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Rolling Stone Australia May 2017

Rolling Stone is one of Australia’s longest-running magazines. Since 1971 it has been the premier music & entertainment magazine in Australia. It reflects both global and Australian popular culture with passion, honesty and attitude.

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Low Self Esteem I REMEMBER YEARS AGO seeing Paris Jackson on TV and thinking, “Wow, what a beautiful young girl, she is going to be a stunning young woman.” How utterly devastating to hear that she has such low self esteem and body issues. As I looked at the gorgeous photos of this beautiful young woman I hope that one day she can find the confidence to be happy with herself. Wendy Welton Reynella East, SA Pence Vs. Trump WELL THAT STORY ON MIKE Pence [RS 785] may well have been the most frightening thing I’ve read all year, and that’s coming from someone who’s read all your stories on global warming. It got me wondering – maybe Donald Trump is the lesser of two evils. And shit me, that’s saying something. Julia Cross Stanwell…

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IN DEPTH LIVE FROM BLUESFEST All the highlights, photos and artist interviews from the massive five-day Easter festival. EXCLUSIVE TRACK BY TRACK: SKEGSS Byron Bay-based punks talk us through their latest collection of party tunes, the Holiday Food EP. CULTURE ELA DARLING TELLS ALL U.S. tech-savvy entrepreneur, activist and porn star on how virtual reality is taking hold of the “cam-girl” world. TOUR DIARY ON THE ROAD WITH URTHBOY The Sydney rapper lets us tag along as he takes latest LP The Past Beats Inside Me Like a Second Heartbeat on tour. MUSIC NEWS, AROUND THE CLOCK Get breaking music news from ROLLING STONE’s award-winning staff of writers and reporters 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at RollingStoneAus.com FOLLOW US ON GETTY IMAGES; COURTESY; GRIFFIN LOTZ; COURTESY; WILFERD GUENTHOER…

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random notes

Worlds Collide Iggy Pop and Bernard Sumner performed at the Tibet House Benefit Concert & Gala celebrating Philip Glass’ 80th birthday, storming through their collaboration “Stray Dog”, Pop’s song “Shades” and a cover of Joy Division’s “She’s Lost Control”. Chance Gives Back Chance the Rapper visited the South Side of Chicago to present a $1 million cheque to the city’s public-school system, after the governor vetoed a bill that would have provided much-needed funds. “This isn’t about politics,” Chance said. “This is about taking care of the kids.” A New Cyrus in Town The Cyrus crew took a family trip to L.A.’s iHeartRadio Music Awards to cheer on Noah, Miley’s 17-year-old sister (right), as she sang her new breakup anthem, “Make Me (Cry)”. “2017 is about to be Noah’s year,” Miley said.…

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roger waters returns to rock

IN THE LAST MONTHS OF George W. Bush’s presidency, Roger Waters wrote a poem of hope. “It was me musing on the idea that possibly, if Obama won, things would get better,” he says. Nine years later, with the presidency held by a man Waters calls a “true sociopath,” a “nincompoop” and an “unending source of absurdity,” the former Pink Floyd singer-songwriter has repurposed his old poem’s title, “Is This the Life We Really Want?” for a new concept album, due May 19th – his first solo rock LP since 1992’s Amused to Death. The decision to finally make another “rock & roll record”, as he calls it, came from collaborating with longtime Radio-head producer Nigel Godrich, who first worked with Waters on his recent Roger Waters: The Wall movie (and…

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secrets of the funky drummer

CLYDE STUBBLEFIELD, THE DRUMMER RESPONSIBLE for some of James Brown’s greatest grooves, died in February at 73 in Madison, Wisconsin. Stubblefield grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Inspired by the train sounds he heard growing up, he created a style heavy on “ghost notes” – rapid-fire snare brushes between beats – helping Brown enter long-form funk territory. Those rhythms (recorded between 1965 and 1970) powered the hip-hop revolution, sampled on hits by N.W.A, Public Enemy and more; Stubblefield’s break on 1970’s “Funky Drummer” was sampled hundreds of times. After leaving Brown in 1971, he continued performing, keeping a regular nightclub gig in Madison. Here’s a guide to four of his best beats. “James Brown never told me what to play. I just played my own patterns, and the hip-hoppers that used the…

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alex lahey preps debut lp

IT’S LATE FEBRUARY, AND THOUGH Alex Lahey has only just returned home from a UK tour supporting Tegan & Sara (“It was a very luxurious introduction to international touring”), already her bags are packed for her first U.S. run of dates in March. Somewhere in the middle of it all – and a headline tour of Australia in May – she’s trying to complete her debut album, the follow-up to last year’s B-Grade University EP. “The reality is that I’m at a point in my career where I can’t be taking three months off to make an album,” she shrugs. “I would love to do a Bon Iver and be like, ‘I’ve got to go into a winter shack and record this album’, that’d be sick. But I’m not in…