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Performance Bikes February 2019

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Performance Bikes is the magazine that helps YOU get the most from your very fast motorcycle. Every issue of PB comes PACKED with... - Exclusive stories on the best modified bikes in the world - Real-life experiences, journies and road-trips from our team of expert writers - Real-life stories from YOU, our readers - Road tests you can trust - Fab photography and a sense of humour that'll have you smiling as you read If you love fiddling with your bike as well as riding it, Performance Bikes is essential reading.

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‘Everyone remembers their favourite feature, writer, road tester...’ LONG TERM READERS will know PB didn’t appear from nowhere in April 1985. It was a relaunched, renamed ‘Motorcycle Mechanics’. Same faces, same stuff inside, but with a new edge. Huge leaps in motorcycling were happening by the year, and even by the month, changing how we rode bikes forever. Turning MM into PB let it move with the times. Those times lasted nearly 34 years: sportsbikes boomed, and several generations revelled in a culture influenced by the bikes, and also the times. Everyone remembers their favourite feature, writer, tester, coverline: you can’t single out one of them as the thing that defines PB; they all did. PB isn’t just the Frenzy. Not just Gus and Ronnie. It’s definitely not Trev Franklins’s amorous advances to…

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broken resolutions

CHRIS NEWBIGGING EDITOR chris@pbmag.co.uk Stop going commando in the office AUSTIN SMITH CONTRIBUTOR austin@pbmag.co.uk Leave the crack-pipe alone until the kids are in bed MICHAEL RUTTER TRACK TESTER editorial@pbmag.co.uk Stop CCTV letching over Alec Tague MARK WHITE TECHNICIAN editorial@pbmag.co.uk No dietary/lifestyle-related rants JOHN MCAVOY ROAD TESTER editorial@pbmag.co.uk Porn Hub blackout JEREMY MCWILLIAMS COLUMNIST editorial@pbmag.co.uk Step away from the sauce JOHN BENNETT VLOGGER www.youtube.com/lambchoprides Cease and desist all POV GoPro antics KAR LEE FORUM EDITOR editorial@pbmag.co.uk Only one set of tyres per month CAROLINE BARRETT EDITORIAL ASSISTANT caz@pbmag.co.uk No double Whopper meals THANKS TO Brittany Ferries, Nitron, Darren at MCT, every reader who’s bought PB in the last 34 years, and everyone who’s sailed in her... SUBSCRIPTIONS AND BACK ISSUES For the best subscription offers visit www.greatmagazines.co.uk For subscription or back issue queries contact CDS Global on Bauer@subscription.co.uk Phone from the UK on 01858 438 884 Phone from overseas on +44 1858 438 884…

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pb: the last issue, but not the end

‘The best stuff will be in a mini-mag within the pages of Practical Sportsbikes’ NOTHING LASTS FOREVER: it’s surprising we’ve lasted this long, given some of the antics and incidents we’ve been party to for nearly 34 years. Proving things go in a cycle, Performance Bikes ceases publication as a standalone magazine after this issue, and will live on partnering and bolstering the great work that PB’s first-born child publication, Practical Sportsbikes, does with used and modern classic sportsbikes. It’s reminiscent of Motorcycle Mechanics disappearing, adapting, then being reborn as PB in the first place, to reflect the changing world of motorcycles and the people who buy them. It’s been a brilliant 33-year run, but continuing to make PB the same old way would be madness. With rival title Superbike long since…

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best of both worlds

DON’T FANCY GOING TO the enormous expense, and enduring countless hours of workshop fannying, required to better Ducati’s super-light Superleggera? ‘They’ve developed a new intake system that works with the trellis’ Here at PB we’ve spent the last year shaving every gram we could off a 2008 Fireblade to give it a power to weight ratio worth shouting about. But you can get close with a simple dig into the joint savings account before making a call to Bologna-based frame builders Pierobon, who have made it that little bit easier for you to construct your own exceptional V-twin Panigale weapon with their latest X85R kit. Opt for individual components or splash the kids’ inheritance on the complete kit – the choice is yours. Supply a 1199/1299/899/959 motor, and you’ve a one-way ticket…

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your bikes

‘The best bike I’ve ever owned’ SUZUKI GSX-R750 K6 PAUL GEORGE I SWAPPED MY 2008 plate Daytona 675 for this GSX-R. Some of my friends told me I was mad, but I wanted something I could ride aggressively on track as well as on the road without the fear of destroying a beautiful bike when I ran out of talent! I’ve had it wrapped in Yoshimura 24-hour endurance colours (nice choice, Paul – CN), have uprated the brakes with 2012 Honda Fireblade calipers with a Accossato master cylinder, along with PFM cast brake discs running dual carbon pads (come to think of it, I’m not actually sure if this is road-legal...). It now has an Öhlins TTX rear shock and K-tech fork cartridges, as well as a Sigma slipper clutch, Healtech quickshifter, Woolich ECU…

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thanks for the inspiration

BEEN MEANING TO write for ages and now that the devastating news about the end-ish of PB I realise that there is a time limit! First off, I hope you and everyone at PB find awesome new roles elsewhere or can enjoy luxurious early retirement basking in your jacuzzis full of dosh and lightweight chassis parts, etc... The main reason I wanted to write was that I’ve been glued to your Project Blade, because I own its bureaucratic brother – a white Fireblade, reg CE08 DSZ. I got it a couple of years ago. It’s the polar opposite to yours; pretty much bog standard, reassuringly fat and suitably heavy. So thanks for all the inspiration, knowledge and entertainment and wishing you, the team and your Blade all the best for the future! Dave Baum CN:…