Racer X Illustrated March 2019

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reason for being

Travis Pastrana has always been a man of his word. Ever since I first met him when he was a kid from Maryland racing Suzuki RM80s for Cernic’s Racing, he’s been a charismatic, remarkably talented, and generous human being. Though he often wore it on his sleeve, his heart has always been in the right place. Same goes for Ryan Sipes, whom I’ve known since he and his family started traveling up from Kentucky to race at High Point. Pastrana and Sipes and a bunch of Team Puerto Rico supporters landed in the capital city of San Juan carrying food, tools, supplies, and all the riding gear they could gather to give to the islanders. But when Travis and Ryan’s idea for Team Puerto Rico took shape on the stage at the…

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pit pass

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the ride of a lifetime

At the S-X Open Auckland in New Zealand, Chad Reed had the opportunity to make a dream come true. An area youngster named Iziyah Moemai had always dreamed of riding a motorcycle, but a rare immune disorder called chronic granulomatous disease (CGD)—plus the later onset of chronic graft versus host disease (in which white blood cells from donated marrow attack the patient’s native cells) and an irreversible lung condition called bronchiectasis—has made that a difficult task. But that changed on November 24 when Iziyah and Chad took a lap during opening ceremonies in front of nearly 22,000 supercross fans at Mt. Smart Stadium. Thanks to Reed and Cure Kids NZ, one very special supercross fan enjoyed a truly unforgettable night.…

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twelve time

When FMF KTM Factory Racing rider Kacy Martinez called time on her racing career at 28, it marked the end of one of the most illustrious and diverse careers women’s motorcycle racing has ever known. Martinez (here with her husband, Travis Coy), earned a dozen titles in seven different major off-road championships: AMA West National Hare Scrambles, WORCS, X Games Women’s Enduro-X, GNCC, AMA National Enduro, AMA EnduroCross, and AMA Big 6 Grand Prix. Kacy also earned the prestigious title of AMA Women’s Athlete of the Year. That’s a lot of territory, but she covered them all, and she covered them well. Good luck to Kacy and Travis as the green flag drops on the next part of their lives together.…

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the feed

I really liked your article “On Shaky Ground” (May ’18). Last year I went to a number of supercross races, and I saw an issue with Tuff Blox. A particularly bad one was a blast-through that caused a head-on collision. Like Dave Prater says, I, too, spent many sleepless nights thinking about how I can fix this. I love this sport and want to be involved and give back. Your article has been an inspiration to me and has given me validation that someone (in addition to me) is thinking about these issues. Bill Wesenberg //Racer X Online What a brilliant letter in your January ’19 issue regarding 125 world champs who would’ve been “aged out” under the current absurd Youthstream (under-23) rules. I had the huge pleasure of watching, photographing, or…

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letter of the month

Just a quick note to say how much better the sport is with Racer X. I’ve been racing nonstop since 1976 (I’m 54 now) and grew up idolizing Roger DeCoster, Bob Hannah, etc. I probably wouldn’t even follow the sport nowadays if it wasn’t for Racer X—oh, and keep running On This Day in Moto. I look forward to it, well … every day! Alan Woods //Wigan, United Kingdom Thanks, Alan, and thanks for keeping an eye on the website. We’ve wrapped up all 365 days for the one-year project On This Day in Moto, and we must have mentioned DeCoster and Hannah on half of the days! It was a fun project, and we’ll be coming up with another one like that soon. DC ALAN WILL RECEIVE A RACER X BRAND KOOZIE…