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Rolling Stone Australia June 2017

Rolling Stone is one of Australia’s longest-running magazines. Since 1971 it has been the premier music & entertainment magazine in Australia. It reflects both global and Australian popular culture with passion, honesty and attitude.

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Berry Angry I FOUND IT BIZARRE FOR A music magazine to do a tribute for Chuck Berry and mention the “big” bands influenced by Chuck whilst ignoring the elephant in the room – the Beatles. Yes, that “boring old” band that just happened to be the biggest selling band of all-time also had a significant Chuck Berry influence. You thereby ignored the best quote of all about Chuck Berry and it came from John Lennon: “If you tried to give rock & roll another name, you might call it ‘Chuck Berry’.” In your article you mentioned bands that were influenced by Berry such as the Doors, Grateful Dead & Phish (whoever they are). Combined these bands wouldn’t have had album sales as much as the Beatles. It is a bit disappointing…

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INTERVIEW CHUCK BERRY AT HOME IN 2001 ROCK ICON ON RACISM, ROYALTIES AND MORE At age 75, the St. Louis legend was still getting harassed by the cops. MUSIC DAMN... IT’S KENDRICK LAMAR We take a closer look at the Compton rapper’s groundbreaking third full-length, Damn. WATCH LIVE AT THE RS OFFICE This month, keep an eye out for videos of performances from Julia Jacklin, Vintage Trouble, Oliver Tank and more. WATCH WE NEED A ‘VOICE FOR CHANGE’ New doco series featuring Ecca Vandal, Urthboy and more aims to “inspire young people to follow their dreams”. LISTEN TEN ARTISTS YOU NEED TO KNOW Our fortnightly wrap-up of the best new – and underappreciated – songs from local artists. MUSIC NEWS, AROUND THE CLOCK Get breaking music news from ROLLING STONE’s award-winning staff of writers and reporters 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at RollingStoneAus.com FOLLOW US…

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random notes

All Day and All of the Knight In recognition of his “service to the arts”, Ray Davies was knighted by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace. “It’s nice being noticed,” says the Kinks frontman, who just released his new solo LP, Americana, backed by the Jayhawks. “But I still want to prove that I can write music and be contented by it. That’s what I strive for.” Gorillaz’ Supersize Return Gorillaz played their first show in six years, in London, and made up for the wait. “We’ve got pretty much everyone who’s on the record here,” said Damon Albarn, before playing his cartoon band’s entire new album, Humanz. Guests included Danny Brown, De La Soul and Noel Gallagher. “I’m not going to introduce anyone – because I’d spend the whole evening doing that,” Albarn…

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rock hall’s epic night

THE 2017 ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF Fame ceremony was full of moments fans thought they’d never see, from the classic lineup of Yes putting aside years of bad blood to play one last time, to the first performance since 1991 from Pearl Jam’s original lineup. But nothing was more surprising than the reunion of Journey. In the days before the show, the band resorted to Twitter to lobby its estranged former singer, Steve Perry, to appear with his old band onstage for the first time in 26 years. The group got its wish, with Perry showing up and embracing his bandmates as they collected their statues. Backstage, Perry made plans with guitarist Neal Schon to meet for a “way-overdue coffee”. “The night was surreal,” says Schon. “I got very…

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the hits and heartache of jimmy webb

DURING THE LATE SIX- ties and early Seventies, Jimmy Webb was arguably the most successful mainstream songwriter alive, churning out sweeping, richly orchestrated hits for Glen Campbell, Barbra Streisand and Frank Sinatra, among others. Yet while that success made him famous, it also saddled him with a “middle of the road” reputation that was totally out of step with his actual lifestyle. “I’m out partying for three days at a time and plowing a furrow through London’s underground, and I’m perceived as this squeaky-clean writer,” he says. Webb’s new memoir, The Cake and the Rain, follows his rise from Oklahoma preacher’s son to L.A. pop aristocrat. At the heart is his struggle to carve out his own identity while living a double life as a Middle American song poet with countercultural…

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san cisco’s dark pop

SAN CISCO’S JORDI DAVIESON HAS been chatting happily over the phone for about 10 minutes before he says something that might catch fans offguard: “I just can’t write a happy song.” It’s a bemusing statement from the vocalist-lyricist, given that the West Australian four-piece have built a career off the back of bubbly pop tracks, starting with breakout single “Awkward” back in 2012. “But I think that’s kind of the beauty of pop music,” Davieson adds with a laugh. “It’s light and dark at the same time.” The quartet (completed by drummer Scarlett Stevens, guitarist Josh Biondillo and bassist Nick Gardner) may specialise in crisp, nimble pop songs with rhythms that could spread grins on the toughest of faces, but within them are some formidable topics – young love and heartbreak, the frustrations…