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July/August 2021 #55

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7 min

01 WOOX RAIL COVERS MSRP: $49 for a set of 3 URL: wooxstore.com Not too long ago, gun enthusiasts used to fall into two camps: modern black guns kitted out with as many accessories you could fit on them, and old-school firearms with wood furniture that were left in their vintage state. Nowadays, there’s a growing trend to mix the two aesthetics — either upgrading lever-action guns with rails, lights, and lasers, or adding wood accoutrements to newer rifles. WOOX is leading this new charge with accessories like its Rail Covers. Made from authentic American walnut and solid Micarta, these scales give you increased traction and heat protection as well as unique aesthetics. They come with mounting hardware, take about two minutes to install, and are compatible with any M-LOK or KeyMod rail (be…

7 min
century arms ap5

The story of the Turkish MP5 has all the makings of a Tom Clancy novel. There’s a relationship dating back to the Ottoman and German empires, Cold War geopolitics, ambulance-chasing lawyers, modern-day corruption, and even a trip to a Turkish prison for one of the players involved. If you’re so inclined, its roots can be traced all the way back to 1887, when the first Mausers were delivered to the government in Istanbul from the factory in Spandau. A version of the Gewehr 71, that particular rifle could itself be used as shorthand for the myriad of rebellions, bush wars, proxy conflicts, and global intrigue which abounded during the period of the Great Game — smuggled to participants in the Boer wars, the Irish rebellion, the German Revolution, and the Italo-Ethiopian…

13 min
movies for gun guys

ALIEN NATION Overview: Does anyone even remember this movie? Released in 1988, the plotline is basically that a race of humanoid aliens comes to Earth and eventually integrates with society, primarily in Los Angeles, much to the chagrin of the local population. One of the marooned aliens played by Mandy Patinkin eventually becomes a detective and is partnered up with a reluctant James Caan, whose partner had recently been killed by one of the “newcomer” bad guys. What We Like: So, if you’re easily dazzled by car chases, half-baked quips, and carny-trick action-movie essentials, you might actually enjoy this flick. The two stars make it bearable to watch. In the opening sequence, Caan’s partner is killed when a criminal alien manages to pick him off by shooting a mag-fed Benelli loaded with…

3 min
down range

We knew something was going to come out of the current administration regarding guns, but the recent dog and pony show is more telling than we expected. Not only does President Potato want to take on DIY firearms and braced pistols, but his nomination of anti-2A lobbyist David Chipman as Director of the AFT [sic] is a clear declaration of war on American gun owners. Before we go too far, it might be worth bringing up a bit of historical context. The National Firearms Act of 1934 originally sought to eliminate handgun ownership amongst the peons by subjecting them to the same punitive $200 transfer tax as machine guns and suppressors. Bear in mind, this was during a period when Congress actually took notice of the Constitution, so they figured that…

9 min
recce retcon

Since the SCAR-H was released on the market, people have been doing their ready best to transform it into a DMR. Usually, they start and end with a longer handguard and some glass — and that’s it. Today we’ll be performing the reverse: chopping down a SCAR Mk20 to fighting length. The main issue is that the SCARH was never really intended to exist at all, not in the form we have it in. When FN made the SCAR-H, they basically just stretched out their smaller SCAR-L 5.56mm rifle to accommodate the larger 7.62x51mm. They even kept the skinny, whippy pencil barrel from the SCAR-L, much to the chagrin of those attempting a higher level of precision. When the FN SCAR Mk20 was initially developed, 7.62 was still considered a viable long-range…

3 min

We all know how it goes — you find that roll pin on the floor and now you have to build another gun. In this case, it was being gifted a really nice 9mm AR barrel that pushed everything over the edge to put this together. This build is something that had been pondering for considerable time. Now being “forced” to take action, some goals were identified: a compact 9mm, runs on Glock mags, and can be easily suppressed. This build is meant for fun ground squirrel hunting or occasional plinking when/if ammo prices even out. The Rainier Arms Select Series Barrel was the perfect starting point for this little blaster. At 6 inches, it wasn’t so long that subsonic rounds would go supersonic, since this build is intended to be…