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Performance Bikes October 2018

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Performance Bikes is the magazine that helps YOU get the most from your very fast motorcycle. Every issue of PB comes PACKED with... - Exclusive stories on the best modified bikes in the world - Real-life experiences, journies and road-trips from our team of expert writers - Real-life stories from YOU, our readers - Road tests you can trust - Fab photography and a sense of humour that'll have you smiling as you read If you love fiddling with your bike as well as riding it, Performance Bikes is essential reading.

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STUNNING. THE agility, speed, noise and response are all simply incredible. Nothing that has gone before can match the sensation I got when riding it for the first time. Surprisingly, I’m not waffling on about the Ducati Panigale V4 again; I’ve left that to Rutter and Johnny. The stars finally aligned this month for it to get a date at Donington to find its place on our league table of production bikes. Hype, fluffy road tests and even playing at the TT are all well and good, but it was overdue a direct comparison with its rivals. It’s done – have a read on p16. ‘PB’s Project Fireblade is a gobsmacker. I’d forgotten how nuts we’d gone’ Project Fireblade is my gobsmacker of the month: with plenty of other distractions, I’d forgotten…

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money on the side

CHRIS NEWBIGGING EDITOR chris@pbmag.co.uk Cash-in-hand electrician, arms dealer to war-torn former Yugoslavia MICHAEL RUTTER TRACK TESTER editorial@pbmag.co.uk Refurbishing second-hand mountain bikes snapped up on Gumtree MARK WHITE TECHNICIAN editorial@pbmag.co.uk I was just testing my dremel on the cubicle wall. You can’t prove anything JOHN McAVOY ROAD TESTER editorial@pbmag.co.uk Johnny ‘Massive Hands’ McMack, Rutland’s favourite kids’ party clown AUSTIN SMITH CONTRIBUTOR austin@pbmag.co.uk Webcam shows, hourly from 10pm... JEREMY McWILLIAMS COLUMNIST editorial@pbmag.co.uk Selling strands of Scarlett Johansson’s hair on eBay JOHN BENNETT VLOGGER www.youtube.com/lambchoprides Part-time BDSM dungeon interior design consultant KAR LEE FORUM EDITOR editorial@pbmag.co.uk Part-worn tyre dealer CAROLINE BARRETT EDITORIAL ASSISTANT caz@pbmag.co.uk Chief turkey drumstick quality control for Bernard Matthews THANKS TO: O’Shea Jackson, Brad Woodroffe, Tracy Lauren Marrow, Senen Reyes, Calvin Cordozar Boradus Jr, and Austin Smith for all the colours and shapes…

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haslam’s floppy trouble

LEON HASLAM HAS been warned his go-go-gadget leg dangling might get him into trouble after Jake Dixon’s claimws it forced him to end up on the grass. BSB bosses dismissed the claim after examining the data from both bikes as well as TV footage, saying the braking pressures show Dixon didn’t let off at the point at which he passed Haslam on his way to the grass run-off at Cadwell’s Park corner as claimed. But Haslam has been given a second warning that, in its extreme, the style can break rules: he was warned in 2016 after a similar incident involving Dan Linfoot. Series boss Stuart Higgs said: “The technique [leg dangle] in its extreme risks breaching regulation B2.12, which states that, during a competition, riders must not manoeuvre in a foul, unfair…

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harley... supernaked?

With sales of poorly-built, dynamically-atrocious chromed pig-iron Hawgs waning, Harley have got radical (or at least up to modern standards). They’re going to build this: a 975cc supernaked with all-new everything. There’s also a 1250 adventure bike, but it looks awful so we haven’t shown you that. Specs are vague and subject to change before it appears in 2020: if they can get at least 130bhp at the wheel and under 220kg fully-fuelled, it’ll be worth a sniff, even if you’ve no desire for a tasselled jacket with ‘Born to ride, ride to die’ or such cobblers written on the back.…

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ally pally show: an appeal

PB received a distressing appeal from the young ladies and gentleman forced, at gunpoint, to market MCN’s reborn ‘Ally Pally Show and Supersprint.’ The young mites are working in the most desperate conditions, forced to collaborate with the paper’s staff under threat of violence and persecution should their attractions fail to bring in enough visitor cash to satisfy motorcycling publishing’s heartless fat-cats. “Please can you help us draw visitors to the show?” said one. “The editor said he’d feed me his unused kneesliders if the crowd isn’t 10-deep.” “I’ll to be dragged behind a Harley by Matt Wildee, while he talks about his R1 on a four-minute loop if every bike at the Bonhams auction doesn’t meet reserve,” cried another. Harrowing stuff. To end this senseless cruelty to marketing juniors,…

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fast news

PLAYING AT WSB If you prefer digital roleplay to social interaction, you’ll be pleased to know you’ll be able to pretend you’ve made something of your life in a new ‘WSBK Manager’ mobile game. The licenced game will be on Android and iOS, and you’ll take charge of a team, bikes, riders and set-up in a quest to win the championship, without ever controlling the digitised bikes. Sounds utterly tedious to us. It’ll be out in autumn: don’t all rush to download it at once... IVAN LINTIN ON THE MEND Some good news to come out of the darkness hanging over the 2018 road racing season: Ivan Lintin is on the mend and being moved from Liverpool hospital to Lincoln, closer to his home and family. He was seriously injured in the Southern 100…