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Real People Issue 8 2019

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

We’ve all seen the ads with some poor sop stacking it on a wet warehouse floor. ‘Have you been injured in an accident at work...?’ Where there’s blame there’s a claim, right? But it’s easy to scoff. Sometimes there is an urgent, moral need for someone to take responsibility, when their actions have had huge, grave consequences. Rob certainly thinks so (p6). His wife’s death was so needless. She’d been accused of abuse at the care home where she worked, but after looking into it, police realised there was no case to answer. But did they tell her? If only they had, she’d still be with Rob today. And the Force’s punishment? One officer was given management ‘advice’! Another shocking case was the murder of mum Michele (p32). She was strangled by…

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our mad world!

Comedy TOT SNOW QUEEN! My granddaughter Georgi, three, made a very fine snowman in the recent cold snap. Here they are, striking a pose together! Patricia Cordon, Cheltenham, Glos UK ‘It’s obviously disappointing to learn of this development,’ said Neil Akerman, historic environment record assistant at Aberdeenshire council. He was talking about a celebrated 3,500-year mystical stone circle – it’s turned out to be a fake from the ’50s! SHOE THING! Makoto Endo is on trial in Japan for stealing 70 pairs of shoes. ‘I did it to get pleasure by sniffing the smell of well-worn shoes, regardless of their owners being men or women,’ he told cops. CASH TO SPLASH Who needs Amazon when you can grab these bargains on HushHush.com... • An island off the Florida coast (£77 million) • Texan ranch (£25 million) • A 165ft yacht (£21.8 million) •…

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soap on a rope

East Enders Jean’s struggling with her potential cancer diagnosis and wants to keep her worries hidden. When Kat sees her appointment letter, Jean’s priority is to stop Stacey from finding out, and she begs Kat not to spill her secret. So, of course, with Jean’s pleas ringing in her ears, Kat tells Stacey! Stacey tries to persuade her mum to have tests immediately. It all proves too much for Jean when Shirley asks why she didn’t confide in her. After packing a bag, Jean heads for the station. Elsewhere… Ruby’s Walford East gig begins badly when she upsets Iqra. Then, she freezes out Jay while trying to impress would-be client Lewis. Lewis makes an unwelcome move on her, which results in quite a scene. But that’s nothing compared to what’s coming! Oh! And…

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the haunting of lesley

The key in the front door lock was my signal to pop the kettle on. ‘Off up for your bath,’ I said as my wife, Lesley, opened the door. This was us, five or six days a week. Come 10am, Lesley would return from her 12-hour shift at a care home. Before I dished up a ‘breakfast’ of chicken curry or salmon, she’d have a soak. ‘You’re nearly asleep in there again,’ I chuckled. She’d always been a grafter, had my Lesley. We’d met in a nightclub in 1978, when she was just 17 to my 24. I’d got dancing with her cousin, but Lesley boogied right in between us. Cheeky! But it worked. Two years on, we were married and in our own little colliery house, nestled round a coal fire for warmth. I took jobs…

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flippin’ magic

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the con is on!

BANG OUT OF ORDER Groom-to-be Neil McArdle dropped a bombshell on his wedding day. The night before, in April 2013, he realised he’d forgotten to hand in the booking form for the ceremony. But rather than come clean to Amy Williams, McArdle called the Liverpool Register Office. Using a disguised voice, he told the receptionist, ‘This is not a hoax call. There’s a bomb in St George’s Hall, and it’ll go off in 45 minutes.’ Everyone was evacuated, including his wife-to-be. Amy was left standing outside in her wedding gown! Unfortunately for McArdle, the all-clear was given and he was arrested after police traced the call to his mobile. He pleaded guilty to the hoax and was jailed for one year at Liverpool Crown Court. A furious Amy ended their relationship, destroying almost all the pictures she had…