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Mother & Baby India August 2019

Mother & Baby India, specialises in everything baby-related. From stories of Indian mums and babies, product reviews , loads of local info, to global views. Mother & Baby India also draws from international top-sellers Mother & Baby UK and Pregnancy & Birth UK. It has become the leader in the Indian parenting genre since its launch in May 2008, respected and loved by parents, doctors and industry experts alike.

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the new mommy guide

You’ve dealt with the nausea and sickness of the first trimester, and the relative ease of the second one. You’re now into the final trimester, and with that, a mile closer to bringing your baby into the world... and your home! The wait is finally over, and you are now nearing the end of the pregnancy journey, to step into a new role for several years to come. It’s natural then, that this requires a whole lot of planning and prepping. Here’s how to make the most of this time. READY TO POP! Though the third trimester begins with a breeze, as it progresses, your growing belly and baby put you through a little physical stress. It is, therefore, important to care for the mind, body and spirit. Make sure you do…

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panel of experts

DR KIRAN COELHO A succesful gynaecologist and practicing obgyn for the last 30 years. DR DHERANDRA KUMAR Consultant clinical and child psychologist, he is founder and director of Psyindia, and engaged in direct work with children. DR ANITA MADAN A doctorate in education, she is currently the Curriculum Development head with EuroKids International Pvt Ltd where she promotes a developmentally appropriate curriculum. SONALI SHIVLANI Mumbai-based childbirth educator, certified by Childbirth & Postpartum Professional Association, USA. DR GEETANJALI SHAH Popular Mumbai paediatrician, conducts holistic fitness workshops for pregnant women. ANIKA PURI Childbirth educator, prenatal and postnatal massage therapist, certified counsellor, reflexolgist and a holistic practitioner of women’s health and fertility in Delhi. NUTAN PANDIT Breastfeeding counsellor and natural birth therapist who’s been teaching in New Delhi since 1978. EFFATH YASMIN Founder of Nourish & Nurture Lactation Care & Parenting Education, International Board Certified lactation consultant, and…

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editor’s note

The topic of breastfeeding brings up so many personal memories and challenges, that I can never get past a conversation without acknowledging them. As someone who could not carry my baby in my own womb, I was desperate to get the most out of my experience of being a new mum. My dear friend and the most passionate lactation consultant I have come across, Effath Yasmin, put everything on line to give me this experience. We worked diligently and incessantly, and I was able to induce lactation—one of the most outstanding miracles of my life! There were many obstacles in this journey, and it was cut short despite my desire and Effath’s persistent support. But, that doesn’t take away from the miracle. And, I am thankful that for the first…

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mum’s the word

Hi Team, My friend is a loyal M&B reader who introduced the magazine to me, and boy am I glad she did! There isn’t any problem M&B doesn’t have a solution for. Thank you for all that you do, for being a friend and a guide to every mum and mum-to-be out there, and for being there for us through the rollercoaster that is parenting. I don’t need to tell you to keep up the good work, you guys have mastered that already! :) ALISON D’SOUZA, MUMBAI Dear Alison, Thanks you for such kind words. Letters like these truly warm our hearts and motivate us to work harder to give you the very best. Here’s to being your friend for life! -Swati. Dear Swati, Firstly, I’d like to congratulate you on such consistently amazing issues. Your…

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what’s in store

Good for you VitaFusion™ Gummys are enriched with all the vitamins that serve as nutritional support; They are manufactured with pectin, citric acid, sugar and are 100% vegetarian. They come in a variety of different flavors such as lemon, cherry, strawberry, grape, grapefruit, and orange. Parents are advised to give two VitaFusion™ Gummys per day for children above two years, which will aid their growth. The presence of Vitamin A supports healthy vision, teeth and skin, Vitamin B¹² supports growth and development of the nervous system, intestine and red blood cells, Folic Acid keeps nerves, and red blood cells healthy, and Vitamin C supports healthy teeth, gums, and the body’s healing process. Breast things Mee Mee Reusable Absorbent Maternity Breast Pads will keep you clean, dry, and fresh all day long. It is…

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mums in style

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