Quick Plug for a Digital Command Control decoder retail for $169.98. Versions with a dual-mode SoundTraxx Tsunami 2 sound decoder list for $269.98. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639, www.athearn.com HO scale locomotives • Electro-Motive Division GP7 and GP9 diesel locomotives. GP7: Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (mid-1950s zebra stripe scheme). GP9: Burlington Northern (low short hood in one number, high…

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walthers announces next name train

Milwaukee, Wis.,-based Wm. K. Walthers Inc. announced that its next HO scale name train will be Chesapeake & Ohio’s George Washington. The train will feature equipment assigned to the train between 1954 and 1971, including a newly tooled American Car & Foundry (ACF) 70-foot heavyweight Railway Post Office/baggage car ($69.98); an ACF 70-foot arched-roof baggage car ($69.98); Pullman-Standard (PS) 85-foot 52-seat coaches with fluting (with and without skirts, $74.98 each); PS 85-foot 10-6 sleepers with fluting (with and without skirts, $74.98 each); and a PS 85-foot dormitory-diner rebuild with fluting but without skirts ($79.98). The passenger cars will have a simulated stainless steel finish as appropriate, a sheet of decal names and numbers, and modeler-installed extended drawbars for 22" radius curves. The train will be powered by C&O class PE-225 Electro-Motive Division…

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what font to use for depot signs?

MORE Q&A For more questions and answers, watch the video series “Ask MRVP” at www.ModelRailroaderVideoPlus.com. Q I have several small town depots on my HO scale layout. I’d like to make name signs for them. Can you suggest a font style and point size that would be appropriate? Thanks. L.B. Groover, Tyrone, Ga. AThat depends on the era and prototype of your railroad. Prototype railroads developed books (known variously as engineering books, standard books, or plan books) that detailed how everything on the railroad was to be built or made, including the size, placement, and lettering styles of signs. These are great resources for modelers, as they also include architectural drawings and plans for such things as depots, interlocking towers, work sheds, trestles, and even some cars and tools. Check with the historical society…