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PC Gamer October 2020

In addition to a great visual design, PC Gamer focuses more on communities, user-made content and of course the big-name games we know and love! Each issue also offers exclusive previews and insightful features to make sure you're at the top of your game. Delivering authoritative, honest, informative and entertaining reviews, PC Gamer is the ultimate buyer’s guide. ****Note: This digital edition does not include the covermount items or supplements you would find with printed copies.****

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“we’ve been to hell and back to bring you our cover feature”

There are a lot of now familiar trappings to the RPG genre, but the core of the experience isn’t really loot, or spells, or even XP. Great role-playing games are about choice – the freedom to inhabit a character and do what you want to do in their world. Few developers understand that like Divinity Original Sin creator Larian Studios, a developer so much in ascendance that they’re almost in orbit. Its worlds are defined not by their lore, but by the grand scope of their interactivity. So how could we not be excited for its most ambitious project yet, Baldur’s Gate III? So much so that we’ve been to hell and back to bring you our cover feature… ROBIN VALENTINE Specialist in Dungeons, but not dragons Twitter @robinlvalentine This month Considered taking a level in a class…

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the pc gamer team

CHRIS LIVINGSTON Specialist in Putting a crew together Twitter @screencuisine This month Discovered that anyone can be a map marker clearing Ubisoft hero, if they put their mind to it. WES FENLON Specialist in Bullseyeing womp rats Twitter @wesleyfenlon This month Discovered a hole in one of our articles that, if shot at, would blow up the entire magazine. STEVEN MESSNER Specialist in Still playing MMOs in the year 2020 Twitter @stevenmessner This month Made his bi-monthly pitch to get us all to try Final Fantasy XIV. No way, nerd! RACHEL WATTS Specialist in Growing her own friends Twitter @rachel_wattts This month Got so into Ooblets she strapped a parsnip to her cat and tried to teach it to breakdance.…

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the x factor

The Xbox Games Showcase was as much a PC event as it was a showcase of what’s coming to the Xbox Series X. Plenty of games were shown off that we’ll soon get our hands on, and while Microsoft didn’t make a great case for getting the new console, it definitely made a great one for Xbox Game Pass and its PC counterpart. MANY OF THE MOST EXCITING REVEALS CAME WITH ZERO DETAILS Microsoft gave us a look at five games from Xbox Games Studios and nine Xbox exclusives, and all of them will launch on Xbox Game Pass on day one. The subscription service will soon encompass three platforms and straddle two generations, and while we shouldn’t expect complete parity between all platforms, it’s likely we’ll keep getting big first party…

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highs & lows

HIGHS The Witcher: Blood Origins Netflix is making a Witcher prequel series set 1,200 years before Geralt was born. Rocket League Car football is going free-to-play via the Epic Games Store. Minecraft Players have unearthed the seed for the world from the title screen: 2151901553968352745 LOWS Twitch The US Army started streaming on Twitch and violated the rules with a fake giveaway. Half-Life 3 Before Valve settled on Alyx, it scrapped five Half-Life projects, including a Half-Life 3. Assassin’s Creed Ubisoft sidelined Assassin’s Creed’s female characters because former creative boss Serge Hascoët didn’t think women would sell.…

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the spy

The camera pans over District 7 – an endless expanse of towering skyscrapers and indistinct lights. It falls sharply, down towards the enormous glass city, stopping on a rooftop where a shrouded figure sits hunched over a laptop. On the screen we see a meeting between two corporate suits in a nearby square. The figure watches – and listens – intently. Overhead a drone spots the figure and beeps red in alarm, alerting the suits. They draw their guns as more drones swoop down to protect them. The figure sighs and launches from the rooftop, arcing in a graceful backflip and discarding the cloak shrouding their identity. MECHASPY lands effortlessly on the ground, poised for combat. All is still for the briefest moment, and then the ground erupts violently in a…

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this month in… 2010

1 The Valve of 2010 was a fascinating subject for a cover feature, as evidenced by Tom Francis’ report, which covers Alien Swarm releasing for free, three years of free TF2 updates, and Steam arguably ‘saving’ PC gaming. Ten years later, and the company seems to be in a much weirder place, at least for those of us who don’t love Dota or VR. 2 Civilization V and StarCraft II each score 93%. “StarCraft II is practically essential,” writes Tim Edwards. Its subsequent esports scene agreed. 3 Adam Oxford’s guide to building a PC suggests that not all that much has changed in the last ten years. SSDs were already an expensive but desirable upgrade, and sound cards a relic. The two most outdated things here are a) the trend of bolting…