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Rolling Stone Australia

Rolling Stone Australia

February 2018

Rolling Stone is one of Australia’s longest-running magazines. Since 1971 it has been the premier music & entertainment magazine in Australia. It reflects both global and Australian popular culture with passion, honesty and attitude.

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the boy next door

THE FIRST TIME JAMES KEOGH WALKED onstage he was 10 years old, and dressed as Prince Charles. His dad had given him some prosthetic ears, and in front of his peers and their families at St Patrick’s Primary School in the Melbourne suburb of Murrumbeena he did his best impersonation of the first-in-line to the throne. “I think it went down well,” he reflects today. “At least my parents told me it did.” A year later, and the boy who’d eventually play music under the monicker Vance Joy was at it again, but this performance brought with it a revelation. “It was our Year 6 play at an all boys’ school, The Emperor’s New Clothes, and I was the queen. I got to wear this big flowing dress and I remember thinking,…

4 min

“I don’t really throw tantrums. I’m more likely to sulk in my own juices than make it everyone else’s problem.” The last time I confronted a phobia Oh jeez, I think I’ve got so many demons I don’t know if I’m ready to deal with any of them. I just keep stamping them down and hoping they go away, but that’s probably not the best solution. I should probably get a little smarter about it and face those things. The last time I got injured onstage I’m not sure that’s ever happened. I’ve been emotionally injured on stage, with the audience reaction or something. There was this one time when we were playing a show at a folk festival and there was this older gentleman, he had his own lawn chair and was wearing…

2 min
the funkoars

ALBUM: YEAH, NAH RELEASE: SECOND QUARTER A FEW YEARS AGO, THE Funkoars were mixing what was scheduled to be their fifth album, then-titled In Case of Emergency. But all was not as it should be. “The great unsaid in the room was, this is not good enough,” recalls MC Dan “Trials” Rankine. “It didn’t sit with us as, this is the [album] that we’re happy to be our all-encompassing [vision], we’ve distilled our creative process down to this. It was a solid, OK record.” And so despite having the LP and artwork completed, the trio opted to start again. “We just sat back down, took a completely fresh break from everything we heard, immersed ourselves in new bits and pieces of gear, really tried to figure out what our sound was going…

3 min

Malcolm On Top THERE’S NO DENYING THAT Malcolm Young made for one of the best ROLLINGSTONEcovers in recent years, but I can’t help but question your decision to put Malcolm on the cover over his brother George. The Easybeats had arguably more historical relevance than any other Aussie rock band. Not to mention he was also a driving force behind AC/DC as well as his own band. Barry Pence Cowra, NSW WOW! THE OBITUARIES FOR George and Malcolm Young were just gobsmacking. The photos are amazing – you have captured them well. I love reading the articles on Australian musicians. Anna M Brisbane, Qld As the Days Go By GREAT WORK ROLLING STONE on Darryl Braithwaite‘s Living Legend article. [RS 794] He’s a real nice guy, having met him backstage when we (Bob Hanley Band) were…

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the presets

ALBUM: TBC RELEASE: TBC JUDGING BY SOME OF ITS GUEST performers, the new album by Sydney electronic duo the Presets will have something of an international feel to it. “We recorded an African choir in regional Victoria and a Caribbean choir in LA,” says Kim Moyes. “There are vocal contributions from singers all over the globe who worked remotely to get us parts for songs, some of whom you may be familiar with and others who might be a fresh discovery.” Also adding their talents to the album – the duo’s fourth, and the follow-up to 2012’s Pacifica – are Shane Parsons from DZ Deathrays, who plays guitar on one song, as does Kirin J. Callinan, while “old mate” Touch Sensitive is also involved with a couple of tracks. The vast majority of…

2 min
middle kids

ALBUM: TBC RELEASE: MID-YEAR SYDNEY TRIO MIDDLE KIDS HAD A busy 2017, releasing their self-titled debut EP, supporting Ryan Adams and Paul Kelly on their national tours, and spending three months playing in the U.S., during which they performed on late-night TV show Conan. While in the States they also spent a week in Connecticut with Peter Katis (the National, Interpol) mixing their debut album, which they recorded prior to the tour. “He’s got a pretty specific sound with those very big drums, which is great for us,” enthuses singer-guitarist Hannah Joy. “He’s very good at helping moments come out. We really love all the extra guitar noodle parts, and a lot of atmospheric parts around the songs, and he’s really good at having those in and just being able to hear…