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Real People Issue 10 2019

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

You might recognise a face in our pages this week. Emma, who’s telling her story on P6, has been on telly, though she was a lot bonier then. Fighting anorexia, she’d braved the cameras on Supersize vs Superskinny to try to help other sufferers. Happily, she battled back to full health. So what are the chances of what happened next? That one moment in the limelight ended up nearly killing her. Someone watching the programme developed a very dark obsession with her and tracked her down. Only another twist of fate could save her… Harry the cat needed saving too. He’d got himself in a typical puss pickle by getting trapped in a tree. It was lucky he had a lovely human mum out searching for him. Maria wouldn’t give up until…

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our mad world!

Comedy TOT GRAND OCCASION! Me and my granddaughter, Cerys, shared a birthday last week. Here she is, celebrating the start of spring and being three. I won’t say how old I am! Julie Powell, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire UK A life-saving cancer op has left pensioner Melvyn Mansell with hair growing out of his tongue. Docs rebuilt the 74-year-old’s tongue using skin from his arm. Now the hairs are so itchy, he wakes every night to pluck them! HEELY BAD NEWS… What’s a girl to do when her high heels get stuck in a drain grate after a night on the tiles? Take the grate and the wedged stilettos home with her, of course! That’s exactly what Tia-Rae, 20, did after her London evening out. GOOD MIGRATIONS! It’s not only birds that migrate – look at what these guys can manage… •…

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soap on a rope

East Enders Jean’s still hiding in the caravan, refusing to talk to anyone. It’s Lily who gets through in the end. She convinces Stacey to send a snap of her in a costume for school, which prompts Jean to take Stacey’s call later. Next day, when Jean’s a no-show at the hospital, a desperate Stacey recalls a holiday campsite and pushes Mo on where it was. When they find Jean there, again, it’s Lily who finds a way into the caravan. Can she convince Jean to come home? Elsewhere… Raine’s under a cloud. Max is seeing another woman and she has no control at the car lot. It’s enough to drive anyone to drink. But when Jack catches Raine nursing one, he tells her to go to an NA meeting or he’ll…

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sea no evil

Turning the little objects in my fingers, I smiled. Clothes hooks adorned with pictures of ships... they were cute. And instinctively, I knew who’d be buying them. For one of my regular customers at the charity shop where I worked in West Moors, Dorset, anything on a natty, nautical theme was like something shiny to a magpie. He couldn’t resist. Sure enough, a little while later, I looked across the counter towards a smiling face. Yup, it was him. The who always made a dive for anything in the shop with a sailing theme. I’d sold him a clock set in a helm, an anchor, some old ship ropes... Luckily, this sort of sea-going paraphernalia was thick on the ground in the shop I managed. I took his money – £2 – for the little hooks…

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fiery revenge

It was Phillip! Frightened, I reported him to the police again. But official warnings had no effect. He bombarded me with texts: I’m above the law. I want you back. I was scared. All the time. But I was determined to live my life the way I wanted – without him – too. On the treadmill at the gym, I willed myself to shake off thoughts of Phillip. But, concentrating on the steady rhythm of my feet, I felt a familiar ache in my hip. Back home I booked an appointment with a physio for treatment in the new year. On New Year’s Eve 2017, I went out with some friends but was back in the house by 10.30pm. I turned on the tap to fill the kettle. No water came out. I looked closely. Turned it off. Then on again. Still no…

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super size mum!

Sweat beaded on my brow as the baking Turkish sun beat down.‘It’s boiling!’ I said to my daughter Chelsea, 16, who was sprawled on the sun lounger beside mine. ‘Tell me about it,’ she sighed. ‘Why are you fully dressed then?’ I laughed, eyeing her T-shirt and shorts. Chelsea winced. ‘I feel fat in my bikini, Mum,’ she said. I sat up and stared. At 5ft, Chelsea was a petite size eight. She only weighed about 9st. She’d been so excited about our holiday to Turkey, I couldn’t understand why she was having a confidence crisis. I’d booked us the last-minute break in July 2011, as a treat because Chelsea had just finished her GCSEs. Things hadn’t been great between me and my hubby Christopher, 46, so he’d stayed at home with our son Daniel, 18. But I’d wanted Chelsea…