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Practical Parenting Australia September 2016

Practical Parenting is the leading parenting magazine in Australia introducing pregnant women to motherhood and offering insightful advice and support on pregnancy, new borns, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

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after having a baby...

... you probably expected life to be different: sleepless nights, hours of feeding, so many nappy changes! You probably expected your body to be different, too. I’m pretty sure most of us don’t expect to bounce back to our pre-baby bikini physiques within weeks! But sometimes the changes to our bodies can surprise us when, months down the line, we’re still carrying that bit of extra weight, or those pregnancy stretch marks are hanging around, or you still brace yourself every time you sneeze! In this month’s issue, we explore these post-baby body changes (p81) and reassure you that it’s all normal. Best of all, it’s a sign that you’ve created a new human – and no bikini body can beat that! Were judging Head to page 47 to find out about your…

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letter of the month

ONE HAPPY CHILD I just loved your article about families who only have one child (The Power of One, August 2016). As a three unit family, we have had our fair share of pain and even criticism from close friends. My partner and I made the decision to stop at one child after conceiving our ‘miracle baby’ in 2013. We struggled for years to fall pregnant due to my husband’s abnormally shaped sperm (and possibly my age). We endured rounds and rounds of IVF before we eventually conceived – I was 41 years of age. When I fell pregnant with baby Josh I knew that it was likely he would be our only child and I mourned the loss of his future sibling, but I also knew that I wouldn’t be able…

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write to us

NAPPY RATIONALE Your article Become an Eco Parent (March 2016) really resonated with me because I have only ever used disposable nappies. I always thought reusable nappies were just as bad on the environment due to water and electricity. Your article told me this has been proven to be false! I bought some new and pre-loved modern cloth nappies for my second son who is six months old and we both love them! I have found them to be just as easy as disposables and caring for them is no hassle at all. The amount of rubbish I have cut out is mind boggling, too. Thanks for the informative article, it has been so beneficial to me – and the environment! Hayley, via email VACCINE MATTERS Thank you for the immunisation article (V is for Vaccine,…

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what works for me

ARTY ORGANISER Here’s a tip for all the arty mums out there, who also like to keep things organised. I’m a big lover of drawing so I bought my daughter a notebook that we draw in together. That way there isn’t a million pieces of paper floating around the house and once she’s finished we put the date at the bottom, making it a nice keepsake of all her artwork. Plus it’s neat and tidy, too! Nikki, via email SQUEEGEE CLEAN With my daughter now moving onto solid food, she makes quite a mess around the highchair at meal times. For a quick clean up of the food chunks splattered on the ground, I use a shower squeegee to scrape them into one pile and an old dust pan to pick them up. It…

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spring into action

Australia’s biggest celebration of spring, FLORIADE (top), returns to Canberra for its 29th year from September 17 to October 16. This free event has lots of child-friendly activities – there’s a Kid’s Corner with potting workshops, a petting zoo, flower craft classes and play areas to explore at their own pace.www.floriadeaustralia.com The family-friendly music festival of the year, NICKELODEON’S SLIMEFEST (right) – featuring bands, stunts, live DJs and more – has shows in Melbourne (September 25) and Sydney (September 30). www.ticketek.com.au SANITARIUM’S LITTLE BIG DASH (far right) is on in Melbourne on September 25. Get your kids into an obstacle adventure that puts the fun into physical activity.www.littlebigdash.com.au ENVIROWEEK, from September 11–17, lets students take action on waste, gardening, energy and health projects, and see the immediate impact of positive everyday choices.www.enviroweek.org If your…

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waiting period

For those undergoing fertility treatment, the two-week wait for results is a time of angst and uncertainty. During this time, you want to be able to switch off from the vicious cycle of thought, emotion, anxiety and stress, and switch on the relaxation response that helps reduce stress. Dr Amanda Waaldyk, the founder of Angea Acupuncture and Yoga clinic, shares her mind-body techniques to support you during this wait: RELAX Gentle restorative yoga will help your body elicit the relaxation response and create a more receptive state of being in your mind and body. Some yoga poses can reduce stress and allow energy to flow to your reproductive organs. BREATHE Breathing patterns carry distinct physiological and psychological effects. The belly breath — slow, deep, rhythmic abdominal breathing — promotes fertility. Using this breath shifts…