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May 2020

Official Xbox Magazine is dedicated to delivering the latest information on the hottest current and upcoming Xbox games. Each issue comes packed with breaking details and first looks, as well as more in-depth commentary and expert analysis on all of the latest trends and thriving culture that surrounds the games industry.

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PUBLISHER CAPCOM /DEVELOPER CAPCOM /FORMAT XBOX ONE /RELEASE DATE JANUARY 2015 It started with a screenshot. When you first picked up this month’s issue of OXM, your delicious braaains probably went gaga for our Ultimate Guide To Resident Evil supplement. Lovely, ain’t it? Well, part of making said bonus mag involved gathering all the undead screenshots, and this has caused a shameful recurrence… I’m seriously considering finishing the Resident Evil remake for the ninth time. Actually, that’s a dirty rotten fib. I’ve ‘only’ completed it seven times. Four playthroughs on Nintendo’s GameCube waaay back in the day; a quick bash on a semi-naughty version on the ‘definitely above board’ Dolphin emulator; and three playthroughs on a certain rival console. Look, I only did it for the Trophies, alright? I’m now very much…

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PUBLISHER KONAMI /DEVELOPER PES PRODUCTIONS /FORMAT XBOX ONE /RELEASE DATE SEPTEMBER 2019 It was around a year ago that my fiancée discovered her love for Pro Evolution Soccer. She’s not a FIFA fan – in fact, she’s barely into football at all – but she’ll play PES on a regular basis. And so, following the release of PES 2020, we decided to embark upon our first co-op Master League (career mode) together, and did what any sensible couple would do: we created a team of players based around our childhood teddy bear collections. Don’t ask. We’re weird. The whole gang is there. There’s Woolly, the sheep mascot of doomed retailer Woolworths from the mid-’00s. And Flat Eric, a yellow puppet best known for its headbanging antics in the 1999 music video for…

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delving deeper inside series x

INSIDE XBOX Just as you wait for an update on Xbox Series X, along comes all the info at once. Such are the demands of planning for print deadlines, we’d already written a bumper feature on everything you need to know about Microsoft’s astonishing new console – head over to page 42 – mere days before the firm unveiled even more tantalising next-gen details. So we’re serving them up here to ensure you have every last morsel of Series X info. The biggest news? Microsoft is making no bones about Series X’s cutting-edge dedication to delivering incredible performance. Writing on the official Xbox Wire, editor in chief Will Tuttle confirms Microsoft’s teams knew they had to build a console that could “run games in 4K at 60fps with no compromises for developers”.…

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BACKBONE PUBLISHER RAW FURY DEVELOPER EGGNUT DUE 2021 If the idea of a pixel art detective story isn’t exciting enough for you, how about playing as a moody chain-smoking raccoon? Set in an alternate reality version of Vancouver, you play as PI Howard Lotor, in a dystopian point-and-click adventure. Sniff out clues, interrogate witnesses and tail suspects as you uncover a story about power, corruption, social decay and discrimination. SESSION PUBLISHER CREA-TURE STUDIOS, ILLOGIKA DEVELOPER CREA-TURE STUDIOS DUE 2020 Following a delay, this much-anticipated skate sim now has a firmer launch window. Using ‘True Stance Stick’ controls – where each foot is controlled by the left and right thumbsticks – you’ll hit the concrete in recreations of iconic skating locales. Those intimidated by the ‘realistic’ controls will be happy to know the same setup used in EA’s…

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oxm team choice

Chris’ choice TWO POINT HOSPITAL Might seem a tad dark, enjoying a game about controlling outbreaks of illness, but the humour in Two Point is keeping me sane. I’ve spent way too many post-midnight hours remodelling my hospitals to better cope with Lightheadedness and Jest Infection. Dave’s choice HUNT: SHOWDOWN When I see a spider in real-life, I jump six feet in the air then seek out a responsible adult to squis… ugh, safely remove the bug from my presence. When I see a spider in Hunt: Showdown, I cripple it with shotgun fire… then do a little cry. Drew’s choice DISHONORED 2 This might sound odd, but I keep drawing/sheathing Emily’s folding sword. Seriously, how does that thing work? She flicks it around like a butterfly knife, but I think I can see a lever on the…

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bayonetta 10th anniversary remaster

Bayonetta the game might be a decade old, but Bayonetta the character is over 600 years old PUBLISHER SEGA /DEVELOPER PLATINUMGAMES /RELEASE DATE OUT NOW /COST £19.99/$24.99 Bayonetta has to be one of the most completely bonkers games of all time. Having first appeared on Xbox 360 in 2009, its themes, character designs, costumes, combat, enemies and controls thrive on unfettered excess – blindingly brilliant, completely unhinged and utterly captivating. If you’ve never played the game, Bayonetta is a witch, with magical hair, who can use her follicles to create demon jaws, giant fists and huge shoes to stomp angels with, while at the same time she loses all her clothes because her costume is also made of her hair. Do you see? No, neither do we, if we’re honest. Word to the woke,…