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Scootering May 2018

The UK's biggest and best scootering magazine - with over 130 pages containing some of the best examples of customised and restored Lambretta and Vespa scooters in the world, new scooter reviews and test rides, events/ rallies/ show reports, and the massive 48-page pull-out Scooter Trader section - the best place to buy & sell scooters, spare parts and memorabilia! Each month Scootering also has a large Music section with reviews, band news, interviews and event exclusives. It also regularly raids the archives to bring you best scooter stories and pictures from yesteryear, from Maico to Heinkel, Lambretta to Triumph! With the best classified ads in the business, the very latest news (often before anyone else in the UK!), it's a must read for every scooterist of all ages

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welcome to the may edition of scootering

Okay, firstly… thank you for all the positive messages we have received regarding the new Scootering Extra subs club. The response has been, and continues to be, overwhelming. We are delighted to be able to offer all the extra content, digital back issue archives, exclusive prizes, discounted scooter products and insurance to you… and we are even more delighted at the manner in which it’s been received. That speaks volumes to us, so we will continue to develop Scootering Extra on an ongoing basis, to make sure it remains the success it is now, for as far into the future as possible. Next item of business is the test rides we’ve been doing this month; the SSR 265 from JB was a real eye opener for Stan, and now aptly named…

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scootering was brought to you with the help of...

Stu Smith Vespa & Lambretta owner, scooter obsessive, amateur home mechanic, rally goer, Mod sympathiser, music lover and general all round good guy. He writes your rally reports, be nice to him. Nik Skeat Vespa P-range obsessive, well-travelled rally rider since the 80s, and founder of the once notorious Scooterboy World online forum. He’s also a brilliant beer-brewing bearded Scootering feature writer. Paul Green Vespa & Lambretta scooter enthusiast, BSSO professional and general good egg. Our Paul has a long history of scootering both on the road and on the track, with the breakdown bills and crash scars to prove it. Stuart Owen Life member of the LCGB, 100mph LambrettaClub owner and scooter restoration expert to boot. Scooter rider, rally-goer, racer, restorer and author. Reaches the parts other scooter journalists just can’t reach. Darrell Taylor Two-stroke tuning guru, scooter…

8 min.
kick start

AF Clo5e Ratio Gearbox Spec Update Two Group 6 race bikes managed to break their gear selectors while using AF Rayspeed Clo5e Ratio boxes at the Mallory race track in March. Both of the bikes concerned are in the 40-45bhp region and were on the track when the failures occurred.AF Rayspeed’s product testing had involved a season’s racing in a Group 6 engine (approx 35bhp) and a 4500mile hard road test in a 28bhp engine, plus several unusual event tests (slamming the bike into first gear at 50 and 80mph etc.) Based on that experience, AF does not believe that fast road use in 30bhp engines would be likely to result in a failure (one of the Group 6 race riders is still running a Clo5e Ratio in his RB25 road bike…

4 min.
italian or indian?

Since the 70s, there’s been the option to own not just an Italian Lambretta but also an Indian one. Innocenti themselves, or technically British Leyland, is responsible for this as it is they who sold the rights of the GP to SIL. It wasn’t until ’78 and the failed attempt by Two Four Accessories to mass market them that ownership in the UK was a real option. Since then, the Indian GP has sometimes been the butt of jokes among Lambretta owners. But is this justifiable? When SIL started Lambretta production in the mid-70s the GP was already out of date technology. The styling and looks were modern but that couldn’t hide the fact that the engineering wasn’t. To the Indian public that didn’t matter – as a developing country, it…

13 min.
rossa revisited

Col Barrett, who rides with Dorset Lowriders SC has been on the periphery of the scooter scene for many years. It was the 90s when he was in Canada when he attended a few scooter rallies. Later that same decade after returning to the UK he got his first scooter, a Lambretta GP, with a 240cc top end. He has also been an active member of the rare soul scene, which has always had a degree of crossing over into the scooter scene. Col numbers among those who regard the Yam 350 YPVS as the pinnacle of the 80s two-stroke power. “I always had a bit of a soft spot for the Rossa 350 Yam-Lams, even in standard specifications. Those power-valve engines have always amazed me, they are the ultimate 80s…

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the mural never goes out of fashion

“We are even seeing modern interpretations and twists, on age-old themes, often considered classics. Check out the ‘Lens of Shipley’ style on the Vespa featured in this month’s mag for one such example.” The extensive surface area of scooters has always meant there’s plenty of space for artists and creative types to explore. Murals can be very much a love/hate thing but certainly a well-executed mural can be jaw dropping. There are some very famous airbrush artists who over the years have done some incredible work on show-winning scooters. Sometimes the murals are simply there in their own right on a scooter, sometimes they are intrinsically linked to the overall design of the paint job. Sometimes they can be (very) controversial, some are totally original, some are copies of published pictures…