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Performance Bikes November 2017

Performance Bikes is the magazine that helps YOU get the most from your very fast motorcycle. Every issue of PB comes PACKED with... - Exclusive stories on the best modified bikes in the world - Real-life experiences, journies and road-trips from our team of expert writers - Real-life stories from YOU, our readers - Road tests you can trust - Fab photography and a sense of humour that'll have you smiling as you read If you love fiddling with your bike as well as riding it, Performance Bikes is essential reading.

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‘For the last 20 years, the R1 has been at the very core of PB’s world’ EXACTLY 20 YEARS ago, then PB editor Simon Hargreaves and the expense account-abusing ingrates doing his editorial bidding stopped whatever it was they were pretending to be doing, and squinted at some photos of a new Yamaha: the YZF-R1. And from that initial moment of shock and lust, the R1 has been at the very core of PB’s world. They’ve all been good, but there have been highlights, and more often than not they’ve led the way in sportsbike design. So we took the opportunity to assemble our favourites, examine their contribution to superbike history, and talk to the men who developed them. We had a great few weeks thrashing some of the best sportsbikes…

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pb at the buffet

CHRIS NEWBIGGING EDITOR chris@pbmag.co.uk High-value items only AUSTIN SMITH ART EDITOR austin@pbmag.co.uk Fretting over the fat content JOHN McAVOY ROAD TESTER editorial@pbmag.co.uk Back for thirds MICHAEL RUTTER TRACK TESTER editorial@pbmag.co.uk Filling a bag for later MARK WHITE TECHNICIAN editorial@pbmag.co.uk Brought vegan packed lunch JEREMY McWILLIAMS COLUMNIST editorial@pbmag.co.uk Starting a food fight KAR LEE FORUM EDITOR editorial@pbmag.co.uk Straight to the dessert table CAROLINE BARRETT EDITORIAL ASSISTANT caz@pbmag.co.uk Coveting pork pies THANKS TO Marc Abbott, Rob Elliott, Calum Satterthwaite, Garry Teece, Alan Rowcliffe, Jeff Turner, Luke Brackenbury NO THANKS TO Whitey, for the fishless fingers...…

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ducati v4 is finally here

‘We have pushed hard with the Panigale, but with a 1000cc V4 the potential is far higher’ V4 DESIGN As Ducati CEO Domenicali explains, the thinking came from the need for a smaller motor, which makes the bike more compact. “We have been pushing hard with our current V-twin Panigale,” he says. “But one of the biggest advantages of the V4 is that it’s compact. You can keep the bike short and put load on the front.” DESMODROMICS “This makes it possible to achieve a very controlled timing with higher rpm. The power is at 13,000rpm and the limit is at 14,500. Our desmodromic system really has a big advantage. We are the only company that races in MotoGP with exactly the same system as we sell to our customers. Others use pneumatic valves…

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triumph build (one) daytona 765

WE SWEAR THEY’RE doing this to wind us up: the moment we heard that the Triumph Street Triple was growing to 765cc and spawning a track-ready RS model, we immediately wanted the same thing with clip-ons and a fairing. Then, they announced they’d be supplying the engines as the control lump for Moto2 – surely they wouldn’t do so without a sportsbike to benefit from the marketing opportunity? And now there’s this – a one-off, engine testing prick-tease built to get the motor race-ready for its Moto2 debut in 2019. Julian Simon has been thrashing the object of PB’s desire in circles in Spain to ensure the British-prepared engine performs highly and consistently when the Moto2 grid demands 40 identical, reliable lumps in mid-2018 to begin redeveloping their existing CBR600RR-powered machinery. It’s a…

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bye bye bimota

DREAM BIKE manufacturer Bimota is now just a memory as the skeleton workforce and output is wound up, the factory stripped of its branding and stock moved on. It’s hardly surprising: a limited and slightly odd range of bikes dependent on other engine suppliers (some of which are no longer available), plus fairly poor customer support from the factory itself, isn’t a recipe for a prosperous business... It has been suggested they were even buying complete Ducatis to provide engines for final bikes, and flogging the remains online. In any case, PB is sad to see them go – although the sparks of brilliance were few and far between, the world is still a marginally poorer place without the shamelessly single-minded, beautifully engineered and occasionally properly executed slices of Italian exotica to…

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new stuff

AKRAPOVIC NOW GSX-R1000 L7 AKRAPOVIC CANS/SYSTEMS NOT THROWN your stock GSX-R can in the bin yet? Maybe this will tempt you to remove that titanium haemorrhoid. Master Slovenian tube-benders Akrapovic have a carbon road legal silencer (claiming -1.3kg, +2.9bhp; £749), a titanium race-only MotoGP-style can (-2.3kg, 112dB static noise; £639) plus a header set compatible with either can to create a full system, for £826. There are also two full systems with a WSB-style silencer – the ultra-bling Evolution with titanium headers (£2024) or the Racing Line in high-grade stainless for £1499. Price: From £639 Contact: www.performanceparts-ltd.com NOW SEE HERE SKIDMARX GSX-R1000 L7 ROAD/RACE SCREENS One of Michael Rutter’s comments on the stock GSX-R he took for a closed-roads TT lap (PB, August) was that a big screen would drastically improve its 121.9mph lap, by reducing…