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PC Gamer February 2021

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4 min
hex education

Now this is a surprise. Developer Zachtronics is known for its puzzles games, but in Möbius Front ’83 it serves up something very different: a new take on the niche genre of hex-based strategy wargames. Even more intriguingly Möbius Front pits the United States against its worst enemy yet: the United States. No, this isn’t a fifth column uprising, but a sci-fi tale of the US being invaded by an alternate reality version of itself. What’s impressive is just how approachable all this is At least that’s the elevator pitch. Unfortunately Möbius Front takes its sweet time to engage with this novel premise, taking hours to even acknowledge that the alternate universe exists. The first thing you’ll notice is that the opening chapter is achingly slow, doling out miserly scraps of story…

8 min

I’m on an aimless walking tour of Night City. Somehow I’ve ended up in the Japantown neighbourhood’s Arasaka-financed streets, where animated billboards for ‘Sweet Clean Speed’ and pornographic braindances climb the flanks of utilitarian skyscrapers, blotting out the stars with a rainbow of neon. I pass a ramen shop, a hot dog stand, and a man selling spice, piles of garbage tucked beneath the offramp behind him. A mob of Christians gather at a nearby intersection, screaming “Blasphemers!” at the cops. A voice makes booming proclamations in Japanese from loudspeakers overhead, flying cars crisscross the invisible roads between buildings. The sky glows with light pollution, but the moon is full and clear. It’s a beautiful night. There won’t be another open world like this for a long time I just left Judy Alvarez’s…

4 min
cold case

Leaving time travel, telekinesis, and mind reading to the wayside, Dontnod has stepped away from the supernatural themes of its previous games for Twin Mirror, a psychological-drama of mystery and conspiracy. This genre of game should be well within the studio’s wheelhouse, but unfortunately, Dontnod’s first self-published game is a little underwhelming. It has the set up of a great detective mystery, but its unwillingness to explore difficult topics with depth leaves it feeling shallow and half-baked. Dingy dive bars, and cheap hotel rooms packed with information Twin Mirror follows Sam Higgs, a former investigative journalist returning to his home town following the death of his best friend and fellow reporter, Nick. It isn’t long before Sam gets caught up in a larger conspiracy involving the mining town’s community, and he decides…

4 min

Since it began back in the ’90s, Sports Interactive’s Football Managerseries has walked a fine line between showing you what’s happening and leaving you to fill in the blanks. It’s easy for those outside its gravitational pull to take the piss out of all the spreadsheets and a match engine that still can’t match PS2-era FIFA, but they’re missing the point. FM’s trick is in getting you to believe so deeply in its world that your imagination pours into all the cracks. Agents can now be approached directly to strike up transfer talks So when Football Manager 2021 comes along and brings with it a newly detail-rich match engine and sports data analysis figures that quash any ambiguity about your tactics, the seasoned manager is faced with a bit of a culture…

18 min
2021 preview

DEATHLOOP RELEASE May 2021 | DEV Arkane Studios | PUB Bethesda | LINK bethesda.net/game/deathloop Deathloop puts you in the role of Colt, an assassin trapped on a giant party island where the main attraction is killing him. Colt, meanwhile, has eight targets who must all be dead by midnight. So far, it’s a typical premise from Dishonoreddeveloper Arkane Studios. But there are a couple of twists. When you die, the whole game resets roguelike style. What’s more, another player can invade your game as counter-assassin Julianna Blake, and her job is to prevent you doing yours. Deathloop is an amalgam of everything Arkane has learned in its 20-year history. It’s got the creative play of Dishonored, and the open-ended level design of Prey. But the biggest influence here is Prey’s expansion, Mooncrash. Arkane’s Games…

4 min
league of legends

Nothing is more daunting about League of Legends than its item system. As if it isn’t bad enough that new players have to step into an arena with over 150 unique champions – each with their own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses to memorise – they also have to know what equipment to build in order to make their champion viable. It’s already fatal to step into a lane against an enemy Darius not knowing that he can pull you in and lacerate you several times so you slowly bleed out. But doing it with the wrong gear is a surefire way to lose the game for your entire team (and really make them hate you a lot). It’s a hopelessly complex system, but massive changes in League of Legends’ 10.24 patch…