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July 12,2021

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5 min
who’s on first?

Radio Ink’s annual list of the 40 Most Powerful People in Radio is now a 26-year-old industry tradition. The list and the rankings have become a relevant benchmark among insiders and analysts in discerning who wields power within the radio industry — and why. That is not simple marketing spin designed to promote or sell more copies of this issue. In the dozen years in which I have been involved in the compilation of the list, I have never ceased to be amazed at the calls and queries about it — some subtle, some not. That it provokes such ardent interest and curiosity speaks to its respected status in industry circles. The “Top 40” list of radio movers and shakers was introduced by Radio Ink in 1996, the same year the massive…

5 min
an open letter to the 40

They say unsolicited advice is the junk mail of life, so I type these words with great reluctance. If you will allow me, I’d like to offer a suggestion about how to elevate your revenues, energize your people, and restore America’s confidence in radio. My 70 partners and I work with small businesses. We represent only a handful of companies with revenues greater than $500 million a year, but we write TV and radio ads for nearly a thousand companies across the U.S., Canada, and Australia that have revenues between $10 million and $100 million annually. A few of our offices also handle some significant online budgets, although online isn’t what we’re known for. We’re known for our radio campaigns, a handful of which have been airing 52 weeks a year for more…

2 min
powerful ideas for 2021 and beyond

The past year and a half has demanded powerful leadership skills from every leader in every industry. Radio executives are no exception. As we salute the 40 Most Powerful in this edition of Radio Ink, here are some powerful ideas for the leaders of the industry to consider for 2021 and beyond. The Radio Industry Must Align For The Future Leadership from all companies must put egos aside and find agreement on how to improve the industry. Unfortunately, the radio industry is often maligned by a narrative that negatively impacts perceptions. Initiatives such as the future of the connected car are bigger than the self-interest of individual companies. Industry Alignment Must Lead To A Massive PR Campaign This campaign needs to tell the story the industry wants told — not the story that positions the business in…

4 min
the winning format of the future

The next big radio format will not be a format at all. We’re past the era of a hot new format being replicated across the land. The next new “format” will be based on 360-degree brand development. The brand won’t be Nike or Coke, it’ll be your call letters. The idea is an all-encompassing mission that goes far deeper than the “test the library, get a morning show, and pull the trigger” approach. It’s not necessarily more expensive, but it’s a critical M.O. to prevail and cut through the intense competition of audio’s new Wild West. What it will take is mind power, fearlessness, and actually doing it. The programming model today is based on a circa 1980 (and before) playbook. This ain’t 1980 anymore. We’re in a transformational era — culturally,…

3 min
pds of the future will have these qualities

If you’re wondering what radio might look like (or sound like) in the future, just look at the leaders who will be shaping it: the programmers. So, what will the future PD look like? Maybe similar to PDs of today. But then again, maybe very different. The programmer of the future will need to have: A thorough understanding of radio’s history. “You can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’re coming from.” Being a student of radio will give future PDs a huge head start against competitors. It’s amazing how tactics used in the past still work wonders when adapted to today’s radio. Tomorrow’s PD will look at those tactics and use the best of them in a “today” presentation. An “all in” work ethic. Radio is a 24/7 product.…

2 min
40 ways to improve your podcasting skills

In honor of the 40 Most Powerful People in Radio, here are 40 tips to make you a successful podcaster today. 1. Pick a topic you are passionate about. 2. Listen to lots of podcasts to see what you do and do not want to sound like. 3. Niche is key to getting seen in a crowded field. 4. Find a name that has good SEO. 5. Start with a tagline and build content from there. 6. Make sure your podcast art is easy to see as a thumbnail. 7. Pick a format that is repeatable — something you can do every time. 8. Think about doing more than just an interview. 9. Always record using a good USB mic and other quality equipment. 10. Always record yourself and your guests on separate tracks for editing. 11. When recording remote guests,…