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Scootering May 2020

The UK's biggest and best scootering magazine - with over 130 pages containing some of the best examples of customised and restored Lambretta and Vespa scooters in the world, new scooter reviews and test rides, events/ rallies/ show reports, and the massive 48-page pull-out Scooter Trader section - the best place to buy & sell scooters, spare parts and memorabilia! Each month Scootering also has a large Music section with reviews, band news, interviews and event exclusives. It also regularly raids the archives to bring you best scooter stories and pictures from yesteryear, from Maico to Heinkel, Lambretta to Triumph! With the best classified ads in the business, the very latest news (often before anyone else in the UK!), it's a must read for every scooterist of all ages

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United Kingdom
Mortons Media Group, Ltd
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owner details

Name: Rob Johnson. Job: Steel-fixing contractor. Scooter club: Minorities. First interest in scooters: My uncle and cousin had Lambrettas when I was a kid and I used to stand on the running boards as they took me for rides. Your first scooter: Aged 15, I bought an Italian GP200 for £100, rode it about, got nicked by the Old Bill as I tried to outrun them! Got seven endorsements and a seven quid fine and was made to sell my scooter by my old dad. Favourite scooter model: Lambretta GP. Favourite style of custom scooter: Anything with plenty of thought put into it. I like to think outside the box. First rally or event: Scarborough 1981. Got my Mod accessories nicked from my scooter that was parked outside a nice girl’s B&B she so nicely let me…

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mike hayman: the man who ventured into the unknown

Mike Hayman is one of those people who has long been involved with the scooter scene. In his case it’s been 50 years and he has achieved a considerable amount during that time. He’s not just loyal to the cause by being an owner, but has played an important part in its history. Some reading here may already recognise his name, but those that don’t perhaps use an idea that he helped create. Mike is a lifelong Lambretta enthusiast and though like many of us has taken time out from the scene, he has returned more passionate than ever. Fast start Mike started out by driving around on his father’s LD, a gift for his 16th birthday. Not that he wasn’t grateful, but by 1971, with plans to go faster, he had…

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scooter specifications

Name of scooter & reason: It is named after my racing nickname Cosmick and built as a replica of my race scooters. Scooter model: GP200. Date purchased & cost: Purchased this year as a pile of parts without an engine. Not revealing the price paid. Inspiration for project: A tribute to my race days. Time to build & by who: Around four months all built and prepared by me. Any specialised parts: Fitted with my original design hydraulic inboard disc brake. Engine spec: Kit: RB200. Crank: 60 x 115. Carb: 34mm Dellorto. Exhaust: Chiselspeed ADS 5. Clutch: 6 plate AF. Gearbox: GP200 18 x 47 currently. Porting work by: Me. Any other unique details we’ve missed: Special C (Citroen) Ferodo pads in the front brake. Top speed & cruising speed: Geared for top speed of 80mph. Overall cost: Under £4000. Do you have any advice or tech…

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owner details

Name: Mike Hayman. Job: Retired after sales manager Suzuki GB. Scooter club & town: Recently A259 South Coasters Scooter Club, Polegate. First interest in scooters: My father had an LD125 that he rode to work which he gave to me for my 16th birthday. First scooter: Lambretta LD125. Favourite scooter model: SX200. Favourite style of custom scooter: Never really looked at custom scooters and certainly don’t have a favourite. First rally or event: Southend 1971. How did you get there: On my Lambretta TV200. Funniest experience with a scooter: In the days of open face helmets a fly hit me in the mouth which I immediately spat out into the eye of my friend who was following on his scooter. Furthest you’ve ever ridden on a scooter: Mallory Park from Eastbourne, probably 200 miles each way. What do you like about…

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the grandaddy of urban legends

Could it be fair to say that some people on the scene are of the opinion that ‘If it’s not a 2-stroke Lambretta or Vespa then it shouldn’t be accepted with open arms into the scooter scene’? Alan Thubron is certainly not of that mindset. He got into the scooter scene at an early age and got his first scooter, aVespa PX125, when he was 17. Since then, Alan’s always had Vespas and his favourite style of scooters are Vespa PX Street-racers. So with that the case, why has he decided to shift from Vespas to an Italjet Dragster; is there a connection between the names, Street-racer and Dragster? They both sound pretty mean. Music Since his early days Alan has always been a big fan of Northern Soul and the other…

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owner details

Name: Alan Thubron Job: 360 operator / supervisor. Scooter club & town: Independent rider. First interest in scooters: At a young age, around 17 when I got my first PX. First scooter: Vespa PX125. Favourite scooter model: Vespa PX. Favourite style of custom scooter: Vespa PX Street-racers. First ever rally: Margate ’93. How did you get there: A group of us went, I rode down on my PX. Any funny stories: None I can tell! Favourite rally: Mersea Island. Funniest experience involving scooters: Watching my brother fly past me on his PX, locking up and his legs flying about! Furthest you’ve ever ridden on a scooter: Margate. What do you like about rallies: The groups you meet, socialising and just having a good laugh. What do you dislike about rallies: When it rains on the way there or back. Favourite custom scooter of all time:…