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Rolling Stone Australia July 2017

Rolling Stone is one of Australia’s longest-running magazines. Since 1971 it has been the premier music & entertainment magazine in Australia. It reflects both global and Australian popular culture with passion, honesty and attitude.

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Boyband Blues UGH, IT’S ALL PLAYING OUT like it does with every other boyband. So Zayn Malik was the “brave” one leaving One Direction first; now Harry Styles is the “creative genius” who for some reason deserves to be taken seriously. I wonder which member of 1D will have the failed solo career, and who’ll end up strung out in the tabloids. It’s going to happen. Robyn Tailor Swansea, NSW Trump’s Triumph MATT TAIBBI’S BRILLIANT take on Trump [RS 786] was very accurate. It was replete with black humour at its best. However, Trump didn’t really win the election. Hillary lost it. The crucible that is congress long ago lost its power to represent, thanks to corporate lobbying. Trump is simply the end product of a badly compromised system: a triumph of style over…

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SPOTLIGHT ROLLING STONE CELEBRATES 50 YEARS Half a century on, we look back at our humble starting point and the articles that made the mag a cultural icon. VIDEO LIVE AT THE RS OFFICE This month we host performances from Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace, Cash Savage and Jess Locke. TV RETURN OF TWIN PEAKS David Lynch’s iconic drama series continues its highly-anticipated second life. MUSIC WHAT’S NEW, RIGHT NOW Daily video and track premieres, plus our weekly Five for Friday wrap-up of the best new local music. MUSIC NEWS, AROUND THE CLOCK Get breaking music news from ROLLING STONE’s award-winning staff of writers and reporters 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at RollingStoneAus.com FOLLOW US ON GETTY IMAGES; JONNY NAIL; SUZANNE TENNER/SHOWTIME; COURTESY; SACHA LECCA…

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random notes

Whole Lotta Love Jimmy Page and Noel Gallagher hung out at a London exhibition celebrating the art and music of Pink Floyd. The meeting went better than a run-in at Zeppelin’s 2007 reunion, in which Robert Plant snubbed the Gallaghers. “One of them said, ‘You’re the real fucking thing’,” recalled Plant. “I said, ‘I’ve known that all down the line’ . . . and left quickly.” SEND IN THE CLINTONS Bill and Hillary Clinton were in the crowd at a Barbra Streisand show in Brooklyn; the singer introduced Hillary as “winner of the country’s popular vote”. BLOND AMBITION Debbie Harry made a political statement at a London show that included songs from Blondie’s new LP, Pollinator. Blondie are touring the U.S. with Garbage all summer. SWEET CHARITY Neil Finn and Megan Washington performed at the Art of…

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how alt-j learned to cope with success

BRITISH INDIE ROCK TRIO ALT-J ARE NO STRANGERS TO abundant success and prestigious accolades: 2012 debut An Awesome Wave went platinum in the UK, won the Mercury Prize that year and was named Album of the Year at the 2013 Ivor Novello Awards, making the self-described “art school band” critical darlings in the process. 2014 follow-up This is All Yours, however, took things to the next level: second single “Breezeblocks” cracked the lucrative US market and went platinum, leading to a Grammy Award nomination for Best Alternative music Album Over a billion music streams later, Gus Unger-Hamilton admits it was a lot for the group to take in. “It didn’t end well, really,” the keyboardist and vocalist says. “I don’t know how you’re supposed to take that kind of thing.…

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bernard fanning’s double header

“It never felt like ‘Civil Dusk’ was finished and this new one was beginning,” says Fanning. BERNARD FANNING IS KEEN TO GO back on tour. The former Powder-finger frontman only briefly hit the road after releasing his third solo album Civil Dusk last August, preferring to continue work on that record’s successor, the newly issued Brutal Dawn. Now that he has both albums done, he wants to present them to fans – not to mention that touring allows him to catch up on his favourite television series, the Cold War espionage drama The Americans. “That show is brutal, and it’s fascinating to see how the inner machinations of the Russian side works,” says Fanning. “Plus, you know, it’s suddenly a lot more relevant these days.” Cut at Fanning and producer Nick DiDia’s La…

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gorillaz rave to the apocalypse

“If you manufacture something, it has to be fucking cool,” says Hewlett. ‘YOU SHOULD HAVE seen the grin on my face,” Damon Albarn says, flashing another one in his New York hotel room. The singer is recalling a session in Chicago with gospel-soul legend Mavis Staples for Humanz, the new album of multiple-guest electro-pop credited to Albarn’s cartoon-figure quartet, Gorillaz. Staples is the vocal siren cutting through the hip-hop apocalypse of “Let Me Out”. Albarn – who founded Gorillaz with illustrator Jamie Hewlett nearly 20 years ago – says he was “a bit self-conscious” with Staples. “I was like, ‘These lyrics...is she going to?’ It was a relief when she sat down and started singing.” “You don’t see the organic side because they are such electronic records,” Albarn says of Gorillaz’ four…