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Real People

Issue 11 2019

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

Funerals have changed so much from the days when mourners wore all black and solemn hymns were banged out on dusty organs.We want to celebrate a life these days. We do it with pop songs and funny photos and everyone wearing pink or yellow or rainbow stripes. We turn graves into shrines with paper windmills and chimes, photos and teddies. It’s modern and joyful and brings such comfort in the darkest of times.But I wonder what you will make of how Jasmine coped with the loss every mummy dreads, the death of her baby boy within hours of being born. Little Lucas-Jay was so wanted, so cherished, and forever missed. Waiting to meet him was a giddily excited big sister, toddler Hallie-Mae. She sat beside her baby brother on…

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our mad world!

Comedy TOT CHEERS, MUM! Mischievous Jesse, four, looks like he’s enjoying his fruit juice a little bit too much at Mummy and Daddy’s wedding! Shelley Spadoni, East London UK Dog-lovers feared  they were going barking mad when they tried to take their pooches shopping at Bicester Village, Oxfordshire. Four-pawed friends aren’t allowed at the shopping outlet unless they’re being pushed in a dog buggy! Wheely wuff! BARE-FACED CHEEKS Nudists felt the rush of the wind against their faces and every other piece of their flesh as they set a new world record. The thrill-seekers strapped themselves in and took to the rollercoaster at Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach theme park. Braving temperatures of 10˚C, the 195 naturists broke the record…

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soap on a rope

East Enders When Ruby tells Stacey that Jay’s rejected her, Stacey fills Ruby in on Jay’s past and urges her not to give up on him. Meanwhile, Jay’s also looking for advice and, like the rest of the Square, when it comes to good counsel, who better to turn to than wise old Uncle Phil. Ruby spots Jay heading over to Walford’s answer to Yoda and follows him. But what Phil has to say leaves her devastated. Mmm... upset she is. One meeting with her Independent Sexual Violence Adviser and a knockback from Phil (who turns down her offer of cash for a favour) later, and a refocused Ruby hatches a plan to lure Ross back to E20, to prove what type of man he is. Elsewhere… …

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a marrying man

stories@realpeoplemag.co.uk Sitting at the pub table, I froze as Mike Eels nervously pulled something from his back pocket. He slid the small, cheap-looking box over to me. Blimey, looks like something you’d pick up at Argos, I thought.My sweaty palms fumbled to open it, as a shout from the barmaid announced, ‘Closing time!’ and she began stacking chairs on the table next to us.Our local pub, The Star in Pevensey Bay, East Sussex, was shutting early because it was dead quiet. Around us, people shuffled for the door as I opened the garish box.Winking back at me was a small diamond ring, surrounded by blue sapphires.‘There you go,’ Mike grinned. ‘Will you marry me?’ Romantic? Not even a bit!So why was I smiling as we were edged out of the…

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two weddings, no funeral

Let’s meet, she’d written, simply.But did I want to? She’d only just seen my Facebook message two years on. There’d been so much water under that bridge.And yet, I couldn’t leave it. Call it curiosity, a niggle, unfinished business. She was in Eastbourne, too, so we arranged to meet in our local garden centre cafe.I recognised her instantly from her Facebook photo, and we awkwardly stood in the queue for coffee as we began to chat.‘I feel uncomfortable talking in front of your son,’ I said, indicating the teenager by her side.‘It doesn’t matter. He knows what his father is like,’ came her cold reply.‘Were you ever married to Michael?’ I asked again. ‘I still am,’ she replied.I stood in the queue, going very cold, as the implications…

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caught in the act

STITCHED UP Keniry was banged to (animal) rights Vet Michael Evans’s colleagues thought he was ‘a little rusty’ as he operated on animals – but little imagined he didn’t know his bulldog from his budgerigar! Actually named Patrick Keniry, he had no vet qualifications at all. He had received some training in his native South Africa, though, so he wasn’t completely fingers and thumbs with a scalpel. Working in a Taunton vets’ practice for two years, he’d completed dozens of successful surgeries, with only one cat dying on his operating table. But sitting an exam seemed to be beyond him. After an investigation by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in May 2017, he was caught. It transpired that,…