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Raspberry Pi Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Raspberry Pi Tips, Tricks & Hacks Raspberry Pi Tips, Tricks & Hacks Volume 2

The Raspberry Pi has done what everyone thought was impossible: put a customisable computer in your pocket, for the price of a T-shirt. The computer that fits in the palm of your is capable of more than you could ever dream of, and with Raspberry Pi Tips, Tricks & Hacks you will have everything you need to get started with incredible projects. From mastering Python to building a self-driving RC car, you learn it all in this latest volume. Whether you have a Pi Zero or a Pi 3, this book caters to all levels of expertise and budget, and will soon turn you into a Raspberry Pi master. Featuring: 25 Maker Projects for Raspberry Pi 3 – See what options integrated WiFi and Bluetooth have opened up for Pi users. Tips – Kick-start your own projects with innovative ideas. Tricks – Build amazing Pi-powered gadgets from scratch. Hacks – Discover how you can control robots with your Ras Pi.

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welcome to raspberry pi tips, tricks & hacks

Imagine, if back in 1999, someone came up to you and told you that in 15 years, you’d be able to carry a customisable computer that could play games, control robots, check the temperature in real time, and be used as a remote control in your pocket. Imagine they said that in 16 years, you could buy this computer for under a tenner. You would call them mad, wouldn’t you? Well, that madness has become a reality, ever since the Raspberry Pi took the tech world by storm in 2012. Whether you’re a skilled programmer or a hobbyist, or even a cosplayer hoping to add an electronic wearable to your costume, there is a Pi project for everyone, regardless of skill level or budget. In this new volume of Raspberry…

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25 maker projects for raspberry pi 3

James Adams is the director of hardware at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, where he manages the current production hardware and develops new Raspberry Pi products. He first joined the team back in 2013 and since then has led the design of the Raspberry Pi Model B+, the 2B and the new 3B. It has been whispered that James is also a demon welder and brewer of beer. What are the big changes? A lot of the Raspberry Pi 3 is the same as the Raspberry Pi 2. Our strategy for the Pis from the B+ has been to try and keep the same form factor. The B+ was really the first Pi that I worked on when I came to Raspberry Pi in 2013, and the idea was that we’ve got this…

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25 maker projects

Parts – Waterproof case with a camera mount – Portable power pack – Camera module – PIR sensor – Real-time clock 1 Wildlife camera While you can pick up a kit for this, like the one from Naturebytes (bit.ly/1PdUNue), it’s easy to put your own wildlife camera together. Make sure that you have a waterproof case to protect your Pi, the portable power supply and your other electrical components against any damage from rainwater; there are 3D models (STL files) available, which you can easily tweak to fit the Pi 3 using a simple program like 123D Design. Then you just need to use waterproof sealing on any joints and on the hole through which the camera module points – check out this guide: bit.ly/1mgUA2X. You can set your Pi up to shoot during particular times by triggering…

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set up your pi zero

What you’ll need Raspberry Pi Zero microUSB power supply Soldering iron and solder Pi Zero adaptor bundle Monitor, mouse and keyboard (optional) USB Wi-Fi or USB Ethernet adaptor (optional) USB hub (optional) So you’ve picked up one of the tiny yet powerful Zeros, but before the coding fun can begin, you need to get more familiar with it. Don’t worry; we’ll walk you through the Raspberry Pi Zero, the required cables, how to prepare a NOOBS SD card, and how to solder the GPIO header onto the Pi. Once the Pi is working and booted we’ll show you how to get it working on WiFithrough the Raspbian user interface. You’ll need a USB hub for this, or even just to use a keyboard and mouse together. We’ll also show you how…

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develop with python

System administration Get the most out of Python in handling all of the day-to-day upkeep that keeps your system healthy System administration tasks are some of the most annoying things that you need to deal with when you have to maintain your own system. Because of this, system administrators have constantly been trying to find ways to automate these types of tasks to maximise their time. They started with basic shell scripts, and then moved on to various scripting languages. For a long time, Perl had been the language of choice for developing these types of maintenance tools. However, Python is now growing in popularity as the language to use. It has reached the point where most Linux distributions have a Python interpreter included in order to run system scripts, so you…

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other python frameworks

While Django is one of the most popular frameworks around for doing web development, it is by no means the only one around. There are several others available that may prove to be a better fit for particular problem domains. For example, if you are looking for a really selfcontained framework, you could look at web2py. Everything you need to be able to have a complete system, from databases to web servers to a ticketing system, are included as part of the framework. It is so selfcontained that it can even run from a USB drive. If you need even less of a framework, there are several miniframeworks that are available. For example, CherryPy is a purely Pythonic multithreaded web server that you can embed within your own application. This is…