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Mother & Baby India September 2019

Mother & Baby India, specialises in everything baby-related. From stories of Indian mums and babies, product reviews , loads of local info, to global views. Mother & Baby India also draws from international top-sellers Mother & Baby UK and Pregnancy & Birth UK. It has become the leader in the Indian parenting genre since its launch in May 2008, respected and loved by parents, doctors and industry experts alike.

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the new mommy guide

You’ve dealt with the nausea and sickness of the first trimester, and the relative ease of the second one. You’re now into the final trimester, and with that, a mile closer to bringing your baby into the world... and your home! The wait is finally over, and you are now nearing the end of the pregnancy journey, to step into a new role for several years to come. It’s natural then, that this requires a whole lot of planning and prepping. Here’s how to make the most of this time. READY TO POP! Though the third trimester begins with a breeze, as it progresses, your growing belly and baby put you through a little physical stress. It is, therefore, important to care for the mind, body and spirit. Make sure you do…

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panel of experts

DR KIRAN COELHO A succesful gynaecologist and practicing obgyn for the last 30 years. DR DHERANDRA KUMAR Consultant clinical and child psychologist, he is founder and director of Psyindia, and engaged in direct work with children. DR ANITA MADAN A doctorate in education, she is currently the Curriculum Development head with EuroKids International Pvt Ltd where she promotes a developmentally appropriate curriculum. SONALI SHIVLANI Mumbai-based childbirth educator, certified by Childbirth & Postpartum Professional Association, USA. DR GEETANJALI SHAH Popular Mumbai paediatrician, conducts holistic fitness workshops for pregnant women. ANIKA PURI Childbirth educator, prenatal and postnatal massage therapist, certified counsellor, reflexolgist and a holistic practitioner of women’s health and fertility in Delhi. NUTAN PANDIT Breastfeeding counsellor and natural birth therapist who’s been teaching in New Delhi since 1978. EFFATH YASMIN Founder of Nourish & Nurture Lactation Care & Parenting Education, International Board Certified lactation consultant, and…

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editor’s note

It takes a village to raise a child. No less. And then there are some who are entrusted to do the the task all by themselves. Gone are the days when single parents were looked at with pity, uncertainty or distrust. Today, both men and women have proven to be great parents, not just despite being single, but more often, because of it! We've all seen women who've shunned social norm to embrace motherhood. Whether it was Neena Gupta who chose to be an unwed mum, or Sushmita Sen, who chose to adopt before she chose to marry, these women have shown that daddy or no daddy, mum knows best! Our Single Parent Special looks at many such celebrities who chose the difficult path of raising children solo, and did it…

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mum’s the word

Do you have something to say? Is there any way Mother & Baby can help you in your journey of parenthood? Write in to the editor at this e-mail address: mbeditorial@gmail.com The letter of the month will win a special gift from Sophie la girafe® Hi Team, I gave birth to my daughter a month ago. Breastfeeding posted a huge challenge to me, and I had almost given up on being able to nurse. Luckily, I stumbled upon your breastfeeding special. The sensitivity and detail with which you have tackled the subject encouraged me to not give up. I got in touch with a lactation consultant and persisted. My daughter co-operated, and we could resolve our latching issuews together. I’m truly happy to be on this journey, and I owe it all to Mother…

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what’s in store

Mess no more Food-related mess is part and parcel of being a parent. But you can count on the Spotless™ silicone placemat to keep those inevitable spills contained. Our tester mum found that they are not only great for providing a catch-all, clean surface your munchkins can eat from directly, they roll up and travel well, making them perfect for restaurant use. They also provide excellent grip, and cling to most smooth, non-porous surfaces. And they clean up nicely, too Each BPA-free silicone mat is dishwasher safe, easy to clean measures 11.13 x 15 x 0.07 inch. One Smart Pram Joie’s first ever self-folding stroller, Tourist, is every mum’s new travel must-have. It comes loaded with perks, without packing on the kilos, at a feather-weight six kgs—and did we mention, it folds itself!…

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what’s on

A CUT ABOVE THE REST Thakur International School Cambridge in Mumbai has inaugurated the suburbs’ first-ever AR/VR experience centre as part of its learning and education program. This is applicable across all classes, from Class I onwards. This has been done with the aim of significantly improving engagement and knowledge retention levels for students. The experience centre was inaugrated by renowned mathematician and educationist Anand Kumar, best-known for his Super 30 program. It began operations from August 13 at its Kandivali campus. “The use of AR / VR experience centre brings students closer to concepts, living them and learning them through all of their senses, rather than traditionally passive formats of learning. This layer of practical knowledge is what they will take along with them in life, as they face the future…