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Playboy MagazinePlayboy Magazine

Playboy Magazine May/June 2018

Playboy has unveiled the latest creative evolution of the brand with its re-focused principles that are core to our philosophy and also includes more provocative pictorials. Last year, we removed explicit nudity, but from here on out, it is freedom of choice and personal expression that our fans will experience once again within the pages of the magazine. Playboy remains committed to its award-winning mix of long-form journalism, interviews and fiction and has recently brought back some of its familiar franchises, such as Playboy’s Party Jokes, Playboy Cartoons, World of Playboy, and the debut of the Heritage section. Discover what you’ve been missing and subscribe now.

United States
Playboy Enterprises Inc.
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4 min.

Zoe McConnell McConnell got her big break shooting Rihanna for the cover of Complex. Since then she has turned her lens on Rita Ora, A$AP Rocky and a host of other luminaries. The shutterbug’s starry music portfolio made her the perfect person to capture sexy and soulful Let’s Play subject Jorja Smith, a fellow Brit whom McConnell deems “effortlessly cool.” Austin Hargrave Besides “compliments for vacation pictures on Facebook,” this Manchester, U.K.–born photographer’s accomplishments include a portfolio packed with portraits of everyone from Donald Glover to Hillary Clinton to Lorde. He compares photographing Zane Lowe to shooting a sports event: “He didn’t stand still for the entire show.” Diego Patiño This Brooklyn-based illustrator’s summary of himself may also serve as a description of his smart and sexy artwork: “a seemingly functional and uneven amalgam of…

7 min.
dear playboy

DEAR JOHN What an awesome Playboy Interview (March/ April). Rather than make the conversation totally political, John Krasinski focused on his support of the military and his shortcomings with girls in high school—a topic that is relatable for me. It’s not surprising that so many women on Tinder say they’re looking for their Jim Halpert. Nick Reed Bartonville, Illinois I wonder what Jim Halpert would have thought if someone had told him he would end up marrying Emily Blunt one day. All kidding aside, it sounds as though Krasinski is living an enviable life, a welcome change considering the growing list of sexual-misconduct allegations swirling around Hollywood seemingly every week now. Let’s not forget about the good guys who are left. Nicole Bailey Des Moines, Iowa THE ART OF SELF-LOVE I just got my first issue…

3 min.
world of playboy

PAGING DR. QUINN We at Playboy have adored Jane Seymour ever since we featured her in a Bond girl–themed pictorial back in 1973. Even so, we didn’t know how our recent Playboy.com profile of the British bombshell, shot by Aaron Feaver, would resonate with readers—until it amassed 1.1 billion media impressions and more than 26,000 likes on Seymour’s Instagram. Contributor Rebecca Haithcoat had spent an afternoon with the actress, chatting about everything from Seymour’s new sitcom, Let’s Get Physical, to feeling sexier than ever at 67. The most memorable moment? Haithcoat recalls, “When her publicist popped in to tell her she needed to hurry and change for a cocktail party that night, Jane didn’t hesitate to lead me into her boudoir. Perched on the edge of her bathroom counter, I weighed…

1 min.
welcome to the playboy club

GALLERIES Members See More Embrace your NSFW side. As part of the Playboy Club, you’ll enjoy hundreds of nude galleries featuring today’s hottest celebrities, influencers and newcomers such as Sydney Ladd (above), as well as selections from our vast archive. READ The Last Geisha Fewer than 300 geisha remain in Japan’s Gion district, signaling the possible extinction of one of the world’s most ancient subcultures. For this exclusive Playboy.com feature, we sent Joshua Hunt to Kyoto to investigate the waning tradition. WATCH Now Streaming Members can watch a lineup of Playboy originals including Topless Chef (self-explanatory), A Moment With (a filmic spin on our pictorials) and PlayboySpeed(below), featuring champion drifter Chris Forsberg test-driving the best wheels. EXCLUSIVES Lauren Breaks Free Following the announcement that her chart-topping pop group Fifth Harmony had disbanded, singer Lauren Jauregui spoke to us first about her…

1 min.
jorja smith

On January 19, 2016, Jorja Smith made a decision that would alter her life forever. After years of posting cover songs on YouTube, the suburban British teen mustered the courage to upload her first original—a meditation on police brutality called “Blue Lights”—to Sound-Cloud. And so began the ascent of a star. “I don’t want to disappoint myself, so I just kind of let things happen,” Smith says, reminiscing about the song’s sudden appearance on London radio playlists. Her first EP, Project 11, squashed any murmurs of one-hit wonder, presenting a deft young talent who could swing between heart-breaker and heartbroken. At a time of near-ubiquitous synths and Auto-Tune, Smith favors the neo-soul of Sade and Alicia Keys; her smoky voice glides as naturally as the curves of her body. Having…

3 min.
beer today, gone tomorrow

Beer purists, put down the pitchforks. Think of the concoctions featured here not as bastardizations of good beer but as flavorful, effervescent ways to lower the alcohol content so summer Fridays won’t lead to remorseful Saturdays. “Beer cocktails get a bad rap,” says Natasha David, proprietor of Nitecap in New York, “but you’re already doing something kind of naughty when you make a cocktail. I’m taking, say, whiskey a distiller has perfected and adding a bunch of shit to something that’s supposedly perfect as is. It’s the same with beer.” And much as a whiskey enthusiast might still enjoy an old fashioned, a craft-beer lover might appreciate a well-made shandy—like the Double Take that David serves at Nitecap. You’d be wise to multiply her recipe by 10 and have a…