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Real People Issue 7 2019

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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I love a good mystery – don’t you? A Poirot or Sherlock Holmes on the telly, or a real-life crime that has never been solved. I love all that digging and Miss Marpling. But what about conspiracy theories – you know, going all X Files. Some are proper bonkers, yet there are true believers out there. All of this is on my mind because of an extraordinary story grieving mum Vanessa is sharing with us this week. Her son Max was a clever, curious little fella who loved mysteries too. He grew up into a handsome, questing man who queried everything… and believed that politicians were lizards in disguise! ‘All rubbish,’ his mum thought. But then, far away from home at a conference in Poland, Max was suddenly found dead. Vanessa was…

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our mad world!

Comedy TOT SNOW QUEEN! Here’s my little girl, Fleur, two, playing out in the snow in the garden for the first time. She loved it! Donna Gray, Cleveland, Co Durham UK ‘It was like something from a horror film,’ said Taris Chapman, 19, one of 13 people trapped inside a shopping centre lift that was out of control for over 20 minutes, plunging up and down between floors. Shaken shoppers were freed by the fire brigade. COLD SNAP North Carolina has been so cold recently that alligators froze solid in the icy rivers. The reptiles go into semi-shutdown, or ‘brumation’, putting their bodies in deep-freeze mode with only their scaly snouts peeping out to breathe. When the thaw comes, the ’gators get moving again. DOGGONE IT! The nation has spoken – or barked. Its top dogs are… 1 Staffordshire bull…

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soap on a rope

East Enders There’s still no news of Keanu on Phil’s job in Spain, and lairy lioness Karen is beside herself. Desperate, she piles some heavy pressure on Sharon who, in turn, talks Louise into getting some information out of Phil. Louise’s logic is to tell Phil she’s pregnant in a bid to get him talking. We’ve all done it! But later, Phil gets a worrying message – a snap of Keanu, beaten up. Elsewhere… Dr Legg comes home to Dot’s, where he spends his final hours sharing poignant memories with those closest to him. The next day, at his funeral, the Square’s residents turn out to pay their respects and a couple of blasts from the past turn up to toast their old friend. Oh! And Masood’s off to Oz – for good!…

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hung out to dry

Opening the drum, I uncovered a pile of princess-pink washing. ‘Marion!’ I called over the din of industrial-sized machines. ‘You’ve forgotten the colour catcher.’ ‘I haven’t, have I?’ she groaned sticking her head out from the back room. I fished out a T-shirt. Definitely a man’s. And definitely freshly fuchsia! We both giggled, shaking like a pair of washers on a spin cycle. Our jobs at Portstewart Laundry didn’t exactly put us at the centre of the drama like Dot Cotton on EastEnders. But we had good craic, me and Marion Millican. With glossy chestnut hair and always a lovely slick of lipstick, she never stopped smiling. It was one of the first things I noticed about her, when, as a customer back in 2006, I fought to shove a pile of bedding in one…

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awash with blood

I imagined another bullet slicing through the air and into the back of my skull. But it never came. Freddie had let me go. He’d already got his prize. Normally Portstewart is busy on a Friday with weekend visitors — it’s a seaside town. But, that day, there wasn’t a sinner on the street, despite it being broad daylight. I ran across the road and into a bar. After, that’s when things became a blur. Someone dialled 999 while I called Tommy, who was working round the corner. He arrived in minutes and ran straight into the launderette. When he came back to me, 10 minutes later, his face was a mask of shock and grief. ‘I’m sorry, Pamela,’ he said. ‘She’s dead.’ Freddie had legged it, but Marion was lying face down on the launderette…

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