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Rolling Stone Australia December 2017

Rolling Stone is one of Australia’s longest-running magazines. Since 1971 it has been the premier music & entertainment magazine in Australia. It reflects both global and Australian popular culture with passion, honesty and attitude.

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Garrett Groan NO DENYING MIDNIGHT OIL are a great Australian band and freedom of speech is always welcomed through music. But seriously, once a politician always a bloody politician! Senator Garrett, you can wave your arms and flares around for stopping Adani, but maybe your shirt should have had “stop crap insulation batts and save lives” instead!? But hey, that’s probably off your endangered species list and conscience by now. Please keep it to being about the music . . . this country is sick of bad politics! Shezanne Gibbs-Hooper Via e-mail Yes Minister WHAT’S WITH RS AUSTRALIA and their false environmental prophet Peter Garrett? Last time you met with him he sipped from a disposable cup in an act of total environmental defiance. There are so many true environmental champions out there, why…

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FESTIVALS ’TIS THE SEASON Our preview of the hottest, hippest and weirdest music festivals happening across Australia this summer. MUSIC ARIAS 2017: WINNERS AND LOSERS Our full recap of the music industry’s big night, including who won what and who should’ve taken home a pointy statue. TV THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON EIGHT Rick and the gang return, this season facing their toughest challenge yet – escaping the rule of tyrant Negan. LIST JAY-Z’S 50 GREATEST SONGS We run through the rap vets top work, from Nineties collabs with the Jaz to his 2017 LP’s confessional title track. MUSIC NEWS, AROUND THE CLOCK Get breaking music news from ROLLING STONE’s award-winning staff of writers and reporters 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at RollingStoneAus.com FOLLOW US ON JUSTIN MA; JUSTIN TSIAVIS; AMC…

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random notes live lodge 2017

MORE THAN EVER, THIS YEAR’S Live Lodge was a moving beast. When the doors opened at Sydney’s Lansdowne Hotel on September 19th, we knew we had a great bill – including a VIP opening night featuring Tired Lion and the Pierce Brothers, with the likes of I Know Leopard, 360, Josh Pyke, Le Butcherettes, the Gooch Palms, Sons of the East, Birdz and Lastlings (to name a few) also scheduled to perform – but we had no idea that Irish rockers the Script would stop by for an acoustic performance and Q&A, nor that Cedric and Tony from At the Drive In would agree to drop in for an intimate Q&A. But then, that’s what always makes the Live Lodge such a blast – anything can happen. Like when 360…

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inxs ‘kick’ on

“The big mistake was in [Michael’s] passing,” reflects Tim Farriss. “Not seeing the signs. Not seeing it coming was the biggest thing of all.” THE NUMBERS ARE UNDENIABLE. It’s 40 years since INXS’ first gigs, as the Farriss Brothers, in Sydney’s northern beaches. It’s 30 since their biggest album, Kick. And it’s 20 since the shocking death of their gifted, charismatic frontman, Michael Hutchence. On which anniversary is most significant, however, opinion is strangely divided. Yet another book, a revealing new TV documentary and a feature film in progress suggest the public appetite is for Hutchence: his gifts, his magnetism, his lovers, his tragedy. And as always, the view from INXS HQ is that it’s about the music: 10 funk-pop albums made by six guys that will continue to fuel and further the…

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quicksand’s comeback

“I didn’t anticipate us getting back together.” AS FAR AS FRONTMAN WALTER SCH- reifels was concerned, Quicksand – the band he co-founded in New York in 1990, and which split in 1995, burned out by their 300-gig-a-year schedule – was well and truly a thing of the past. “I didn’t anticipate us getting back together at all, and I was cool with that,” he reflects from a tour stop in Chicago. “I always felt like Quicksand was just a great thing that people have a good association with, and the fact it still resonates and new people discover it is an awesome thing. But I didn’t feel the need to enhance that.” Scooped up by major label Polydor in the wake of the early-Nineties alternative explosion, Schreifels spent the first stage of…

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the movielife ride again

When Vinnie Caruana and Brandon Reilly took the latter’s young son to the park on an autumn day in 2014, the pretence may have been a family get together, but Caruana knew something was up. “[Reilly’s son] would run off and [Brandon and I] would talk, and I could tell he wanted to talk about the Movielife and I also wanted to talk about the Movielife. And at the park that day we were both like, ‘I want to do it.’” Save for a brief reunion in 2011, the Long Island melodic hardcore band hadn’t performed together since splitting in 2003, the year they released their acclaimed third album, Forty Hour Train Back to Penn. Following their dissolution Caruana went on to form and release three albums with I Am the…