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Performance Bikes February 2018

Performance Bikes is the magazine that helps YOU get the most from your very fast motorcycle. Every issue of PB comes PACKED with... - Exclusive stories on the best modified bikes in the world - Real-life experiences, journies and road-trips from our team of expert writers - Real-life stories from YOU, our readers - Road tests you can trust - Fab photography and a sense of humour that'll have you smiling as you read If you love fiddling with your bike as well as riding it, Performance Bikes is essential reading.

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‘A sauced up MT-10? There was no way we weren’t having a piece of that’ NAKED BIKES rock – grunt, style and decent handling but with a bar/seat/ footpeg relationship that promotes hooning but not creaking bones. But, if you’re from a sportsbike background, they can lack a little outright performance when you give it your best. Some of the nakeds we’ve pulled together for this issue definitely don’t have that problem. German Yamaha dealer Klein have form for sorted Yamaha specials, so when we heard they’d sauced up the brilliant MT-10, there was no way we weren’t having a piece of it. It’s incredible, and even addresses some of the Yam’s ‘challenging’ aesthetics... It’s on p21. Only slightly closer to home, a band of French street special lovers decided they needed a…

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under our kit

CHRIS NEWBIGGING EDITOR chris@pbmag.co.uk Bart Simpson boxers AUSTIN SMITH ART EDITOR austin@pbmag.co.uk Novelty ‘elephant trunk’ posing pouch MICHAEL RUTTER TRACK TESTER editorial@pbmag.co.uk Commando (and hairless) MARK WHITE TECHNICIAN editorial@pbmag.co.uk Aubergine JOHN McAVOY ROAD TESTER editorial@pbmag.co.uk Action Man asexuality JEREMY McWILLIAMS COLUMNIST editorial@pbmag.co.uk KTM freebie thong JOHN BENNETT VLOGGER www.youtube.com/lambchoprides Greying Y-fronts KAR LEE FORUM EDITOR editorial@pbmag.co.uk Foil-wrapped engine crash bung CAROLINE BARRETT EDITORIAL ASSISTANT caz@pbmag.co.uk James Ellison-logo girdle THANKS TO Chappers and Baldy (for the chocolates), Uwe Seitz, Wagamama (Peterborough branch), your mum, the sheer wealth of XHamster ‘stepmom’ search results. NO THANKS TO National Lottery scratchcards.…

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factory special yamaha mt series...

YAMAHA’S HOME market accessory department Y’s Gear wheeled out some enhanced versions the MT range (plus some XSRs which share the same running gear) at the recent Osaka bike show. Trouble is, they’ve only committed to releasing a few of them in Japan so far. They’re called the ‘Authentic Sports’ range and instantly stand out for being painted in traditional Yamaha racing red/white, introducing a nice touch of heritage without indulging in the over-used yellow speed block look... Only an MT-09 and MT-07 have gone on sale so far. But they’ve made an effort to make them go and work better with a useful options list: five-spoke Galespeed wheels to shave unsprung weight, a proper race exhaust (admittedly gopping but a performance enhancement compared to the fully silenced official option available everywhere…

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hutchy and johnston take on the blade

FAST-HEALING Ian Hutchinson has signed as rider No1 for Honda Racing’s roads effort, with Ulster winner Lee Johnston also on side. Hutchy’s move is a shock one: his former Tyco squad’s BMWs are proven, consistent performers, though some potentially veiled comments about set-up issues perhaps suggest he wasn’t happy with the way things were going, either with the switch to Dunlop tyres, or the bikes. It’s known he ran Superstock-spec bikes with light wheels and better brakes in the Superbike/Senior TTs, so it might not be the dream ticket it appeared. Johnston’s move is easier to understand: an unsettled couple of years marred by injury and uncertainty over where bikes were coming from have seen one of the sport’s rising stars perhaps not figure as prominently as he deserves. The full support…

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london motorcycle show: advance tickets available now

NEED A BIKE fix in the winter misery? Once you’ve exhausted your PB back issue stash, hop on a train and head to London on February 16-18 to put some sunshine in your heart, even if it’s not in the sky. As well as the usual fodder of new bikes, cheap kit and bike displays, there’s a live action arena with Chris Walker, Neil Hodgson and Ruben Xaus attempting to maim each other with mini bikes. Convalescing John McGuinness is taking advantage of his reduced mobility to run the bar. Go late in the day, he might be too pissed to take cash from you... Details: mcnmotorcycle show.seetickets.com…

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fast news

KTM 790 DUKE PRICE It’s £8499 when it lands in the next month or so. That is all. But I have a word count to fill, so please bear with me while I make such a concise piece of news fit the space allocated. That should cover it. Thank you for your patience. MV PROMISE NEW FOUR-CYLINDER MV, now free of AMG/Mercedes control (but with Russian investors to answer to), are promising a new inline four motor powering new models later this year. We predict a Brutale first: the Varese mob (as it were) have previously said naked bikes are now a priority for them, and the expense of sportsbike development is hard to justify. DEREK SHIELS JOINS PENZ13 Irish road racing champ Derek Sheils has joined the Penz13 team for this year’s road racing…