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November - December 2020

New Internationalist tackles today's most challenging global issues, confronts inequality and injustice and reports on positive changes happening around the world. Well-known for writing about topics before they reach the wider media, it is an essential read for those who want to explore progressive ideas.

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home truths

AMY HALL for the New Internationalist Co-operative newint.org An innocent question: ‘How are you feeling about the care magazine?’ my housemate asked me over coffee. ‘Angry’ was my answer. In fact, I’ve spent a large part of the Covid-19 pandemic feeling this way, with the issue of care a major focal point of my rage. I’m vexed about the glaring inequality in who does care work and domestic labour – in the ‘wider world’ and in my personal life. I’m enraged about the lack of recognition and the disrespect often displayed for the (mostly) women and/or racialized people doing this work and how they, along with people who may need their care, are treated as expendable. But there is hope; 2020 has demonstrated our interdependence and plenty of people have shown up to…

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reasons to be cheerful

YOUTH ENFRANCHISED! In Wales 16- and 17-year-olds can now officially vote in Welsh parliamentary elections. Around 65,000 young people are expected to join the electoral register. The move last June follows Scotland, where currently anyone above 16 can vote in non-Westminster elections. Youth campaigners from the Welsh electoral reform society ERS Cymru are calling it a victory, not only for adolescents in Wales, but for young people in England too, whose government looks increasingly out of touch for rubbishing the call. AFRICA RID OF POLIO In an historic milestone for global health, the African Regional Certification Commission declared Africa polio-free in August. The success is down to a thorough, co-ordinated vaccination drive in Nigeria, which immunized over 45 million children by reaching people in remote and often dangerous places. Health workers were reported to…

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care the facts

TIME POOR Globally women do the equivalent of 6 weeks more full-time work a year than men – this includes unpaid and paid care work.1 Between 1997 and 2012, the time devoted to housework and caregiving declined by 15 minutes per day for women and increased by 8 minutes per day for men. At this rate, the gender gap in unpaid care work won’t begin to close until 2228.3 ON THE MOVE 1 in 5 Nearly 1 in 5 domestic workers are international migrants. 70% Over 70% of migrant domestic workers are women. Northern, Southern and Western Europe 19% Arab States 27% Eastern Asia 10% South-Eastern Asia & the Pacific 19% 60% There has been a 60% rise in the number of migrant doctors and nurses working in OECD countries over the past decade.5 LIFE VS DEATH $1,917 billion World military spending in 2019.6 This is 3.5x global…

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‘our clients never underestimate our value’

Paula Mendoza has been a geriatric nurse in Trinidad and Tobago for over 10 years. In 2015, she decided to take her work home with her, quite literally, by opening her house to the elderly. It started off with one client but today Paula owns a compound in the north of Trinidad that is home to over 20 elderly people. In her career as both a nurse and caregiver Mendoza says she has always known the inherent value of her job and is pleased that, compared to when she began her career, she now sees a greater appreciation from others. ‘Now people respect what I do, both clients and coworkers,’ she explains. ‘They understand that it is a lot of work.’ However, the monetary value of her job is still not…

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Namibia derives its name from the Namib desert (loosely translated, the word means ‘vast place’), which has claims to be the oldest desert in the world, stretching back more than 55 million years. Much of the desert comprises gravel plain and rocky outcrops but in the southwest corner vast rolling dunes ripple towards the Atlantic Ocean – a spectacular and colourful Sand Sea that draws tourists to what is now a UNESCO World Heritage site, though a unique attribute of this desert is that it is often wreathed in thick fog. Among the earliest inhabitants of the country were the hunter-gatherer San, who remain an identifiable ethnic minority now, though other groups such as the pastoralist Nama and Herero migrated there later. The country was colonized by Germany from 1884, which…

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view from africa

I recently went off-grid for a few days because I started to feel like social distancing was taking its toll. In Kenya, we’ve been in some form of Covid-19 lockdown since March: separated from friends and family, watching the government make a hash of the public-health crisis. Even though the numbers on paper tell a positive story, we know that this administration has a tendency to misrepresent facts for political gain, for example under-testing to report low overall numbers. This is the sobering reality that many people around the world are dealing with today as governments fumble with pandemic responses. I think it is partly why so many of us are feeling tired. There’s no shared responsibility; the citizen is doing the work of both the governing and the governed. The…